Song Joong Ki Holds Final Fan Meeting Before Enlisting with Surprise Guest Jo In Sung

Song Joong Ki is heading off to the army in less than 5 days and he’s leaving on a crest of a career high with a critically well-received drama Nice Guy (The Innocent Man) and a box office hit movie The Werewolf Boy. It’s sad that he couldn’t squeeze in one more project before he left, and it would have been acclaimed director Bong Joon Ho‘s next movie Sea Fog. Stepping in for Song Joong Ki is Park Yoochun so it’s nice to see one Sungkyunkwan Scandal buddy get a great opportunity in lieu of another. Song Joong Ki held one final fan meeting in Seoul over the weekend and in attendance was over 1400 fans from Korea and around the world. His agency Blossom Entertainment (he was formerly with Sidus HQ and joined Blossom earlier this year) just released official stills from the fan meeting. Song Joong Ki thought he would be doing it alone and then he almost teared up when his good friend and A-lister Jo In Sung surprised him by showing up in person. They have been good friends for years, and when asked to describe their friendship, Jo In Sung said he’s able to be himself and share his real thoughts easily with Song Joong Ki, who echoed the sentiment and added that he also looks up to his hyung since his career path feels very similar to what Jo In Sung’s career has been. For awhile I thought Jang Geun Seok‘s career looked to take Jo In Sung’s route but it derailed from that direction two years ago and now Song Joong Ki has really stepped up acting wise and definitely deserves the same accolades. Many of Song Joong Ki’s famous buddies recorded a video farewell for him that was played at the fan meeting, including from his all his Running Man colleagues, Yoo Ah In, Kim Jaejoong, Ji Sung, and Cha Tae Hyun. Awwwww. Song Joong Ki did the usual singing and playing games with his fans, and he ended it by promising that he will do his best to serve his military duty and return in two years ready to resume his acting career.


Song Joong Ki Holds Final Fan Meeting Before Enlisting with Surprise Guest Jo In Sung — 22 Comments

  1. He’s one of my favorite so it made me sad knowing that he’s going for the military. I hope two years gone really fast for us and him so that we could see his new project soon. Goodbye, Joongki :’)

  2. Awww. That last photo is a heartbreaker. He looks like he needs a hug and reassurance that all will be well. Such a sweet baby face.

  3. I will be miss him a lot. See you in next two years, song joong ki.

    I wonder wether or not his baby face will dissapear post MS.

    • It’s his complexion and clear skin that make him look more baby-faced in pictures (and on screen) than he really is. In person, he actually has sharper features.

  4. Oh gosh… 2 years without one of the best actors in Korea. What are we going to do without him? T.T

    Good thing is when he comes back he will be ready for new and mature roles – I mean more mature than they were already. 🙂

  5. Actually had a ticket to the event but something came up at the last minute and couldn’t make it. The one time I decide to attend a fan meeting… ::headdesk:: I got quite emotional reading the firsthand accounts (and peeking at the sneaked-in fancams), but I can’t tell if it’s envy or seeing him get vulnerable that caused the tears. Probably both. Went to his final public appearance the next day (a fan signing for Laneige) and he was back to his usual self at these events–very cool and composed. So I’m glad the fan meeting gave him the opportunity to let his guard down, talk openly, and just commune with the people who care very much about him (not just his fans, but also his friends and colleagues). Not to play armchair shrink, but it looked, and sounded, like it helped him close a chapter. He said he was looking forward to the next stage, and while I’m going to miss him tremendously, so am I.

  6. SJK’s acting is beyond good. Seriously. His acting make me fall for him. Yoo Ah In and Song Joong Ki are the best actor of their generation.

  7. Awwww I’m going to miss him, so much, and it’s sweet to hear that he got a chance to express himself before he left.

    But seeing what the army has done to Jung Kyung-ho, Lee Jun-ki and Jo In-sung himself (i.e. spit them out after 2 years with 10x the manliness and intensity they had before), this noona will look forward to his return, VERY much.

  8. I feel that Joong Ki is one of the rare few (of his age-range) who have a very strong sense of self. He knows the difference between being an actor and being a celebrity and he is treading both waters very carefully. This is just an opinion of mine and I may be wrong but him going to the army is sort of breaking away from the bubble of fame that 2012 brought him. Kinda knowing where his head and priority lies – regaining his strong hold of himself. So I guess the lack of new acting material to salivate on (ala Lee Je Hoon) while he is away is the best thing to do so he’ll come back fresh and strong.

  9. Awhhh…You will be missed dearly, SJK. 2 years are probably a long time for me to wait for his comeback but I’ll be diligently do so to see what army has done good to him. Much hotter I guess.


    Okay, happy thoughts, happy thoughts…but man, I’m going to miss my ILU! Here’s hoping he comes back in two years and does a fan-tab-u-lous drama – complete with mandatory post-army abs shower scene! kkkk

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