Yoon Eun Hye and Lee Dong Gun in Talks to Headline Future’s Choice with Jung Yong Hwa

When I posted almost exactly one month ago about the insider rumors that a network was developing a K-drama starring Yoon Eun Hye and Jung Yong Hwa, I expected the requisite hollers of “nooooooo!!!” but I also got lots of folks claiming I manufactured that rumor out of thin air and demanding sources. Sorry peeps, I don’t divulge sources, but that potential pairing was definitely not something I ever wanted to see hence why would I ever associate those two together. I got the network wrong but my insider rumor has now come to fruition much to my own chagrin. I really really did not want to see Eun Hye starring with Jung Yong Hwa in a drama. He has been signed on to the upcoming KBS Mon-Tues drama Future’s Choice for a few weeks now, and with its predecessor Good Doctor off to a solid start KBS needed to finalize the casting and start production soon. Today came the expected and totally jawdropping news – Yoon Eun Hye is in talks to be the leading lady in Future’s Choice (thank god I had a month to digest this possibility already) and Lee Dong Gun is also slated to join her and round out the love triangle. Give me a moment here. Lee. Dong. Gun. Holy shit I seriously thought he had fully left the industry after a rough few years ranging from dating scandals, the death of his brother, and finally enlisting in the military and finishing his service quietly. If Yoon Eun Hye accepts, it would be less than a year since her last drama Missing You (I Miss You) which aired on MBC. Lee Dong Gun hasn’t been seen on television or the big screen since he did When its at Night with Kim Sun Ah in 2008. Here’s the kicker for this drama, I don’t know which of the two actors will be the male lead. Both Lee Dong Gun and Jung Yong Hwa belong to FNC Entertainment, and if you asked me based on seniority and actor appeal it would definitely be Lee Dong Gun. But he’s been gone from the limelight for so long I’m sure Jung Yong Hwa fangirls think their guy deserves the lead at this point. No K-drama addict worth their salt can claim to not know Lee Dong Gun, he’s been in so many classic Hallyu dramas from Lovers in Paris to Ruler of Your Own World to Sang Doo, Let’s Go to School to Sweet 18, and lots more. I love Eun Hye to pieces and am happy to see her back on TV, and if Lee Dong Gun does sign on I am beyond ecstatic with this pairing….that is until I think about Jung Yong Hwa completing the triangle. Aish, can I pay for acting lessons for that boy?

Future’s Choice is being written by one of the Hong sisters (of Beethoven Virus and The King 2 Hearts fame) and directed by a lady PD Kwon Kye Hong who did Crime Squad and Bad Love. She’s a KBS regular and a solid PD. If this cast is finalized, Lee Dong Gun is slated to play a television announcer and MC, Yoon Eun Hye to play the television drama writer (her character’s name is Mi Rae which means Future), and Jung Yong Hwa is already signed on to play a television PD. There is time travel involved as the heroine goes back in time and gets a chance to re-do her life. Lee Dong Gun is seriously sex on legs. What woman in her right mind would pick Jung Yong Hwa over him? Even in fictional drama land?


Yoon Eun Hye and Lee Dong Gun in Talks to Headline Future’s Choice with Jung Yong Hwa — 87 Comments

  1. that would be the weirdest love triangle ever.. because yonghwa is a lot younger than them. it would make more sense if he was playing the younger version of lee dong gun because I always thought they looked alike.

      • that is the only way this casting can ever be acceptable. They look too much alike to be playing love rivals. What the heck is the casting director on?

      • That is the only way I can see this triangle working – with Jonghwa as the younger, callow (he practically defines callow) version of LDG. I could then possibly overlook his terrible acting. If Jonghwa thinks he can operate at the same level, in terms of acting, as LDG and YEH, than he is seriously delusional. They will upstage him six ways to Sunday.

  2. doing a twitter search right now and people are saying that Lee Dong Gun is the lead and Yonghwa is the 2nd lead. Let’s hope this is true.

  3. Lee Dong Gun’s coming back to dramas?! I’m in! Haven’t seen this guy in so long but so many of his dramas hold a special place in my heart. Didn’t Yong Hwa decline Heirs because he wanted to be main lead? If that’s true, then it means that he’s probably the lead for this one. And since it’s been too long since Dong Gun’s been in the public eye.

    • Those were rumors of people who like to create gossip…like this page bcs they were one of those who spread that nonsense. YongHwa is second lead.

