Mnet Releases Official Monstar MV for the Final Color Bar Performance Song

Monstar just ended and already I’m re-watching and missing the kids like mad. I actually think the final episode gets better and better on re-watch once its understood what the writer was doing. A lot of questions were answered and what’s left is actually the process of people processing the information and dealing with it over time. The trip up is that we the audience won’t be seeing it anymore, so it feels rather open ended. Se Yi’s trauma over learning the truth of her dad’s death wasn’t that her fiddling with the radio caused his lapse in focus, it was that he curled his body around hers to protect her hence he died on the spot and she lived. So Se Yi has to deal with the fact that her dad died to protect her, and that is going to take some time to deal with. Seol Chan’s talk with her on the park bench was absolutely perfect – he shared his deepest darkest secret about his past with her, and also used it to tell her that they are just 18 but have already experienced so much, hence reminding her that she’s already dealt with a lot of pain and therefore she can get through this one as well. Mnet released an official MV for the final song performed by Color Bar which was a mash up of “That is My Only World” and “March”, which isn’t just a performance piece but actually the narrative conclusion for this drama if you listen to the lyrics. The kids are acknowledging that they might not know what their future world holds, but they have no regrets about all the tears and laughter they have experienced so far, and they will continue to march forward because this is their world.

The drama uses the final performance songs to wrap up the story, telling us that these kids will be fine no matter what happens because they’ve grown yet again through the trials and tribulations we’ve watched. Se Yi and Seol Chan are definitely together, which makes Sun Woo’s childish antics in this episode actually quite adorable and honest. He can’t let go of Se Yi yet so he’ll have to do it slowly, and he’ll let himself be immature like Seol Chan for once, but he accepts she’s chosen Seol Chan. In the end, he acknowledges that the jacket from Na Na fits when he thought it wouldn’t, an allusion to a possibility for that ship as any. When Se Yi took off after hearing about the truth of the accident, Sun Woo stopped himself and let Seol Chan go after her. And Seol Chan and Se Yi have chosen each other despite never explicitly saying it, in his room right before he serenades her, Se Yi asks for the sheep back and Seol Chan reminds her that she was going to return it when she gets a boyfriend so Se Yi puts the sheep back because she does have a boyfriend now (Seol Chan). I loved how this drama didn’t need to say things outright but really took its time craft an ending that felt wonderfully earned. Check out the official final song MV which includes tons of great scenes from the entire drama. If anyone is waiting for Monstar to end before starting it, I’d heartily recommend this sweet and sincere drama.

Official MV for “That is My Only World” and “March”:


Mnet Releases Official Monstar MV for the Final Color Bar Performance Song — 21 Comments

  1. so glad someone else loved, understood and enjoyed all the little things about the ending like I did. I keep seeing sooo many negative comments about the open ending but I thought it was perfect since the show was always slice of life.

    • Yes, me too. It really felt like we were watching a pivotal moment in time in the lives of these kids so the ending felt like an appropriate way to close out that moment.

  2. I love the ending. what I love about this drama is how it has been telling he stories and there has been no lapse in that aspect for me. the direction and tone of the whole drama has been consistent.

    it’s a drama that will linger in my heart for a while and I can pick out random scenes from it and examine it and remember the emotions it evoked. very bittersweet and wistful.

    I thought it answered all curiosities that needed to be answered and did it well too. thanks koala for your recaps and I LOVE YOU JUNHYUNG!!!! haha that was random but I REALLY DOOOO. HAHA.

    • I agree about the tone being consistent. Even in the earlier episodes when there were more comedic moments, there was always that underlying bittersweet and wistful feel.

  3. i don’t complain with the ending tho I’m not fully understand what’s the writer want to share and present it to audience. Thanks to you Ms. K for the explanation…so I can confirmed and convince myself that I’m not really stupid to catch what’s the writer want..kekekekek….

  4. Well said Ms Koala! I thought the same way too. You’ll only feel the angst if you watch it live. I am rewatching the entire eps as we speak and gained better understanding of the direction of the drama. Nevertheless, I’m glad they gave the spotlight back to our STAR in the last ep. However, is it because this is a high school drama that there is lack of skinship btw the OTPs? Anyway, I can’t stop fangirling Junhyung even after the end of the drama. I am really interested in their Monster t-shirts as well. Any close up photos? I can only see the star design on Seol Chan.

  5. I keep replaying the last performance. Soooo Goooood.

    I’m a firm believer that the Nana-Sun Woo ship is going to sail. The need a fanfic. Stat.

  6. yeap … I totally loved this drama
    and if I may be honest … I watched it raw after yr recap and though I only understood a little but their body language said it all …
    so many emotions were conveyed after watching the drama itself …. I understood better n like u said it gets better n better after rewatched …. or was it becos we still couldn’t let go? ?
    Either way love it to bits
    thks you for d fast recap
    I introduced this to my early 20’s friends n none like them but how can 40yr old ahjumma like myself love it so much?? I just don’t get it …
    anyhow …their loss ^_^

  7. totally agree with you ms. koala…thanks again for this…if i havent read ur posts about it, i woukd have missed this beautiful show….brings back hs memories as well… kudos!

  8. Thanks for your recaps and comments on Monstar Ms. Koala. It’s been fun sharing the journey with you. This little drama that was totally off my radar before it started turned out to be a gem! Sweet, funny,nostalgic, heartwarming, and sometimes heart breaking. Definitely worth every moment I spent with it.

  9. The last scene of them just sitting there enjoying a quiet moment together makes me feel that there will be more moments like this for our otp. That they will share more dreams, more sorrows tears. They are there for each other and how far seol chan has come to be this sweet caring boyfriend to his partmer?

  10. thanks for sharing your thoughts… i do love the ending as i know for sure, SY and SC will be together… and how the kids grow, up eh? especially our STAR… 🙂 as many here will do, i’ll be re-watching this drama over and over again… will be on top of my favorite dramas for sure and highly recommended… 🙂

  11. I liked the ending too ^^ I agree is bitter sweet and it just gives off the feeling that their lives go on even if we are not going to be able to watch it. On a side note Omoooo Kang Ha Neul’s vocals *0* like wow!

  12. Thanks, Ms. Koala, for such apt expression of your thoughts on the final episode on this wonderful gem of a drama. Never knew I had it in me to enjoy a high school-based drama.

    YJY, urie star, composed and wrote that music used to serenade Se Yi. Isn’t he just awesome?

  13. i think i’ll miss this drama so much 🙁

    whether the ending is very open ending and little disatisfied, i still like it.. and Ms. Koala, i hope you’ll also follow Ha Yeon Soo’s new sitcom named Potato Star

    the director has created High Kick! the series and also Once Upon A Time in SaengChori. I hope you’ll watch it

  14. Tanx s lot koala.. I love this drama. I watched this ep again and again!!! This drama is my fav this year!!! Love the song that seolchan wrote for seyi!! And of course the colorbar last performance!!!

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