Kang Ha Neul and Kim Ji Won Arrive on Set of Heirs and Additional Elders Cast

As the train keeps on chugging along for Those Who Wear the Crown, Withstand the Weight: The Heirs, including getting a clunky English title of Heritors, the huge cast is basically trickling into filming one by one. I’m sure the media will be parked at Incheon airport on September 3rd when the main leads head to LA for filming, and diligent fans in LA should be waiting at the Bradley arrivals terminal at LAX the same day evening to greet their arrival. I’m been itching to rewatch the recently finished teen music drama Monstar and hopefully this time around I can stop gushing over the amazing debut drama performance of BEAST’s Yong Jun Hyung and give a little bit more love to second male lead Kang Ha Neul. He has a lovely set of pipes and I hope his character is also a closet musician – think Ji Hoo sunbae from Boys Before Flowers playing the violin. Who wouldn’t melt when Kang Na Neul sings? He released the first picture of him in the role of Lee Hyo Shin who is a member of the Z4 group of alpha males at the high school – he’s the son of the Chief Prosecutor and a year older than the rest of the characters in the man cast. He has a one-sided crush on female teacher Jeon Hyun Joo played by Im Joo Eun, who has a loveline with Choi Jin Hyuk’s older brother character Kim Won. Bummer for Kang Na Neul, though I hope he doesn’t spend most of his time just silently pining for Im Joo Eun.

The unrequited crush-on-teacher thing when done with Jung Yong Hwa’s character in Heartstrings was terribly dull and isn’t a fave of mine since it comes off as pointless and a waste of time. Another main lead arrived on set today as well and its Kim Ji Won who has now officially confirmed that she’s playing fiancée Rachel Ryu. Yay for the final piece of the puzzle fitting in. She posted an adorable selca sporting bangs for her style as Rachel, and I must say she looks positively gorgeous! It’s going to be so hard to hate on her Rachel, but she’s a good actress and I’m looking forward to her bitching her way through the drama. Finally, a couple more elders join this cast. SBS must love having Kim Mi Kyung handy since she’s in The Master’s Sun right now and she’ll be playing Park Shin Hye’s mother in this drama, the deaf housekeeper for the uber-rich Kim family that owns the Empire Group. I luff her! And to borrow some more from Kim Eun Sook’s own Secret Garden, Park Joon Geum (who played the hell mother of Hyun Bin’s Kim Joo Won in SG) will be playing the wife of the Chairman of the Empire Group who is currently living apart from him, while he cohabits with Kim Tan’s mom played by Kim Sung Ryung. God this drama is so complicated.

I love Kim Ji Won’s hairstyle in this drama! She makes me want to break my decade long ban on bangs. I swear Kim Ji Won looks even more like the different parent sibling of Kim Tae Hee and Ji Yeon of T-ara with this hairstyle.

Above are three of the major mommy character actors for this drama. I hope the older female characters have important things to do in this drama other than bitch or suffer over their kids.


Kang Ha Neul and Kim Ji Won Arrive on Set of Heirs and Additional Elders Cast — 12 Comments

  1. My Kang Ha Neul! Mine mine mine ( seagulls from Finding Nemo)!!! His hair looks weird, too puffy on top. I’m starting to think his part is going to be extra small in this drama. Which I guess will be ok, we want his face out there so he can get bigger and better parts.
    The excitement for this show has reach volcano levels. Last time I was expecting a drama this much was Flower boy next door. Which I liked, but was not in love with. I just hope am not deeply disappointed.

  2. I love Kim Mi Kyung! She’s incredibly underrated and talented. She’s definitely my one of my favorite older actresses. Park Joon Geum on the other hand, is usually always the same type of character. But I guess she’s got it down?

  3. There’s no need for you to drag yonghwa’s name in this article. obviously, u r hating yonghwa to the core. Whenever you write his name there’s so much hate i can’t even imagine where it is coming from. The boy don’t deserve that.
    if you hate his fangirls, hate them but spare the boy.

  4. I really want to be interested in this drama. I love most of the people who have been cast in this show. I love the actresses playing the moms. They have so much clout and so much class even when they are in bad shows, they are still really good. Why can’t I get interested? I should be interested just for the clothes–even the shoes- alone. You know there has to be some major fashion going on when EVERYONE is a chaebol. But still. I cannot get excited.

    • Mark my word……you will be the one definitely enjoying it……..because of this very reason of not being excited. There is so much of everything that it should satisfy everyone to some degree.

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