    • LOL. That thing about him leaving Heirs because he wants to be main lead is BS from the start considering how upset he was after he was withdrawn from it. Well, this blog writer is one of those claiming that for a fact. LOL By now, we all know she just loves to create hate towards Yonghwa. That’s pretty obvious already.

      • @uhm lol yes you are right. Jung Yonghwa withdrew from Heirs because the role that was offered to him lacks clarity NOT because he wants to be a male lead. And maybe because his agency/manager realized he’ll be acting opposite again with Park Shinhye & that is to avoid being typecast.

      • Lol don’t be so ridiculous. She didn’t present that as a fact, she just said it was rumoured that FNC wanted him to be lead in another project. No one is out to get your precious oppa.

    • Jeez people. I typed that as a question not a statement. Those were the rumors I were hearing in the grapevine so I asked if they were true. I like Yong Hwa. He’s charismatic in his own way and he has a great voice. but I do think that he needs more second lead roles to hone his talent before he goes back to being main lead.

  4. Wow…..I’m so happy that Lee Dong Gun is back…..and that too with YEH…..not his fan but I liked him a lot in Sweet 18….

    I do like Jung Yong Hwa more but this time I vote for LDG to be the main lead..

  5. If this is true, I’m really excited to see Eun Hye back on screen 🙂 If they both accept it, I’m pretty sure that LDG would be the male lead and JYH the second lead, it would make a lot more sense…
    Anyways, I think that YEH and LDG would make a good couple and I found them to be really cute together since their collaboration for the ”Salad Song” back in 2008 ^^

    • Awwwww….”Salad Day” couple as lead couple in a drama?
      Been hoping for it since they releaseds the song
      Yes yes yes pleeeeease!!!

    • Seems like we are on the same page. Aw YEH would be so cute with LDG. His eyes are so adorable. Wow…. I honestly haven’t been this excited since Lie To Me 😀

  6. You’ve seriously got a big problem with Yonghwa, no? Even putting words into his fans’ mouth. You don’t like his acting, fine. But your snarky remarks are just…whatever. Anyway, based on K-articles, LDG seems to be the lead.

    • It’s her blog, she gets to write whatever she wants. And as a reader you, yourself choose to read whatever you want. If you rather waste your time with a blogger who isn’t Yonghwa biased instead of going to Yonghwa fan sites that praise him for every little thing, then that’s obviously your loss.

      • LOL. I don’t have a problem with criticism..but I ain’t stupid to not be able to differentiate constructive criticism from hate. It’s readers who kiss her ass, like you, that gives her the power to irresponsibly write whatever she wants. Freedom of expression is not absolute, yo! Not anywhere in the world.

      • I personally did not read any “Hate” towards YH in this blog. Whatever gave you that impression? It is not about kissing ass but we read a blog because its contents interest us. Please do not give non constructive criticism about her readers. Koalas blog exist due to readers. You can not read her blog again if her do not want to “kiss her ass” Quoting uhm.

    • It’s her blog, she can write what she want, why bother. I saw many fans on twitter dragging her blog especially fans of JYH, it’s useless. It’s her opinion. I’m also JYH fan but I don’t take it personally. If you want to see fans praising him them go to ther site.

    • yes, she can state her opinion on her blog and people are also free to react with their own opinions. Her blog is not private so I’m sure she’s not boo-hooing when people post dissenting opinions. It comes with the territory. Now when people start with personal insults, that’s when it’s going to far. (If it does happen, don’t know if it did). I’m not a real fan of any actor in this post either, just a curious reader.

  7. Woow. Drama land used to be so peaceful without idols. Please, I beg you drama gods, please just keep them far away from my precious dramas & actors. I had enough with “everyone deserves a chance/well, they weren’t trained to be an actor so they’re doing a good job” bs. You can’t unravel a chocolate bar with a sledgehammer.

    This will be a big F-U to Lee Donggun if he plays second lead against Jong Yonghwa. Just no. Please stop.

      • uhm, Jung Yong Hwa seems to be a nice enough fellow. Koala is right that he needs to work on his acting a bit more. I liked him in all his shows but it needs work. However, your attitude towards Ms. Koala & everyone who disagrees with you stinks. If you s

  8. It’s obvious that Lee Dong Gun is going to be the male lead. He rejected both School and 7th Level Civil Servant this year alone… to sign up for this drama as a second lead? To Jung Can’t Act to Save my Life Yong Hwa? I don’t think so. That’s basically blasphemy.

