Won Bin Chooses Next Movie by PD Lee Chang Dong with Co-star Zhang Zi Yi

Won Bin might be the most reluctant movie star in South Korea. But I guess he can afford to be picky because he gets ton of CFs that can sustain a career when he’s not making movies. I know fans have been hoping he’d return to television but I’d say don’t hold your breath. The Korean media is reporting that Won Bin has chosen his next project and its going to be a movie. Famed PD Lee Chang Dong is purportedly finalizing the script and production details for his next movie after a three year gap since his critically acclaimed last movie Poetry. Lee Chang Dong’s filmography includes films like Secret Sunshine, Peppermint Candy, and Green Fish. There is no word on what this movie will be be called but the cast is already creating buzz. Joining Won Bon will be top Chinese actress Zhang Zi Yi, who must be beside herself with glee because she has publicly stated in interviews that her dream is to work with Won Bin. Also onboard is PD Lee Chang Dong regular Sol Kyung Gu, who was recently in the hit thriller movie Cold Eyes with Jung Woo Sung and Han Hyo Joo. The brief synopsis says this movie is about an on-the-run serial killer, a Chinese prostitute living in Korea, and the cop tracking the serial killer. Won Bin will be playing the serial killer, and I don’t know if he’s a hitman who keeps killing people or a genuine sociopath serial killer who kills for pleasure. Won Bin really is angling for award-courting material, what with playing a mentally challenged young man in Mother and then a hitman-turned-recluse in The Man From Nowhere. Filming is slated to begin in October with the movie schedule for a Summer or Fall 2014 release. Won Bin was recently in the news in the tabloid section, which he has never been in before, when Dispatch outed his relationship with fellow K-actress Lee Na Young. Their outed relationship follows a string of recently high profile outings such as RainKim Tae Hee, Yoon Kye SangHoney Lee, and Jo In SungKim Min Hee. When it rains, it pours, eh? 


Won Bin Chooses Next Movie by PD Lee Chang Dong with Co-star Zhang Zi Yi — 35 Comments

  1. Who wouldn’t want to be in a movie with Won Bin? This just proves that some dreams do come true:) This sounds like it will be good, and Won Bin has a knack for picking good projects that work well for him and help him be completely different from the friendly/extremely sexy CF persona he has. I was on the edge of my seat the for all of The Man from Nowhere. Who would have thought that our loveable boy from Autumn in my Heart (he was more like a golden retriever puppy in that show) would grow up to be so good?

      • I totally agree. And the fact that he’s coming back with internationally acclaimed Director Lee Chang Dong is even more exciting. Cannot wait for this. I think going to go crazy waiting for this movie. I loved this Directors last film ‘Poetry’. Won Bin knows how to choose the right projects and Directors. WOW!

    • She does look lovely although I am ready to love her for her good taste:) I am completely unfamiliar with her because I do not know much about Chinese dramas/movies. Is there something that you would recommend that I watch that she is in?

      • I think she did pretty well in The Grandmaster.
        Not sure if you like Wong Kar Wai’s films though.

      • How’s your stay in SK? Any interesting bumping into a k-celeb? 😀

        Mrs Koala is by far a much better expert than myself in c-dramas/movies but I recommend Memoirs of a geisha which won several Academy Awards and House of flying daggers, a wuxia, both of wish are visually stunning. You will find that she is so graceful and yet strong in both her characters.
        And for a wayyyy lighter plot, I’d suggets Sophie’s revenge, starring Peter Ho and k-actor So Ji-sub.

      • The movie that propelled into international stardom is the Oscar nominiated “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon”

      • @namcha I have seen Crouching Tuger Hidden Dragon and did not make the connection (off to find dvd and read the back). I am glad no one told me the ending because I don’t think I would have watched it if I had known!!!!

      • @trotwood; re-your reply to namcha: you and me both! I didn’t want to spoil the outcome because to each its own but I’m a sucker for a happy ending thus I HATED HOFD’s. Memoirs of a geisha‘s could have been worse. ^_^

      • @denali

        My stay in Korea left me wanting more. As I have said before, the only reason why I was not crying at the airport upon departure was because I did not want to look like I was in some bad drama. I had NO star sightings at all. However, Hyun Bin is gorgeous in the public announcement film they show on continuous loop at customs when you arrive. I was afraid that the customs officer would be suspicious because I was grinning like a fool the entire time I was in line. But really could there be a better way to welcome someone to the country? Okay, maybe if they got Won Bin AND Hyun Bib in the same video. Could I call them Binie Babies or would that be too corny?

      • One of Zhang Zi Yi’s first movies is the classic The Road Home directed by Zhang YiMou (Raise the Red Lantern, House of Flying Daggers). I highly recommend this…she’s luminous.

  2. Will Zhang zhi Yi finally be the one that will make Won bin fall on his knees? It’s so hard for this lovely man to play romance role recently. I’ll be keeping an eye on this one, but then again I’ve yet to dislike anything Won bin is in.

  3. Wow, now that’s an amazing pairing. Yeah, I don’t see Won Bin doing dramas again since he doesn’t even have regular film projects 🙁 really excited for this one!!!

  4. Love Zhang Zi Yi. I’ve only seen Won Bin in a Man from Nowhere but I was more impressed with the little girl. I will be looking out for this one. It probably won’t be released until 2014?

  5. Hello Koala, I know it is off topic but did you heard? Jung So Min just joined SMC C&C ! Yay! I hope this means more dramas/movies for her.

