Choi Jin Hyuk is a Dreamboat Groom for Marie Claire Korea Weddings Issue

I really can’t complain that Choi Jin Hyuk is everywhere these days thanks to his meteoric rise to stardom after toiling for years as the second or third male lead in K-dramas. I like but don’t love him, but his just released photo spread as a groom in the pages of Marie Claire Korea wedding edition is seriously like a chocolate covered carrot and me a bunny. Gimme gimme gimme! Good lord do I love a man in formal wear, and by jove this man looks phenomenal in a tux. I especially love that these pictures are all black and white and so old-school in poses and mood. When Choi Jin Hyuk first started his career, he went by his real name Kim Tae Ho, but a few years ago he changed his career name to Choi Jin Hyuk, right around the time he worked in It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl with Moon Chae Won and Donghae. Asians can be quite superstitious with the auspiciousness of a name and I’ve personally known folks who legally changed their names at some point due to a fortune teller’s suggestion or just the thought that it could change their luck in life. For Choi Jin Hyuk, it clearly didn’t hurt since his career was on a pretty steady but slow rise after he changed his name, and then Gu Family Book with a secondary character of the Gumiho Daddy turned out to be the big break of a lifetime. I actually thought he deserved his big break after I Need Romance but it didn’t quite happen for him there. Now that he’s part of the sprawling cast for the highly anticipated Heirs, and playing an adult role and not quite needing to tussle with the rich high school kid characters of the rest of the cast, he might just get another chance to steal a bit of the spotlight. I didn’t love his character in GFB (Daddy Gumiho feel for a pretty girl on sight and got his immortal life screwed over) but I recall loving his character in INR. I’m also thrilled he gets his own love line with a favorite of mine Im Joo Eun, and I’m hoping their characters get married at the end of the drama so we can get the treat of seeing Choi Jin Hyuk wear a wedding tux in action.


Choi Jin Hyuk is a Dreamboat Groom for Marie Claire Korea Weddings Issue — 13 Comments

  1. Why oh why did he not get the girl in I need Romance?!?!?!!? I am still angry about that. I know I should let it go, but . . . (grrr)

    • Glad to know I was not the only one upset she choosed the ex. Everyone keeps saying that it was ok because both characters “grew” to appreciate each other. All I kept thinking was a cheater will always be a cheater given the chance.

  2. GFB was a joke but I do appreciate that it made me sit up and take notice of some of the second leads – namely, the fine specimen up there (who does a really good line in being adorable+hot) and Lee Yoo Bi (who acted so many circles around the actual female lead, Suzy should be dizzy from just watching her lol). We won’t talk about the waste of Sung Joon here…

  3. *dead* Rhat is one fiiiiiiiiine man!

    I love this guy. He’s one of the selected few K-actors that I’ve always rooted for. I’m so glad he got his chance to shine in GFB!

    The only reason I might possibly watch “Heirs” is seeing him and Im Joo Eun (an actress that I LOVE to pieces) as a couple. Now I’m praying to Buda that these two become a really popular on-screen couple so that they might get cast as leads in a future drama.

    • I with you here. I would love to see a show where these two were together as the main couple. I’m fanning myself at the thought. Plus they would probably make me laugh out loud as well.

  4. I’m not a fan of the photos (except the first one which is slightly better); the bow-ties are ridiculous and the suits seem to be in dire need of ironing. How they managed to make this gorgeous man look fugly is beyond me.

  5. After I read he was upset everytime his juniors looked him down on set because they were more famous than him, makes me think which junior he was talking about.

    Is it Donghae that he worked two times on a roll? He is more famous and have bigger fanbase thanks to SJ… so I wonder. There is no way he talked about LSG and etc… wonder which arrogant junior he was talking about. Ugh.

  6. The voice on this man…I’m probably among the minority in believing that INR ended the way I thought it would, b/c in the CJH’s character was asking not for the female lead to mature, but rather to lie about who she was. I’ve loved him since I saw him in Pasta, but he was so adorable in Panda and Hedgehog, and pretty cool in GFB.

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