Heirs Quietly Holds First Script Reading Session at SBS Studios with Most of the Cast and Crew

I’ve gotten rather addicted to sleuthing out the He Who Wears the Crown, Withstands the Weight: The Heirs (Heirs) news. It kinda heightens the fun of the wait, especially for a drama that is highly anticipated in polarizing ways. Some are primed to love it, others are ready to loath it, but in between there might be tons of folks on a wait-and-see attitude. Once I wrapped my mind around the high school setting and sticking so many leads long past that age group back in school uniform, I mentally crossed one big road block with a shrug because unless Kim Eun Sook suddenly decides to do a four-year time jump and put everyone in college, it is what it is and no need to dwell on it. I want to see what this drama turns out to be so its way past time to keep carping on its oddly youthful bent. On July 17th the first script reading happened and now the tidbits of news reveal what happened there. The SBS art director for this drama posted a picture of the first three scripts and another one of Kim Eun Sook discussing with the production crew and wrote some interesting news about what went down. Apparently the entire cast minus Choi Jin Hyuk was there – Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye, Kim Woo Bin, Kim Ji Won, Kang Min Hyuk, Krystal, Park Hyung Sik, Im Joo Eun, and Kang Ha Neul. Not sure why Choi Jin Hyuk missed it other than he’s so popular right now he’s probably fielding photo or CF shoots left and right. The art director wrote that her main two projects are designing the very important school uniforms that will be worn throughout 70% of this drama, and integrating the manufacturer’s PPL. I guess we should all start getting used to seeing everyone in the same school uniforms for the majority of the drama. All the production designers also spent time discussing with Kim Eun Sook about the look and style for each of the main characters to lock it down. There was talk that maybe the drama title might change, and all I ask is that at least the word “Heirs” remains in the title so I don’t need to re-tag all my posts. Apparently after the table read of the first three completed scripts, the production team and even the president of SBS couldn’t stop gushing about how exciting and interesting the story was, very classic Kim Eun Sook. The next script reading will take place on July 30th, with filming scheduled to begin sometime in August.

This is nice and all, but what I really want to see are pictures of the pretty cast at the script read!


Heirs Quietly Holds First Script Reading Session at SBS Studios with Most of the Cast and Crew — 31 Comments

  1. Thanks Koala for the news. I’m very excited too, and a bit disappointed about the high school thingy. I wish they are in college. Oh well..

  2. I’m in the wait-and-see camp since i’ve never particularly liked any of Kim Eun Sook’s previous dramas and the premise of this one is really…meh. But hey, i’ll tune in for Choi Jun Hyuk alone!

  3. Thank you.

    So what is classic for the writer’s style?

    After this, might have to avoid Heirs news. I for one if it turns out halfway decent will be happy with it.

    Why? Because Boys over Flowers was a disaster. An train wreck addiction and I hated the female lead. So if this is done right, I am hoping this will replace my memories for BoF. Lee Min Ho’s hair in that was atrocious. Now that he is older and has more muscles please carry the girl properly.

    Thank you for the news. PPL? What PPL? I can only think of mobile phones. There can’t be car PPLs? Okay… maybe there will be. And camping stuff right? LOL.

    • You’d be surprised how many PPL kdrama can sneak on us: cafe where the leads banter and the protagonists hang out EVERY SINGLE TIME, and oh, one of the leads own a department store, so there we have myriads of its supposed hottest products shoved into our screen.

    • You say boys over flowers is a disaster ? Then why is it so popular? Thanks to Boys over flowers Lee MinHo is where he is right now. I don’t think you are a Minoz.
      Thanks to Lee MinHo and BOF to bringing me to this kdramaland.

      Thank you miss Ockoala for always keeping us updated. I am here ready to Go with you all the way till ep 20….no matter what, because Lee MinHo is in it.

      • Oh puh-leez. Lee Min Ho is NOT the only actor in BoF. Fandoms who accuse others who don’t like a drama where their bias is… are not showing a really good example to the others. Minoz? Why would I want to join a fan club?

