The Cast of Future’s Choice is Confirmed with Yoon Eun Hye, Lee Dong Gun, and Jung Yong Hwa

When one element out of five is the sole question mark, I’m going to revert to my typical optimistic nature of looking at the glass as more than half full hence a pretty high probability that I’ll love it. I went back and read my July 8th post about Yoon Eun Hye and Jung Yong Hwa possibly starring in a drama together and the comment thread pretty much exploded. In the seven weeks since then folks have had time to digest this casting choice, and with the news two weeks ago that Lee Dong Gun was in talks to form the drama love triangle its created even more room for debate. I’ve said my share and now its time to just sit back and see where this drama takes us – today KBS confirmed that Yoon Eun Hye, Lee Dong Gun, and Jung Yong Hwa are indeed starring together in the upcoming time travel drama Future’s Choice (also called Mi Rae’s Choice since the heroine’s name Mi Rae means future). Yoon Eun Hye is bright and optimistic Na Mi Rae, working as a phone operator at a call center with dreams of writing for a broadcast station. Lee Dong Gun plays an demanding but principled announcer/MC at a broadcast network, while Jung Yong Hwa is a sociable and talented camera man who is hiding his real identity as the grandson of the station owner. So far so good, I don’t see the words “poor hardworking” associated with the heroine, nor do I see “cold, arrogant” associated with either male lead. Mi Rae meets her future self who has time traveled back to give her advice about her life in the present in order to make her dreams come true.

I also love that writer who is one half of the Hong sister duo that did The King 2 Hearts, and this time she’s paired with as the lady PD who directed Bad Love and Crime Squad, both very interestingly filmed dramas that failed on the script and not the execution. So we have a drama centering on a female character, written by a female screenwriter, and directed by one of the few female PDs working in Yeouido. This total woman power thing associated with this drama is pretty awesome just on that alone. The synopsis reminds me a bit of that classic 1990 TVB drama Cherished Moments where the heroine time travels back 4 years into her own body but with her memories of the future and she tries to change the way she lived her life to avoid marrying the hero because in the future their marriage isn’t happy. It’s an interesting concept of whether one can change the future or some things are meant to be. Luckily for Future’s Choice, it’s not airing on Wed-Thurs and thereby avoiding the Heirs juggernaut. Instead it premieres in October after Good Doctor on Mon-Tues and will go up against the Ha Ji WonJoo Jin Mo monster sageuk Empress Ki on MBC and Choi Ji Woo as The Suspicious Housekeeper on SBS.

It’s been confirmed that Lee Dong Gun is the male lead in this drama, so that makes me stoked since I think from the trifecta of requirements (hotness, experience, acting ability) he easily trumps Jung Yong Hwa and it would be a waste of his long-awaited return project to play second fiddle to Jung Yong Hwa. I also think the casting is correct based on the character descriptions for the two main leads. Since Jung Yong Hwa’s fans are relying on the same two basic arguments for giving him a chance (he’s only done two dramas and he works hard and maybe can improve), I’m game to check him out and see if he’s learned how to acting since Heartstrings.

I’m curious though, at what point does a fandom accept their beloved singer oppa/noona can’t act rather than constantly making excuses. For some reason, some fandoms are better than others. My stan Changmin is freaking gorgeous and I can stare at him for hours but he can’t act his way out of a paper box even with directional lights pointing to the exit. His fans are chill with folks pointing out he can’t act. Yunho is probably one of the worst actors on the planet Earth and I never see his fans defending him against critics. I also feel like Kim Hyun Joong‘s fandom has also come to the acceptance he can’t act.

I respect fandoms who can love their oppars and noonims wholeheartedly and still accept they can’t do certain things. Sing and shake their booty on stage, yes – act, no. So if Yong Hwa has had two tries, and he ends up sucking here as well, will there be a three strikes he’s out rule where his fans will be fine with folks stating that he can’t act and maybe should act anymore? I like him as a singer and honestly feel like he’s wasting his time and energy acting when he could become such a great singer and performer that even when one day CNBlue has run its course as a group he could still have a solo career. Think Justin Timberlake after ‘N Sync. Just my two cent career advice for him.

