Final Batch of Mesmerizing Jung Kyung Ho Stills from Cruel City

Have y’all Cruel City (Heartless City) fans calmed down now from the ending of this amazing drama? Admittedly the ending isn’t for everyone, it wasn’t particularly brutal so that the faint of heart felt gut punched. It gave hope where hope was plausible, and devastation when the ultimate price had to be paid. There was a news article with a jTBC production head that discussed the possibility of a second season and the interpretation of the ending. The network debated at length how to end it, which basically confirms the ending as we watched it wasn’t the one and only path to take. But the decision made in the end was to leave it ambiguous, so the last shot of the man in a beige suit who is clearly Jung Shi Hyun’s figure standing still in the moving crowd is intentional and no further clarification was done on purpose. The audience can decide whether Shi Hyun lived or died, which I liked because the bigger question had already been answered. The Doctor’s son and Jung Shi Hyun were both gone, the parts of this man that he carried since being born to a drug-addicted prostitute of a mother was finally stripped away. He was finally free to carry no burdens for others, whether as revenge or justice, so if he lived it would not be as the person he was, and if he died he was leaving behind those who mourned him in the same way as if he lived and left it all behind. So whether he died or lived doesn’t matter, his past was over and the way forward is something we shall never see. I DO NOT want a season two, another undercover operation makes no sense with this cast and the only way to do it is a completely new story. I would rather the talented production set its sights on challenging another genre and bring to it the same level of intelligence and attention to detail. They can cast Jung Kyung Ho and watch him surely bring a different character to life in as vivid a way as he did here. But let the boy rest and recover first, I’ll be waiting for him next project with bated breath. Check out these last batch of stills and BTS pictures from the drama, as well as the cast attending the well-deserved wrap party.

Wrap party pictures:


Final Batch of Mesmerizing Jung Kyung Ho Stills from Cruel City — 22 Comments

  1. OhMygoddd those wrap pictures are sooo freaking cute he looks sooo geeky I love it … I’m guessing they are already trying to come up with new ideas to put jkh in after seeing all the well deserved praise he got for that role. hopefully he will work with them again since it was a great match. Actually hoping he heals fast and picks any project soon but would love another dark role

  2. Soo, why so hawt??? I wished he didn’t die so if they wanted to resurrect another season, he could be the lead. Spoiler alert!!!! I honestly wished the ending was done better. I don’t mind if that that the OTP didn’t get each other because it was never about romance but there were some loose ends and questions that never got answered. In my mind, Paksa is alive.

  3. Oh Heartless City, how I’ll miss you! The first episodes were so freaking amazing and unforgettable! And I’m so happy Jung Kyung Ho landed this role!

    Both “Heartless City” and “I Hear Your Voice” ended this week and both are currently my favorite dramas of 2013.

    • Would you mind to share other amazing dramas that will make me intensed? Just like Heartless City and Ghost? anyone? Im really bored right now cause I have no serious drama to be watched T.T

  4. OMG JKH looks like a kid, he’s so cute with that geeky outfit! Love it!

    All in all, I loved the ending so *shrugs* *drinks fans tears* *twirls moustache* 😛

  5. Ahhhhhhhhhhh….Thanks for the pix. I’m crying again.
    I am just so glad that at least a friendship between Baksa and Jinjeong Soo can happen IRL. They are so damn cute together.

  6. I am not satisfied with the open ending.Never liked open endings.But I do not want a season 2 either.Just leave it like this.Eventually I will accept it.I hope I will see them in very interesting roles in the future but in my heart I know Jung Kyong Ho will always be Baksa.Good to see Chinjon having good time with Jung Kyong Ho

  7. *sigh.. I’m still on withdrawal mode. Now that I’ve seen what IHYV come out with ending wise, I’m actually glad CC ended the way it was. And after reading about the open ending and the scene that didn’t make it, now I understand the narrative choice, in the end CC stays true to its core noir at heart, it didn’t end with an explosion (*cough IRISII *cough), everything was not wrapped up in a nice little bow, and the lack of grand gesture or closure fits with the open possibilities.