    • lmao jung can’t act to save my life yong hwa? i love it. i’m a big fan of his as a music artist but his acting hurts me sooo bad. and i don’t know why there seems to be so many butthurt fans here. from what i remember, koala wrote that the rumor was that either yong hwa OR his agency felt that he no longer needed to play 2nd lead. i don’t see her hating on him, just stating that he cant act(which i don’t know how anyone can deny).

  9. you know.. it’s gonna be epic talk if the other lead is Kim Hyun Joong instead of Lee Dong Gun. KHJ and JYH in one drama, that’s never gonna happen, right? like.. ever.

    • Kim Hyun Joong and Yung Yonghwa in one drama, together? This will create a huge black hole of idol acting horror that will create a vortex, blank eyes and stilted phrases and gazes off into nowhere all swirling together, sucking all other neighboring shows into an alternate dimension where Suzy wins the Baeksang three years in a row, and is basically Armageddon.

  10. im one of Yonghwa fangirls, but i do want lee dong gun as the lead actor (see not all fangirl is blind you know^^ dont generalize us too fast), btw i love lee dong gun and glad he’s coming back^^, and btw people who said yonghwa decline heirs cos he doesnt want to be second lead? big BS!! dont just believe what u read and rumours, making assumption and blame it to they guy

  11. I’m yong hwa fans in music. But in drama I have to agree that he’s not so good. He needs to learn more from his member like minhyuk.
    And about rumour that yong hwa reject heirs because he wants to be the male lead is not true. Because he’s absolutely upset when his agency decide to reject that role. So I think he really wants to get that role in heirs.

  12. EEEE!!!!!!! jumping up and down for Lee Dong Gun ^___^ He’s been away for far too long!!! I’ve missed this man (Needs to get married ASAP so I can marry his children…Imma be a cougar…okay maybe too old, my kids marry his?).

    Really now, I can’t stand poor acting, but if LDG is the Lead with YEH as his main squeeze and that kid that can’t act as the second, then i’m down for this like a freaky deaky 90s dance extra on 50 cent’s rap music videos. PLease let the storyline and script be oh so good that it’ll carry the show, even with bad acting.

    And awesome fashion. Please. Thanks. Another Jung Kyung Ho inspired wardrobe…

  13. I’m so glad that there are some out there that agree with me about yong hwa acting … I still scratching my head each time I hear that his acting is great .. so unless he gets acting class my finger is cross and will be praying for lee dong gun and yoon eun hye pairing to happen …

  14. Lee Dong Gun and “Sweet 18” hold a special place in my heart. “Sweet 18” was my first ever Korean drama and it was just perfect – sweet, funny, sad and romantic. I always thought he and Han Ji Hye were the perfect couple , and loved “My Boyfriend is Type B”. LDG has gone through a lot, the most devastating of which must have been his brother’s tragic and untimely death at the prime of his young life. I wish him all the best,and main lead or not, he’s going to put in a charismatic performance, as always.

  15. hahahah, ms. koala you are sooo funny!! i will take yong hwa then, coz we know eun hye will choose lee dong gun. hahahaha, lol. thx ms.koala!

  16. I don’t think speculating about who the male lead is really matters in this drama seeing as the title is ‘mirae’s choice’- the female lead will be the focus and the rest secondary. Lets hope the writing is solid cos I have faith in yeh’s acting and chemistry with her co’s.

  17. OMG! Crossing my fingers on this! Wanna see our YEH in a project soon! Hope YEH and LDG will accept the roles. Love to see them as couple! 🙂

  18. LDG and JYH could really pass as siblings or relatives cuz they look so similar with each other! Anyways I’ll be adding this to my drama lost if YEH and LDG will be the main leads for this drama. I kinda don’t see them as a good love triangle though. JYH is still awkward.

  19. I am going to be above the fray and not get involved in the whole Yong Hwa discussion although I am circling the wagons. We do disagree here all the time, but the level of discussion in our disagreement is usually higher than this.

    What I will comment on is the following statement: “Lee Dong Gun is seriously sex on legs.” This is A FACT. Seriously people. Any actor who can make a viewer want to pick him over Rain? I still have not recovered from him not getting the girl in Lovers in Paris. I started watching When its At night for Kim Sun Ah, but stayed (oh yes stayed) for him. I even giggled crazily in the National Museum (the supposed location for that drama)this summer throughout the tour because I kept imagining him walking around the building instead of paying attention to the very nice tour guide. I will be so happy to have him back on the screen. Will we get a brooding shower scene, too?