As for this drama,  I also love that it’s coming over a year after last year’s K-drama time-travel bonanza, which ran the gamut from super suck (Time Slip Dr. Jin) to suck (Faith) to somewhat suck (Rooftop Prince) to pretty good but ending sucked (Queen In Hyun’s Man). This year’s time-travel drama has only been Nine: Nine Time Travels and thankfully Future’s Choice sounds less dire and more bright and bubbly. My Yoon Eun Hye is coming back to dramaland with sex-on-legs Lee Dong Gun in a story that sounds interesting with a production team that I like! *faints from happiness* Hopefully this will wash away the bad taste in my mouth from that superficial melodramatic cheap shot that was Missing You.


The Cast of Future’s Choice is Confirmed with Yoon Eun Hye, Lee Dong Gun, and Jung Yong Hwa — 58 Comments

  1. I guess when a certain fandom sees some sort of hope/potential for their idol, they hold on to that hope, and say the same excuse everytime “he/she has room for improvement, give the person a chance”. With the idols that you mentioned, Yunho, Changmin and Hyun Joong I think it was very obvious from their first dramas that they kinda sucked (that’s putting it nicely), in Yong Hwa’s case people saw a glimmer of hope from his first project and people use that to defend him.

    Anyways, Yey for Lee Dong Gun comeback!

  2. Jung Yonghwa surely has more potential compared to Changmin, Yun Ho and Hyun Joong though. Probably why people are still up to give him a chance. I’ve watched both of his dramas and while I’ll admit he’s nothing brilliant in acting, I’d admit the boy has his moments. So I’ll look forward to this one and reserve any judgments for now. On a side note, loving the visuals in this drama.

    • What’s the point in saying he has more potential than people who are basically the worst actors ever? Surely we should be giving our support to people who actually have the talent to make a contribution to the industry instead of retroactively justifying their casting?

      • Wow. Chill. I’m a noona who just who just wants to enjoy her K- dramas. I’ll watch what pleases me, credit who deserves credit. To each his own. I see potential in the guy, you don’t, does that make my opinion invalid? Don’t sound like people can’t have opinions opposite as yours. Who are you anyway? *cringes at the elitism*

      • I could play fangirl bingo with the comment above mine – let’s see (paraphrasing below):

        ‘I have opinions! I’ll like what I like!’ – check
        ‘They are valid opinions! Just as valid as yours!’ – check
        ‘He’s not that bad/he has potential!’ – check
        ‘who are you to judge, anyway?’ – check
        ‘people who want actors to have some talent are elitist’ – check

        (and btw uhm, the word ‘opinion’ is not a get-out-of-jail-free card for plain old wrong or stupid arguments, just saying. I mean, some people used to be of the ‘opinion’ that the earth was flat.)

      • Totally agree. JYW should stop taking drama roles until after going to acting school. I think he’s being cast just so the dramas can have a built in audience of his fan girls. He was even bad in his small cameo in A Gentleman’s Dignity – defined “wooden”.

    • I´m not a fan of the guy but this is getting ridiculous: why is it controversial to state that he has potential anbd that some people actually look forward to him being cast in something? I really don´t get it..
      There are so many professional actors and actresses out there for whom acting is their main job and they still suck at it. Some get cast again and again because of their attractiveness even though they don´t get better at what they´re doing at all.
      Also, can anyone really say that most actors/actresses in e.g. family dramas are genuinely good? And still, they keep getting work..

      So it´s just not about being an idol and having a lot of fans though of course this might be of some help..

      • I don’t get it too. It’s really getting riduculous how when you think the guy has potential, you are automatically dumped into his pool of fangirls, as if you can’t have a valid opinion.

