Episode 13 of Goddess of Fire: Tae Do gets Less Screentime to Make Room for Jung Yi’s Pottery Test Travails

There is tiny part of me that hopes for a miracle with Goddess of Fire, a Flowers for Algernon like sudden spike in intelligence if you will. Characters would begin to behave like rational human beings (forget education or lack thereof, common sense is in dire scarcity in this drama), storylines would suddenly be taut and riveting, and the casts’ hard work would be rewarded with narrative excellence. I have this hope because I love Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum so. Episode 13 sadly shows no signs of resurgence and continues with the flim-flamery. Gwanghaegun knows who Jung Yi is and yells at her for staging her death and then popping up now and lying about her identity. Dude, priorities, she’s alive so stop being so hung up on being lied to. She never owed it to you to tell you the truth. Tae Do tries to cheer up Jung Yi by saying its all his fault (whut?) but she accepts Gwanghaegun’s anger and just wants to become an official member of the pottery department and help him out later and keep begging his forgiveness. More royal shenanigans – Imhaegun pisses off the King again, the Consort continues amassing support to make her son the third prince Shinsongun the heir to the throne, and Jung Yi sees Kang Chun continuing to take credit for stuff her dead dad did and putting him down and that motivates her even more. The day of the test arrives to join the department and a jealous female assistant tricks Jung Yi so she has no more white clay left to make her cup. Jung Yi scrounges around and gets some extra from her friends in the department, and mixes it with other clay as taught by her master and in the end manages to make a pretty cup and thus is officially made a member of the pottery department. Jung Yi goes to thank Tae Do knowing that he helped out, but then hides and overhears a conversation between Tae Do and Gwanghaegun where Tae Do is totally not backing down from Gwanghaegun. That’s my boy! Next episode looks to increase the Jung Yi-Gwanghaegun interactions and love line and I may just have to take some anti-gagging medicine to stomach this totally unromantic drama romance. I like Lee Sang Yoon well enough, just not here and not with Moon Geun Young. This lump of turd of a K-drama is seriously sucking all my writing mojo. I can’t even summon up much deserved snark.

Tae Do-Jung Yi-Gwanghaegun cut from episode 13:


Episode 13 of Goddess of Fire: Tae Do gets Less Screentime to Make Room for Jung Yi’s Pottery Test Travails — 15 Comments

  1. Thank you for the thread. I have been refreshing the page, waiting for your take on the next episode. Thank you also for continuing to comment on this drama.

  2. Ugghh Wheres the fierce-spirited Jung??? I saw a glimpse of her in ep. 12 when she despised Mings king for his ridiculous revenge. Not even MGY and KBs chemistry is making me want to watch this. I’m losing my interest.

  3. What pisses me off the most from this episode is when Jung said she WILL CONTINUE BEGGING GH’s forgiveness. WTF SHOW? What exactly did she do wrong…..

  4. I actually think Moon is stepping up and finally showing some passion for what she wants. Even though most of the people seem to be against her (even the Prince in this episode because he’s angry at her for keeping her real identity a secret from him), she’s fighting back and proving she indeed has the talent to stay at Bunwon.

  5. I understand the whole concept of the Prince and jung “forbidden” love but really? This show is going down the drain very fast but I will still look forward for both bummie and moon scenes. That the only reason why I am watching this show. Bummie is still smoking hot! I love you Bummie!

  6. I actually don’t like it at the beginning. I felt the prince and Jung Yi were not a good match but I changed my mind after watching episode 12. I am beginning to like it. I think Kim Bum does not fit in here. Too pretty for a third party.

  7. Thank you Ms. Koala for the update. And of course for sitting through the boring to give us the highlights (Bummie, bummie, bummie! 🙂 )

  8. Nothing special on the GOF story line and I already can predict what will happen next. Just another typical Korean Saguek drama. Jung Yi and Taedo is HOT HOT HOT since the beginning. Taedo is very loving and caring for her but he didn’t bring out the best of her. Lover is about bringing out the best of each other. I prefer the story between the prince and Jung Yi. They are slow but warming up for the coming episodes! The prince getting mad with Jung Yi is just to bring her true self out. Just see how far my prediction is true.

  9. I really like Lee Sang Yoon. (see haters out there, we can disagree with Captain Koala!) In fact, if he was the only reason why I was interested in this drama to begin with. I was never really a Kim Bum fan or a Moon Geun Young fan. I never disliked them, but I was never excited upon hearing news of them like other actors. So I am kind of looking forward to “the love that can never be” scenes okay the brief synopsis of them) and more broody Tao Do scenes. Still I want every project that people work so hard on to be good, and it is clear that everyone here is working like a dog to save this dreary script. But everything is so boring. If Captain Koala can even get up the energy for snark, this show really may be a lost cause no matter how beautiful Kim Bum is here.

  10. I keep thinking I must be reaching some sort of mid-drama life crisis. Practically everything out there, across the 4 east asian countries – is pretty much not appealing to me at all. Modern or period. Bringing it back to kdramas in particular, I am not watching anything at all. I have watched a few episodes of this but goodness, I can’t even count where I FF’d so much of it. I think I must have gotten to picky over the years.

    KB is still great, but also not that interesting. MGY – I just wish her character was more interesting. it’s really hard to relate to her character here.

  11. Unlike others, I have to say the MGY did a very good job on the later half of the episode. She starts becoming more vicious. I am happy that her spunk finally comes back after GH knocks? some sense into her. Hopefully, this will keep up. Fighting GOF!

  12. Always come here to check out the Tae Do and Jung Ji cut of the week and your update of what’s going on with them…hehe…Thanks a lot.

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