      • All I could do was sigh. The entire time I was sighing. To the point where I really thought I was going to hyperventilate with the sighing. If he “rescued” her one more time . . .

      • I second this! Had to stop watching Lovers in Paris halfway through cause I had such a bad case of second male lead syndrome

  20. Lee Dong Gun! Lee Dong Gun! Lee Dong Gun! I am ecstatic! Love, love, love him! So glad he’s coming back. He better be the lead otherwise I’ll be shipping the second, which I hate to do as it’s pointless.
    Let’s just hope this is good as I question anything that Yoon Eun Hye is attached to these days. She’s like the kiss of death for sensible writing.

  21. Lee dong gun is my first cruch of k actor.yes. Me too havent recovered he didint get the girl in lover in paris.

    He can act. And act anything sexily.

  22. What I read the turned down the offer immediately (YEH)regarding this project.
    But She’s definitely a much better actress then the girl from new gisaeng story who’s really wooden.
    But Lee Dong Gun!! He’s so attractive. What has he been doing all these years, I remember it was so sad what happened to his brother.
    But the combo of YEH and LDG maybe they could set the screen on fire if they have chemistry.

  23. ms. koala, i love that you would generously pay for acting lessons for our CNBlue boy but really? do you think it will help??? LOL

    LDG’s eyes seriously can melt any article of clothing made by man and the thought of him with YEH is making me giddy with excitement. i feel the chemistry will be sizzling!

    and who knows? maybe JYH will surprise us all… here’s hoping!

  24. i totally agree that cn blue actor can’t act. i hope YEH and LDG are the main leads. it makes more sense. will watch YEH even if the the bad cn blue actor is in it. but will be more disappointed.

  25. its been a while we haven’t seen big star in primetime…. lately ive notice something in their drama series they are doing experimental pairing

  26. OMG I am so excited. I love Lee Dong Gun and the last time I saw him was in when its at night. I missed him so much. Please, please god make him the main leader

    • I agree with you. Hope he is the main lead. Dont understand why they are forcing yongwha’s acting on us…. He sucks. Most of the idol turned actors are hideous…

  27. I’ve never seen Lee Dong Geun in anything but I would be up for a pairing with YEH. For her sake I hope this is at least somewhat good bc her last few projects (basically everything since Coffee Prince) have been misses for me.

    Yonghwa may have improved? Most probably not but we’ll see. Look’s like we’re getting the double whammy of bad idol acting with him and Kim Hyun Joong with new shows later this year. *sigh*

  28. Our Young Girl Warrior YEH back with another drama… I could not deal with I Miss You so please be a fun romcom

    WIAN was kind of meh for me but LDG and KSA were sexy

    All these CNB fangirls…have you not seen Yong Hwa’s acting? I need more roles for Hongki FNC since he’s an actual actor

  29. I am so glad LDG is coming back to the screen! I just watched one of his older films, Changing Partners and wondered when we would see him again.

  30. Ah Please please please let LDG be the male lead.I’m waiting patiently for him since his army days.Please Drama writers!

  31. I would be up for LDG and YEH. I really liked LDG back in the day. I hope he can make a really great comeback. Please let the script be good.

    Jyh – maybe third times the charm??

  32. Huh. The time travel element changes things. Seeing as there is such a strong resemblance, perhaps Jung Yong Hwa is playing the past younger version of Lee Dong Gun’s male lead character? But I guess with the synopsis that’s not likely.

    I have so much residual love left over for Yoon Eun Hye from her Coffee Prince days .. so please let this be good

  33. Oh God, Lee Dong Gun – that man is the sexiest thing ever. Yes please. But not as the second lead to JYH – that would be insane (and unlike a lot of people, I like JYH just fine in dramas – thought he was suited to his role in Heartstrings – but there is no comparison between him and LDG).

  34. Okay people who are offended because of koala’s opinions about Yong Hwa. It’s her blog, she can write her opinions. She’s not saying OMG I hate him!!! I’ve seen blogs that blatantly do that. If you don’t want to read it then don’t. If you read it just accept and disagree with her, don’t bash her for her own ideas. I like Yong Hwa and I like him on variety shows but I just don’t think he’s the best actor. I love Suzy too and I don’t think she’s the best actress either, but even Koala likes Suzy! It’s all about personal tastes I’m not going to like everyone you like. So please get off your high horse and make your own blogs if you have your opinions.