  3. Yonghwa should stick to do music, I have some CNblue songs in my ipod (i dont usually listen to kpop)
    he’s doing great from writing songs, playing instruments, singing, composing, etc.., even when his idol status comes to expiry, he’s got nothing to worry, he can be a music producer..

    People can’t have everything, I hope his fans and agency can understand that..

    • maybe many of them think not everyone can be G-Dragon..i has so much respect for GD not doing anything except music..still he is most popular idol-music producer to date..he even more popular than many actors out there

    • Seriously. I respect him as a musician, he’s one of the better ones in kpop and it is perfectly fine to stick to his strengths – he does have talent, it’s just not in the field of acting.

      • Same here. I happen to think he would be even better as a solo artist. I just wish he would stop trying to act. Some people have it, and some people don’t, and he is one of those who don’t. He’s just another guy that got acting gigs because he could sing and has a fanbase.

        He’s wooden in his movement and expression, his delivery is flat, he kisses like a slug…but he can sing! (Actually, he has one up on Taecyeon, there. Taecyeon just lets his abs do the singing.)

  4. Sorry Koala….but I LOVED Rooftop Prince….and Missing You wasnt that bad. I thought Jung Yon hwa was pretty good, considering it was his first role in You’re Beautiful, …..Heartstrings….not so much……but to each his own 😀

  5. I thougt jung yong hwa didn’t want to be second lead anymore??Remind me,that’s the reason he reject heirs…o_O

    • I think YongHwa doesnt want to be second lead with Lee Min Ho, but doesnt mind being to Lee Dong Gun -a more experienced actor. Also in that drama he rejected (‘The Heirs’), the female lead is Park Shin Hye, w/c he teamed-up in Heartstrings, wouldn’t it be awkward if he did this as second lead??? It’s like going back&forth w/ PSH and not moving forward. Thus maybe, this is a perfect choice for him now the ‘Future’s Choice’ if he wants to go further in his acting experience; being teamed-up w/ Yoon Eun Hye & Lee Dong Gun would be an honor and the best dream anyone could have. Good luck!

      • To that Kristine to this day I believe the decision to reject the role in ‘Heirs’ was totally unilateral from Yong Hwa’s management company. If the rumors we’re true that “he”(his agency) didn’t want to play second lead, then why take the second lead in Future Choice.

        The only reason why “YongHwa” (his agency) is going along with being the second lead to Lee Dong Gun is because both belong to the same agency FNC entertainment. That been said when one door closes a window opens because this is a wonderful opportunity to work with very experience and talented cast, production team and crew.

        About his acting ability I really can’t said much because I only have watch Your Beautiful and it was ok for a first timer, whether he can rise above well I like to reserve judgement.

  6. Glad that Lee Dong Gun is actually the male lead instead of Yonghwa, not that I hate him in fact I really like Yonghwa but I just think that Lee Dong Gun might portrayed the role well instead of him. Anyway, looking forward to this drama 😀

  7. LDG my long time crush ever since Lovers in Paris and Sweet 19. Wow, almost a decade! Hope this time he will portray a very cool and sweet guy who will swept YEH’s char off her feet!

  8. Gosh, hot &sexy Lee Dong Gun is back. (I hope really back!) And the most interesting comeback to team-up with Yoon Eun Hye! I always thought they are perfect together (singing duets in CF), really hope compatible too on-screen. Can’t wait for this pair to rock the small screen!!! Seeing from comments related to this and YongHwa’s strong fanbase, the love triangle should be pretty exciting. Interesting enough too, all these three are singers. Thinking about it, this is a perfect rock&roll combo on the small screen. Good luck to them! Fighting!

  9. Jung yong Hwa – here’s your chance 🙂 I think this sounds like a perfect role for him. I was not impressed with either of his first two outings but three times could be in the charm. I want him to show us improvement and I hope the script is good. I am not a fan girl of his but I am willing to give him a chance and I hope he Can come through.