    SM C&C has under them: Kim Min-jong
    Choi Jong Yoon
    Han Ji-min,Kim Ha-neul, Kim Shi Hoo,Lee Jae Ryong, Song Jae Lim, Seo Hyun-jin,Yoo Hyo-jeong,Jang Dong-gun, Gong Hyung Jin, Kang Ye-won,Kim Su-ro

    Also read rumors she might be cast on JSG upcoming drama: Beautiful man


    • Can Jang Geun Suk just go to the army already and sort himself out. I am tired of him only choosing dramas where he can have long hair and look like a mess

  6. he is one of the most overrated actors in south korea imo. I have never been impressed with him and his acting has always been awkward.

    • Tbh, while everyone was going crazy over him on Autumn Tale, I was all for SHH LOL I never had second syndrome there and didn’t find WB charming there, he was just annoying… his character was a brat so…

      Then I never saw him again, I do understand, he is beautiful and etc, but just not my taste… he is boring to me.

      But I enjoyed watching his CFS with Shim Mi Ah and etc.

      However, I found him charming first time ever watching Ahjusshi and I think he did a good job there, but still not AMAZING like people rave tbh.

      • I think he is by far the best looking Korean actor, but he is not a good actor at all. even in Ahjussi.. I thought he was really awkward. His line reading also leaves a lot to be desired. So yeah, I think he’s extremely overrated.

        his performance in Autumn Tale was kind of laughable. Actually, no one was good in that drama. I’m still a bit perplexed by how popular it was back in the day.

    • I also don’t understand all the superlatives surrounding this man. Yes he has a pretty face with “perfect’ features and seems to project a quiet, charming personality, but as an actor, he’s been resting on the laurels of Man From Nowhere for a good three years now, and I’m sure its not due to a lack of offers. While quantity doesn’t always equal quality, I just don’t find interesting an actor that allows himself to be sustained on CFs for so long, especially one that doesn’t have that extensive a body of work to start with.

      • exactly. He was actually often criticized as an actor before Ahjussi but since that movie made a lot of money, he became “untouchable” in Korea. I can’t wait for that illusion to crash down. He is not any better than some actresses who regularly get criticized. He’s shaved by the fact that he’s an attractive man. A combination that can get you very far in Korea.

      • O please he’s been praised ever since one the most succesful Korean movies in HISTORY, Taegukgi in 2004, that actually when he became an acclaimed TOP ACTOR! You don’t get the best Directors in Asia trying woo you cus your ”overrated”. I see nothing but bitter fan girls above. The man was even praised in Cannes for his performance in ‘Mother’. He’s been a critically claimed actor since 2001, that’s over decade. I for one cannot wait for his next project.

      • ”Resting on the laurels of Man from nowhere”… Seems you’re not very familiar with Won Bin. ‘The Man From Nowhere’ is not even his biggest hit! That would be Teaukgi (2004), which sold to a record breaking 11+ million Viewers. And he can take as long as he likes, he’s an actor interested in quality not quantity. Despite only doing 5 movies in the last decade, all 5 of his movies have been blockbuster and critical successes. He took 5 years once before making a comeback and went on to have a hit despite not being out of the public eye. He’s an actor in a very elite league in Korea.

      • YES YES YES! Won Bin is finally coming back to Movies! And the fact that your coming back with the internationally acclaimed director Lee Chang Dong is even more impressive. Won Bin doesn’t do movies often but my god he knows how to choose a project when he decides to finally grace our screen. Respect!

    • ”Overrated my ass” lol! The highly acclaimed Cannes winning Director Lee Chang Dong does not cast ‘overrated’ actors in his movies, thank you very much. Won Bin has shown his acting chops long before ‘Ajusshi’! It was the blockbuster Teaugki (one of the biggest hits in Korean film history!!) that made him an acclaimed actor in Korea in 2004! He seems overrated mostly to butthurt international Kpop fan girls who stay pressed cus their faves don’t get the kind of respect as Won Bin does in Korea.. The man has only done 5 movies in the past decade, yet his movies was seen by more people than any other actor from 2001 – 2010 giving him the title ”actor of the decade”. Korea loves him so stay pressed.

      • Agree with your comments completely, it seems like some commenters criticizing Won Bin here am don’t seem to know him well at all, his movie Ajhussi is his latest blockbuster hit but it’s nowhere compared to his previous works like Taegukgi and Mother which were superhit and helped him earn the top actor title, he was a top actor even before Ajusshi and what? The little girl was good but definitely not on the level of how good WB was in the movie, I also agree that most people criticizing WB seem to be butthurt Kpop fans who are just jealous of the fact that Knetz love him to death, I love idol groups too but you have to accept the fact that top actors and actresses are always way and above idols in Korea and that will never change. You just accept it and move on rather than fighting a losing battle.

  7. My Dream will comes true only when he plays k-drama with Yoon Eun Hye and Song Hye Gyo ( where he finally gets her).

    BTW.. Zhang Zi Yi is a amaZing actress. I LoVE that women.

    • Oh oh oh finally WB is coning back to the big screen. Wow, this is really amazing. With co star ZZY, what a lovely couple????? WB oppa, I am holding my breath for this movie…….

  8. I’m so excited to see he’s coming back to the screen! It’s been way too long!

    I was rooting for him instead of ssh in autumn in my heart. Ssh does nothing for me for some reason.

    Hoping this will be a great movie.

  9. I’ve been waiting for 3 years for his next project! I cannot wait for this man to get back on the big screen! Won Bin is the reason I discovered Korean Cinema. I’ve never been a fan of Korean pop music or their over the top cheesy dramas but the Korean film industry is in an elite league of small nations in world cinema along with scandinavian countires.

  10. Wow! It’s clear that some of these commenters have know idea who Won Bin is! You need to do your research! He is totally in a class by himself! Every movie he’s done has been in the top 5….every one! In the movie Mother, his acting as a somewhat mentally challenge young man is brilliant! You want see him taking rolls just to keep working! He doesn’t have too!

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