Written and Video Preview for Episode 10 of Monstar

Another Monday, another long countdown to Friday not for the weekend to start but for another episode of Monstar to arrive. I’m seriously nervous about what’ll happen once this drama ends and I don’t get to spend time with the members of Color Bar anymore. Sniffles, they better all be headed to big and better places. Now that the unexpected though long awaited first kiss between Seol Chan and Se Yi happened at the end of episode 9, I can finally talk about how Seol Chan was wearing his grandma’s bingo shirt and Se Yi’s initially shock and clawing at him was about as romantic as trying to kiss a hissing cat. But I loved how quiet and peaceful the moments leading up to the kiss were, and how the two of them sank into the moment right when the credit rolled. I thought the PD filmed it oddly, or did it on purpose, with Seol Chan’s head pretty much obscuring the lip sucking but that might be intentional since this drama skews much younger in its audience. We can’t have fangirls traumatized by seeing their Jun Hyung oppa making out with a girl onscreen, right? I think it’s fairly obvious to everyone, including Sun Woo, that Se Yi just isn’t into him like that. I like that he got to tell her his feelings and give her time to work through her response. I’m not sure three episodes is enough to develop a credible budding romance between Sun Woo and Na Na, not to mention the next episode seems to fully blow the lid of Eun Ha’s long simmering angst that has taken a literal back seat to all the other Color Bar member’s more pressing issues. I’m not saying Eun Ha’s loneliness and desire to find a purpose or talent of her own isn’t important, but I hope she doesn’t manifest it in a negative and substitute way on Seol Chan and Se Yi’s tentative romantic sprouts by stomping on it.

Written preview for episode 10:

After the tender first kiss, Seol Chan and Se Yi can’t openly discuss their feelings for each other so their mood is still awkward and shy between them. During PE class, in the middle of playing two-person team soccer, Seol Chan gets hurt while blocking a ball from hitting Se Yi. Eun Ha sees the way Se Yi and the injured Seol Chan are with each other in the infirmary…..

Preview for episode 10:

Seon Chan: Oh god, how could a kiss happen right there?

Se Yi: Is it a joke again?

Sun Woo: Lips…….

Se Yi: Hhhhmmm….what?

Eun Ha: Our Seol Chan oppa is the handsomest when he’s singing. Do you really not know or are you just pretending?

Seol Chan: Eun Ha, what’s gotten into her since yesterday?

Eun Ha: I didn’t force you to like you, I also like Se Yi.

Se Yi: If I did anything to upset you, please tell me.

Eun Ha: Just leave me alone!


Written and Video Preview for Episode 10 of Monstar — 8 Comments

  1. I am wondering if the show will address what happened bwtween seol chan and sun woo when they were kids and why seol chan is so formal with his mom. They made a point of that in the beginning but then just left us hanging on that issue. I’m curious!! I want to know why he is the way he is with his parents!!

    • Me too! I feel like that’s been sidetracked by that parental love triangle, but I wish it was addressed, even briefly.

  2. i think monstar will end with loads of question marks. theres only 2 episodes left and like theres sooo many questions that aren’t answered. also this eun ha issue, and theres more sunwoo-seyi thing in ep 11. but i hope they do answer all these questions.

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