Script Reading Pictures for Five Upcoming Fall K-dramas that are Not Heirs

I’m not trying to hype up Heirs or give it excessive mentions but it really is the most fascinating upcoming K-drama purely for the hot mess potential. I’m also wondering if all the legions of fanboys and fangirls of the leads will turn on each other if the drama sucks and point fingers. Because that would be some potential epic smackdowns. While we wait for Heirs to transport everyone back to high school come this October, there are a bunch of other Fall K-dramas on the horizon and it so happens that most of them started filming recently and released cast script reading pictures. Rather than posting one by one, I’ll unload a butta-loada pictures and everyone can sift around for your favorites. The most high profile of this bunch is Medical Top Team, and above is the cast sitting down to read their doctory lines. Starring Kwon Sang Woo, Jung Ryeo Won, Joo Ji Hoon, Min Ho of SHINEE, Oh Yeon Seo, and Alex, this one takes over Two Weeks time slot so won’t be going up against Good Doctor on Mon-Tues. But since GD is doing great ratings, maybe the medical genre is on a resurgence and is good news for MTT.

Also starting to film is the weekend drama Give Love Away with Hong Soo Hyun, Lee Sang Yeob, Seo Ji Suk, Han Go Eun, Park Geun Hyung, and Cha Hwa Yeon. If this one isn’t crazy right off the bat, then count me in though I don’t know if I can last the entire way. If you loved the J-dorama Kaisefu no Mita or love Choi Ji Woo, you’re in luck because she’s back with the remake called The Suspicious Housekeeper co-starring Lee Sung Jae, Wang Ji Hye, and Kim So Hyun. She’s not really suspicious as much as she’s really weird and freaky. On the cable side of things, teenager Yeo Jin Gu plays an actual teenager in the sitcom Potato Star 2013QR3 Shaped like a Sweet Potato along with grandpa Lee Soon Jae, rising actress Ha Yeon Soo, and cutie Go Kyun Pyo. And last but not least, the hit cable wunderkind Answer Me 1997 has spawned a sequel that is actually even earlier chronologically called Answer Me 1994 staring Go Ara and Yoo Yeon Suk and centered around basketball and the rise of the musical era of Seo Taiji and the Boys. Okay, this is just way too much drama all at once for me, I’m all outta words so go look at pretty pictures.

Medical Top Team practicing their “medical” skillz before commencing filming. My heart goes out to the poor dummy on the ground.

The pretty cast of Give Love Away (also called Will You Love and Give it Away). The answer would be “OH HELLS NO!!!”

The Suspicious Housekeeper. Haven’t people heard of a nanny cam? Also, wouldn’t a weird/suspicious nanny be the least likely such person one would employ. I can handle a weird gardener or a weird pool boy, but heck no will my nanny be remotely weird. And if she’s suspicious, I not only wouldn’t hire her, I’d probably report her to the authorities first.

Potato Star 2013QR3 Shaped like a Sweet Potato. So it’s really bland tasting and has an odd-shape? That’s like the worst of both worlds.

Answer Me 1994. Can we have a Speed shout out somewhere in this drama. A runaway bicycle scene?


Script Reading Pictures for Five Upcoming Fall K-dramas that are Not Heirs — 17 Comments

  1. I heard Changmin might be the lead on an upcoming drama ‘For M’ remake of the 2007 movie ‘M’, and will be a fantasy romance drama.
    *noooo* I watched paradise ranch for JSW and ugh, I can say he is the worst idol to go into acting.

  2. The upcoming drama crop looks pretty MEEEEEHHHHH to me. The only thing I’m remotely interested in is “Answer me 1994” and even for that my expectations will be low.

    It seems that all the actors I love are either: a) in the army, b) recovering from sickness or scandal, c) choosing some awful dramas that I would never ever watch, or d) showing up once in a blue moon as insignificant characters in the background.

    I miss falling head over heels in love with a drama. That feeling of obsession where you can’t WAIT to see the next episode.

  3. I’m interested in Basketball 1994 because of the director/writer and Give Love Away because of the cast…I do like Jung Ryeo Won and Minho (although he’s the the best actor) but I’m not sure about Medical Top Team. I’m pretty faithful to Good Doctor right now.

    I won’t even watch Heirs until it’s over because I have a feeling it will be a hot mess haha (and because I’m not into Park Shin Hye but I do like Lee Minho and Choi Jin Hyuk among others…in that long list haha).

  4. Yeah, Heirs is gonna be the most hilarious hot mess ever. I’m gonna watch it for the eye candy, bc I sure as hell won’t be watching it for the plot (Kim Eun Sook, why are you so famous. I will never figure it out).

    Medical Top Team sounds zzzzzzz inducing despite my love for Jung Ryeo Won. I have never watched a single medical drama that’s actually been good. Sidenote: what the hell is that on Joo Ji Hoon’s head??

    The Suspicious Housekeeper doesn’t sound half bad. I have a crush on Lee Sung Jae after A Wife’s Credentials (I’ve decided he’s my ahjussi crush as he’s waaaaaay too old for me) and the supporting cast is solid. Please be good?

    Potato Star sitcom thing – Yeo Jin Gu. ‘Nuff said.

    Give Love Away is going to turn into makjang central cause it’s on MBC and all the weekend shows on that network are crazy. But the cast is so cute, I literally like everyone 🙁 STOP DOING THIS TO ME MBC.

    Only legitimately excited for Answer Me 1994 and Basketball. tvN, please save this terrible drama year!!! I’m begging you……….

  5. Totally just guessing based on nothing, but I have a feeling, Medical Top Team is going to draw and keep me in.
    I am not a big JW fan, so I have stayed away from GD, but I do love the medical shows, as unreal as they are.

    • All the pictures on the site lazy load. I’m getting so much traffic these days my host is warning me about CPU hogging. So I put all images on lazy load which means it will load only when you scroll down. Give it a sec and it’ll load on any phone, tablet, web browser.

      • Thanks for reply…I tought because the signal really bad lately.Sometimes your video preview also didn’t show up.And i just give up..:-)

  6. I’m looking forward to Potato Star whatever the rest of the title is… just for Yeo Jin Gu. 🙂 And Give Love Away… for Hong Soo Hyun and Lee Sang Yeop. Let’s hope this drama won’t be a hot mess like JOJ.

    Oh and of course I’m excited for Basketball which you didn’t mention but if I remember it right, you wrote a post about, right? 🙂

  7. I love how there is a grandpa from Grandpas Over Flowers in a so many of these shows. They give me hope that my own middle aged life is not over yet!

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