    I’m not a fan of sequel, unless the writer is not finished with the story and have a clear vision on where its going, finding a sequel that doesn’t suck is one in a millionth time occurence, so I’m content with replaying CC and depends on my mood to choose whatever ending I want for the day.

    On a side note, I love how dorkable JKH looks, please recover well and can’t wait to see him as GD incarnation.

  8. I am gonna miss this drama… one of the best of the year.. the confrontation between Shi Hyun and Jin Sook at the last episode BROKE MY HEART into million pieces. Loves those 2 characters.. this drama is not flawless for sure.. the ending seem a little rush… but the acting, the mood of the drama, the OST and the fashions.. top notch.. I think i am gonna marathon it again very soon…
    and no to 2nd season for me… really please don’t.

    it’s funny to see JKH being so goofy… just like when he was in smile you… hope he get some rest and take care of his health.. can’t wait for his next project!

  9. Jung Kyung Ho looks so wittle… He’s so adorable. I find him absolutely precious. I think this is what you call puppy love. Hahaha I’m happy that he’s looking well! Get better Jung Kyung Ho! I loved the cast and production crew!!! PS… Koala I feel that your writing and words have touched my heart… Or logical brain… Taking the words right out of my discombobulated head and warping them into legible and intellectual sentences! Thanks for the insights!!!

  10. I love the ending …. Love it so much…. Love the ambiguous of the ending…. It’s so fitting with the show ‘s ambiguity throughout the series…
    I’m sooo satisfied with the last episode… They bring me emorional heartfelt scene to the audience for final conclusion with each character’s relationship… It feels too rush indeed… But really satisfied for me…. Now these character will live in my heart for quite long.

  11. CC is one of revelation drama in casting category for the drugs dealer’s role.

    I just LOVE everyone there. If not for CC, I’ll never know Jung Kyung Ho can be this sexy and awesome nor I’ll know the existence of Kim Yoo-mi, Choi Moo-sung, and of course our cutie Soo Yoon Hyun-min.

  12. Jung Kyung Ho is truly outstanding. I’d place him and Chris Wu in the same category for their tremendous acting skills and ability to transition seamlessly from a geeky sweet role to smoldering sexiness. For me, their tall slender physiques exude mega masculine elegance. Oh, be still my heart!!

  13. Hello,while waiting for the “The sun of my Master”,it’s time for a Cruel City re-watch.Never got before a DVD from a Korean drama,does any one knows usually when and where DVD dramas are ready for American viewers?

  14. THATS IT?! NOOOOOO I WANT MORE OF JU KYUNG HO…. :(( im in deep despair hope his back gets well fast so we can all feast at the glory of his amazing believable acting.

  15. Well, ms.koala, thanks for those pictures.

    Gosh, I already miss Cruel City terribly. I normally do the active search for spoilers but this time I didn’t and it was worth it. The hardest part was waiting around to watch the last 6 episodes in a row. This will be getting another watch this fall. LOL

    Even if I do understand why some people went eh, wtf at the ending, I happen to think the ending was brilliantly fitting to the story. Was it a perfect show? No, but it certainly got close. One of the best casting jobs I’ve seen in k-dramaland. Hats off to the production team for that one. And that theme song is permanently stuck in my brain as well as my computer and phone 😀

    I’ll be looking forward to seeing more of Jung Kyung Ho. He totally went way over my expectations of him. He just earned himself a complete fangirl here. He better take care of that back so it heals properly. I have not one, but 2 herniated discs (neck & lower back) so I totally understand just how painful that can be. So yeah, he better relax and heal soon. I want to see more of him. If it’s shirtless all the better.

    Yeah, I’m shallow that way. 😀

  16. i will miss so much doctor’s son, soo, saphary and noona… i’m not sure about how to feel about the ending yet, but i know i loved this drama and its characters to pieces…

  17. Thru CC, came to know abt Jung Kyung Ho.Love JKH, the series and definitely the OST as well. Therefore followed up with Smile you, did a dramathon. Finished in 3 1/2 days!!! Totally smitten by him, can’t wait to see him in new dramas !!!!

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