    Same with the two leads. They all need to bring it. 🙂

  10. Excited about the chemistry of LDG and YEH…

    But really Koala, Missing You was NOT cheap at all…heavy melodrama, yes, but a solidly written story that even Korean drama bloggers in praised…

  11. I’m indifferent to Yonghwa – he didn’t bother me in You’re Beautiful and I actually enjoyed Heartstrings’ story. But OMG, YAYYYYYY for LDG! Been waiting for his comeback project and I’ve been wanting to see him and YEH work together for so long.

    Also didn’t know that it’s the TK2H writer so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this won’t disappoint.

  12. This sounds much better than her last drama “I miss you.” I couldn’t finish that drama. Don’t know the lead guy but I hope they have chemistry.

  13. This actually sounds like a two season internet show on Hulu called Dating Rules from my Future Self. There were two seasons with two different girls and there were about 15 episodes total with each episode around 10 minutes. The concept was that the first girl invented an app in the future that allowed her to communicate via texts and eventually facetime with her past self to stop her from dating a bad guy and ruining her life.

  14. I cannot wait for this drama…my girl YEH is back with an exciting script and 2 gorgeous men!

    In fact October sounds very exciting for dramaland…

    Mirae’s choice;

    Suspicious housekeeper;

    Ha Ji Won’s sageuk: I’m not really a fan of the genre but for Joo Jin Mo…. I’ll watch…now… that’s what I call a sexy man!

    Then you have Heirs: with all its cheeseness and flower boys…some of who can actually act!

    Medical Top Team: with solid actors and my long time crush and amazing actor Joo Jihun back in primetime!

    October…where are thou?

  15. I’m ok with her in MY and i thought she will decline this Future… and pick a more challenging roles for her next acting project. But i guess she’s back again from her “comfort zone” kind of dramas. Oh well.. i just wish her luck..

    • And that is how the rumors start. He hasn’t had any surgeries done, he’s been making public apperances pretty much once a week through their world and zepp tours all year and he looks the same as always o.O

      • I don’t see any surgery either. He seems to have gained weight in the last year or so and his face has filled out a lot so he does look different in that respect.

        Dude is not an actor that’s for sure. Unless he’s had some acting lessons in between all the recording and touring I’m not expecting a huge difference. The only thing that could change is if the character is written as closer to his true personality.

  16. So excited to see Yoon EH again.One of my favorite actresses.She looks good next to main lead actor.As for the young guy,i dont get it why I read too many articles about his acting ability.Is he the only one on planet Earth who can not act?

  17. Yay I’m really looking forward to Yoon Eun Hye coming back onto the small screen! I know she’s growing as an actress and I’m excited to see how this new drama goes! I’m curious as to how she and Lee Dong Gun are gonna work out though because I can’t reallyy see them together as a couple for some reason…But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

  18. I watched Your Are Beautiful because of Jang Keun Suk and fell in love with Yonghwa’s character, somewhere in the middle I started up cheering him on to get the girl more than JKS. Like someone else said up there maybe we want to give him a chance because we saw potential. I agree with everyone that he is best at music and actually him filiming this drama while their world tour is still going might just be too much for the boy but if he is willing to give it a go and the production company had enough faith in him to give him the role, why not as an audience give him a chance as well? He is not the lead so just give him a chance as a supporting role and let’s just see how he does.

    All that aside, the storyline seems interesting, I read that it is going to be a melodrama but it sounds more like a romantic comedy to me so I’m hoping that it will be a romantic comedy, I think that fits all three of them better. Anywho, can’t wait to see it.

  19. I think the real reason behind your ‘war’ with (some of) YH’s fans is because you said in one of your article that his Heirs withdrawal was because He doesn’t want to play second lead anymore, insulting his ‘humble’ persona. Ever since that they take your snarks as personal.
    That’s my personal opinion, though.

