Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young Back with All Smiles From Their Engagement Picture Spain Trip

Well well well, look who’s back from a quick jaunt to Spain and looking even happier then when they were leaving. Affianced acting couple Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young arrived at Incheon airport yesterday quite like a newlywed couple back from their honeymoon. They went all out on the couple wear and it was adorable – matching grey hoodies, jeans, boots, and sunglasses. I almost want to say they are making up for lost time having dated in relative secrecy for the entirety of their 6 year relationship. The media was waiting for this famous couple’s return and they were accosted upon exiting the baggage claim and tailed all the way to their waiting vehicle. But both were in the happiest of moods and cheerfully waved to the photographers, all the while holding hands like a teenage couple worried the other would get lost. I said they were positively beaming like newlyweds back from a honeymoon, and they probably treated this short trip to Spain to take engagement pictures like that. Especially since their real honeymoon will have to wait until November when Ji Sung wraps his soon-to-air melodrama Secret. If I were his cast mates Hwang Jung Eum, Bae Soo Bin, and Lee Da Hee, I’d totally give Ji Sung a hard time when he returns to the set. They are toiling away on those interminable long hours for drama filming, and under pretty intense conditions since this drama is all about betrayal and revenge, so it’s not exactly happy times on the set. And for the last few days, their leading man is gallivanting around Spain with his beautiful fiancee and enjoying life. Ji Sung owes the rest of the cast for holding down the fort, but now he’s got to dive right back in because Secret is just two weeks away from airing. Yikes! The media is reporting that Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young’s wedding will be a very small family-oriented affair with only 300 guests and very few entertainment friends of theirs. They wanted to celebrate it with their closest family and friends and not expand it into a red carpet celebrity guest affair. I’m glad they know what they want and get to make it happen with all their success in the industry after so many years of hard work. I’m really so happy for them and its been a pleasure watching them finally show their love and happiness to the world. Can’t wait to check out the engagement pictures, and of course, their pictures from their wedding day.


Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young Back with All Smiles From Their Engagement Picture Spain Trip — 13 Comments

  1. “a very small family-oriented […] 300 guests”

    LOL, my brother had a very small family-oriented wedding and we were less than 30.

  2. I adore this couple, so sooo much. I have grown to love them even more when they announced their engagement. Unlike other celebrity relationships, I find their love story heartwarming and their behaviour really classy. Congratulations Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young. May you have a long, blessed and happy life together and lots of beautiful babies.

    Now, I hope that when they say, “small, family-oriented wedding”, it doesn’t mean that Lee Jong Seuk will not be invited. He should be considered family, right? He’s her dongsaeng and his noona!!!

    • From what I read in an interview Jong Suk knew about it before it was announced. Lee Bo Young told him,it was a secret between them on the set and she ask him to take time off his busy schedule on her wedding day. She even had him talk to Ji Sung.

      • Was that on an interview? I also remember I read that LBY asked LJS to come to her wedding…..

  3. I have for so long wanted to be this couple’s best friend!!! Now I know why. Special wedding invite.

    Weddings, weddings everywhere. Bae Soo Bin is getting married in September, right? Do you think Ji Sung said, “Hey, I leave now and you leave later, so our PD doesn’t have a heart attack?”

    I am glad that several of the cast members are going to happy offscreen occassions to balance out the makjang that this show is going to be. And all my Temptation of An Angel friends knows that Bae Soo Bin can do revenge like nobody’s business.

  4. Lee Bo-Young has always been low-key about her private life and prefers to keep a low profile when she’s not working. She’s a homebody and a bookworm with an easy-going and grounded personality.

    Ji Sung and Park Sol-Mi’s relationship was rather high profile back in the day. The details about how their relationship ended weren’t exactly clear-cut. There were queries about whether there was any overlapping between the timelines of Ji Sung’s two relationships. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why Ji Sung felt that it was best not to be so open and visible about this relationship. Coincidentally, Park Sol-Mi and Han Jae-Suk got married earlier this year in April. It’s great that both Park and Ji found suitable significant others and are set to be blissfully happy for the rest of their lives.

  5. Love them.

    I find it refreshing that even though they knew they’d be swamped by photographers upon their return, they just look like regular peeps and didn’t try to be fashionistas. A smile radiating genuine happiness is the best thing one can wear, right?

  6. psh 6 years of dating? They look like a couple of giddy teenagers in the first few stages of dating. They are so adorable. Wishing them happiness!

  7. I am loving this couple more and more. They really value marriage at the right time and with only the sincere people around them. They are both hard worker, pure,and simple. Lee Bo Young is my favorite she is very down to earth. Ji Sung please take care of her. Love is always in the air when I see this couple.

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