  35. Why the heck is there not enough rave comments about how this pairing is going to work out? Lee Dong Gun is definitely the main lead and totally agree that he is SEX on legs.
    Can y’all imagine how he’s going to look with yoon eun hye?
    Seriously though, the fact that yong hwa is second lead (or so it seems, according to news) reassures me cause he won’t have to hold up much on his end. I’m fine with sucky actors playing second fiddle as long as they don’t annoy me or get in between the OTP for long.

  36. So excited to know YEH is looking into more projects. The pairing of YEH and LDG is more sensible. I have not seen any of LDG dramas and movies but I understand he is good……Yeah, YEH and LDG pairing for me…….

  37. I’m so happy to hear that YEH will be seen soon on small screen. I don’t know much of Lee Dong Gun, but I am excited about YEH and whoever the lead man would be, it’s fine with me. But I hope this will be a good story, one that will enhance more on her acting prowess, so YEH, just read and study all scripts that are being offered to you because I want to see you again walking on the red carpet and stage accepting the Best Actress award.

  38. Although not yet confirmed this new makes me, very happy because Eun Hye Yoon is favorite actress and i want to see her in a new project.

  39. Personally, I like JYH so I’m glad to see him in another drama. I feel kind of bad for him that everyone keeps dragging him through the mud ’cause the kid’s acting talents aren’t that great. He has time for improvement, guys. I like YEH as well so I’d like to see how this drama comes out regardless of who’s first lead and who’s second lead.

  40. i am not a teeny bopper,i just hit 40 n altho i agree tat yong hwa’s acting is not tat great,i wld still prefer him over lee dong gun.i hv watched a couple of ldg’s show but was never drawn to him.

    i got a hunch tat yeh will hv great chemistry with yong hwa,they are both down to earth n hv great bubbly personalities.

  41. Hi Everyone!!!

    I am a fan of all 3! Lee Dong Gun, Yoon Eun Hye, and Jung Yong Hwa! I watched almost all their dramas! I have been waiting so long to see LDG again on screen! I hope he really accepts this drama. Yoon Eun Hye as always on and off we see her for endorsements or magazine shoots and a drama. A BIG CNBLUE fan especially Yong Hwa as a composer and singer. He is really good in his craft. yes, I agree his acting is lacking but hopefully he will improve for the better that is why having a drama will develop it and let him learn more from other actors and directors. For me the pairing should be Lee Dong Gun and Yoon Eun Hye and Jung Yong Hwa as a supporting role. I would LOVE to see the 3 of them for this drama!It will be so cool to watch them! I always thought Jung Yong Hwa as the young Lee Dong Gun and wanted them since before to act as brothers! When I found out Lee Dong Gun sign a contract with FNC Entertainment same as Yong Hwa I really looked forward to see them work together! 🙂 Just an information I know a lot are bashing regarding Yong Hwa’s acting or Idols becoming actors just a reminder and Yoon Eun Hye is also a Idol turned actress. Yoon Eun Hye was a part of a girl group called Baby VOX. We cannot stereo type all idols. We also can’t blame directors or producers in getting idols for drama because KPOP is the main source why Hallyu wave is so popular. But years ago Kdrama land is really popular before kpop boom! It’s a win or loose situation either it’s an idol acting or a real good actor but in the long run it will depend on the story of the drama that will attract viewers to watch it either in Korea or abroad. I just wish these 3 will have more success in their careers!!! Lots of love! 😉

  42. I really wanna see Yoon Eun Hye & Lee Dong Gun together…
    but as for Jung Yong Hwa, no offense guys but he have some problems when it comes to acting, sure he’s good at singing, but being pair to Yoon Eun Hye… oh no, THAT’S A BIG NO for me!
    he still got a long way to go… And as for Lee Dong Gun, I’ve watch most of his projects and he’s a great actor!
    I just hope that LDG & YEH will say “YES” and let them be a main cast…
    and it’s fine w/ me if JYH will be the “LT”.

  43. I think JYH will be the main lead..because he who the first to join the dramas..beside that..he will not accepted the dramas if he only to be the second lead..he just says..I don’t want to play drama if only to be the second lead..it’s sad for the ending, because he will not get the girl that he want..

  44. I think YEH is too old for JYH..JYH deserves to get the girl more beautiful from YEH..he just want to acting and he is not care who will be his female lead..

  45. I’d like to try YEH, LDG & JYH to be paired n this drama to see if there s really a chemistry. I have to find that out and can say that YEH have the ability to make a 100% chemistry with any man whether it’s young for her like yoo seung ho n missing you.

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