    • i agree with you. as a fan, i admit i am not a fan for his acting, but just like what others say i too saw some potential in him. how he delivers lines and body movements is awkward but his eyes are definitely expressive thats why i saw some hope. and what makes me irritate is the article before bashing his personality, insulting him for “humble” personality which fans and non-fans (i think) know for him. i think thats why most fans defends him because of previous article. the reason behind his withdrawal in heirs will remain a mystery.

      • sorry but i watch cnblue mv for “feel good” and i have to said his eyes definitely not expressive..

  20. Wow, I waited long for this to happen. YEH and LDG as leads in this drama. Though, I have not seen any of LDG’s dramas or movies but I have heard that he is a good and experienced actor. Can’t wait to watch this drama. No matter what had been said about the drama I Miss You, for me it is still my favorite……

    • Lee Dong Gun’s last drama is ‘When It’s at Night’ (2008) w/ Kim Sun Ah. Check it out, he’s really sexy and one hot man in there. I actually find him sexier, better actor and more manly than Hyun Bin. So that should spark some interest in you! Omo, can’t wait to see YEH & LDG love-pairing on screen!!!

  21. I don’t really mind about the two male leads..I’m “in” on this drama cause of my favorite actress YOON EUN HYE..

    • This is really good news man!!!! YEH and LDG as leads hehehe!!” LDG oppa, I miss you soooo much. I am so glad you are returning to the small screen. I look forward to your latest drama with my fave actress YEH. Luv you both hehehe….

  22. I fell in love with Yoon Eun Hye when I warched Lie To Me. She is such a gorgeous looking actress and I find her acting very natural. I begin to love her very much I look forward to all her dramas. Can’ t wait for her latest with Lee Dong Gun. Hope to see her in more dramas. Saranghae Yoon Eun Hye

  23. I’m so thrilled I can see YEH’s face again on TV, I miss her so much and hopefully this drama will bring her acting prowess, either comedy or drama. She is just absolutely my favorite and she can portray any kind of roles. I read too she will have black hair for this project and curious how she will look like in dark hair. Getting excited.

    • This is really exciting that YEH and LDG are back to small screen. I heard that it would be an interesting story. I hope this pair would turn the screen upside down with great chemistry. Waiting anxiously………..

  24. I am glad that Lee Dong Gun is the lead male role and I am looking
    forward the chemistry of Yoon Eun Hye & Lee Dong Gun, well see how
    it gosh…Looking forward to see this drama!… Cheers!.

  25. I hope the story of the drama is really great that will improve more the acting ability of the 3 main leads. Sometimes, there are episodes that could be dragging and boring and sometimes, the ending won’t satisfy the taste of the viewers. So, it’s better to have both to go together ( better acting and great story line) to have a balance and will really mesh well. Good luck to all the casts! Especially YEH. Really want her to get back to her feet and get a big gong like Goong, vineyard man and most ESP coffee prince where she got best actress trophies and top excellent actress. A big record of YEH!

  26. Okay not the lead man, the second man again? whatever he still young, do the best yong,you can’t do it !! This your great chance !! Do your best even you not join to school acting ._. This is because the agency really love money..Why fnc so ev*l, yoon eun hye is my favourite actress too she’s so natural in acting and he’s face is so cute and pretty, yonghwa is so lucky he can act with her, can learn from her maybe.. Can wait !! October please quicky ~

  27. I am very much excited over YEH and LDG to lead Future’s Choice. Wow, this sounds interesting…. It is really nice to see YEH on screen again. I hope she would put her all into this project… LDG oppa, I would love to see your performance with my best actress YEH…. I .look forward to the great CHEMISTRY….. Fingers crossed!!

  28. You thought the ending of Queen In Hyun’s Man sucked? That’s interesting. I’ve read some criticisms of its end as a little gimmicky in the deus ex machina sense (I could offer a counter to that), but although I can see why some feel let down a bit, you’re the first to be so doljikgu about it. I’d love to know what it was about the ending that made you feel that way.

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