      • oh honey, there are box office reception and critical reception. Some films/dramas are critically acclaimed but box office failure and some opposite. By saying ‘Boys over flowers’ is a disaster doesn’t necessarily means he/she does not like Lee Minho or whoever else in it. It might be because the plot is horrible, the character development is horrible,the directing is horrible or everything combined. Stop jumping to conclusions!

      • There’s a difference between commercial success and critical success.
        BOF is not critically acclaimed in any way and you should just accept that as fact.
        Commercially? Oh, big bucks. Appeals to people all over the world and i would recommend BOF first for anyone who’s starting to watch k-dramas. It’s popular, simple, widely recognized, easy to watch, and lots of fun.
        But let’s face it. The writing sucked, the directing was not anything groundbreaking, and the acting was okay — considering there were some newbies.
        “Disaster” was used to critique the show from an objective standpoint.
        Your argument was to defend your subjective opinion.

    • There was even very-in-the-face laundry detergent PPL in I Hear Your Voice.

      Here… maybe surfboard brands? Computers (that you get a lot). Given it’s all about rich kids, they could do anything from fancy handbags (flash a Gucci sign or something) to expensive shops that the kids hang out in.

      • @alua the laundry detergent thing was soooo funny and sudden. And so obviously PPL.

  4. I read somewhere that Park Shin Hye will be boyish in this drama… I just hope they won’t cut her hair. She looks gorgeous with long hair!

    • She looked adorable with the short hair in You’re Beautiful, but I don’t think they should repeat that style on her either!

      (and that said, I’d rather have them repeat that style than give her the dreaded kdrama heroine bowl cut, Jandi-style. At least let her have a bob or something!)

      • Yes, the dreaded bowl cut……..who in the world came up with it? Have never seen anyone look good in it. Short hair does look good on her but it does remind me of YB and HS. I am hoping that it will not be short for heirs. Long or short……. I know it will not be a reminder of previous dramas.

    • Yes! She looks alot more mature with long hair, even though it could be the opposite with some people. I hope they decide to keep it.
      Or maybe it’s because i associate short hair with her ditzy char in You’re beautiful.

  5. i can’t wait to see this drama but i just pray that park shin hye will show a rather more mature type of acting and a better kiss than all her other dramas 🙂 lee min ho is just perfect by himself!

  6. Thanks so much Koala for always bringing us the latest news! I almost come here to get the latest Heirs tidbits, cuz Im thirstyy for them LOL.

  7. Wow really happy for this new

    Our Lovely Park shinhye is so good at acting .I believe her so hope good story for all.,

  8. No I want to watch swimming suite and Gorgeous dresses only school uniform 🙁
    And where are the pics of the cast only the writer I want to kill SBS for torturing me 🙁

  9. Hi Captain! Permission to board your vessel, Sir! I have been reading your updates and sneak reads of the script for a while now. You had me around 3 articles ago and now had to de-lurk to thank you and entreat you to please, pretty please don’t stop! Just keep these news coming! I am totally on board this crack train and am highly excited to see whatever comes ’round the bend.

    I will totally watch Heirs mainly because of 10 reasons (in order of importance): (1-10) LEE.MIN.HO., (11) Kang Ha Neul, (12) Kim woo Bin, (13) Park Shin Hye and (14) Kang Min Hyuk. All the others are just extra toppings.

  10. Filming in august and airing in October. 2 month head start.
    Has that ever happened before in k-dramaland? That’s not very common, i assume.
    At least we could judge this show once it airs without show’s excuse that it was rushing or behind schedule.

    • Almost ALL K-dramas start filming 2 months in advance, some even earlier than that such as a sageuk. But mostly 6-8 weeks in advance. A few crazy ones due to casting delays start filming 4-5 weeks in advance, but even then they film what they can until the missing casting is locked down.

  11. I am so excited about this drama, so much potential…It needs to come out of the boxed stereotype though. These are rich kids, we need to think “lifestyles of the rich and famous” “jet-setting type”. Don’t just go to California, go to where the rich and famous flock. One of my favorite movies
    was Leap Year because of story,cinematography,scenery. Please keep us posted.

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