The First Official Cast Stills Dial Up the Interest for Medical Top Team

I have a long and fruitful love/boredom relationship with medical K-dramas. I’ve marathoned quite a few, but by and large the genre basically tells me to stay away. Those of you who read my blog know my real profession, so I am clearly not a doctor who would likely burst a blood vessel in rage when watching K-dramas completely slander and massacre their profession without the slightest modicum of reality. I can handle that because I don’t look at blood and guts for a living. But there is a reason why I eschewed med school for….my whatever school….because I didn’t want to be looking at blood and guts for a living. So why would I watch a K-drama all about it? Truth be told, a good medical K-drama seamlessly blends the medical emergencies with the typical love triangles and interpersonal angst, so it’s more like a side job than the main deal. But then I ask myself why even bother. Last year was the first time I went the entire 12 months without checking out a single medical drama, and this year I’ve done a good job of staying away, but Medical Top Team is enticing me despite all my reservations about the plot and the cast. I’m not a fan of any of the main leads from Kwon Sang Woo, Jung Ryeo Won, Joo Ji Hoon, Oh Yeon Seo, MIn Ho of SHINEE, or Alex. But conversely none of them turn me off, so this drama fits into one of those weird in-between moments where I can be hooked if there is just the right hook. The first stills have been released of four of the main leads and consider my interest piqued. First is Kwon Sang Woo, who I always associated with beefy bravado, but his still above is seriously lovely. I don’t know if its the hairdo, or he’s lost some of his muscle, but he looks young and bright and less smarmy. I like. I’ve not seen Kwon Sang Woo look this good in…..ever? The stills of Jung Ryeo Won continue her trend of delivering the quirky goods, and Oh Yeon Seo does a serviceable job of being a bright newbie in the team. But I seriously died laughing at Min Ho’s stills because he looks like a robot. A bona fide perfect specimen of controlled emotion, and I don’t think he meant to convey that. Ah Min Do, still showing me he hasn’t learned acting between the time from To the Beautiful You until now. This drama has pretty solid production expertise behind it – the PD did the lovely but stupidย The Moon Embraces the Sun while the screenwriter was behind Brain and Master of Study. This drama takes over the time slot from Two Weeks on MBC Wed-Thurs which means it goes head-to-head with Heirs (Heritors). Don’t think Heirs will automatically win the ratings battle, remember that youth-themed dramas have been tanking for the last few years whereas the currently airing medical drama Good Doctor is handily winning the Mon-Tues ratings battle. Anything can happen which makes it even more interesting come October.


The First Official Cast Stills Dial Up the Interest for Medical Top Team — 11 Comments

  1. We all know that you attended an Arts School with a specialization in Asian movie industry. And that your current position is of a tour guide of a zoo playground where international visitors get to learn a lot! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Here’s my own take on this drama:
    – Kwon Sang Woo? One word comes to mind; lisp. Wonder whether he had it corrected with the help of a speech therapist or he keeps it as his (cute?) trademark.
    – Jung Ryeo Won? One of my fave actresses out there. And a very nice person to hang out with in real life.
    – Min Ho? A robot indeed. Although he’s like a dreamy son-in-law for a Korean mom because of his social background and upbringing but he should learn how to let loose a bit. Onscreen, I mean.
    – Oh Yeon Seo? Ever since her “scandal” with her actor boyfriend while being MBLAQ’s Joon’s spouse in WGM, she does not seem to me like the best pro out there in acting and managing the mess.

    • But don’t you feel bad for these people that have to hide real relationships to bolster fake ones? I know I know, she is paid for what she signs up to do and should stick to the contract…Still the heart wants what the heart wants. And LJW is adorable, I wouldn’t want to turn him down.

      • The reveal of her relationship with LJW was very poorly handled and that’s my main gripe with her and her management team. It has deeply affected MBLAQ’s Lee Joon who’s got enough problems on his own to deal with such blow. The “betrayal” and ensuing shenanigans over whether they should keep being a couple in the show didn’t help.
        I do feel bad for celebrities having to hide their real love life, in order to keep or boost their popularity but many have managed to keep it low-key. For instance I know for a fact that a current WGM “husband” has been in a serious relationship for several years now but both he and his girlfriend are used to this kind of things now.

    • Jung Ryeo Won is one of my favourite actresses too! ๐Ÿ˜€ So I can’t wait for this drama. I don’t remember seeing Oh Yeon Seo in anything, I know her last drama was popular, but I haven’t watched it. I don’t think we should doubt her professionalism though because of something from her personal life- so what if she had a bf? I doubt Joon from mblaq cared at all honestly…

      • Lee Joon did not have any feelings for her whatsoever. But the leaking of her being in a relationship with someone else made him look very poorly to viewers. WGM is supposed to paint people in a rather positive image and make them popular. Thus the scandal eventually did not help Lee Joon and it certainly did not help Oh Yeon Seo nor LJW.

        Have you seen JRW’s performance in Finding Mr Kim? One of her best acting role, imo.

  2. Oh, I will be watching. Medical dramas, blooooood, guts, brain matter and all, call to me. If, that is, the acting is bearable. Thinking of Brain, ALL the acting wasn’t good, but SHK made that show for me.

    BTW, I will guess you didn’t enjoy OB/Gyn, where one of the episodes was entitled “Blood.”

    Not a KSW fan, but if he plays a jerk, that’ll work for me.

    I do love Alex – I just realized that since I have been listening to Classiquai’s “She Is” just about daily since I watched MKIKSS back in the day, it is HIS voice that I associate the most with my love for K-dramas. Plus – he is so cute in Pasta. Even if he just plays a side dish here, it’ll be nice to see him.

    One thing I liked about the romance in Brain is they gave the women active roles in developing the relationship. I hope that happens in this show, too.

  3. I just remembered how openly I declared that I never thought a doctor as handsome as THT could be skilled – this of course is as bad as saying a doctor as tall as Yao Ming couldn’t be skilled, or a doctor as ugly as this ugly guy I know couldn’t be that skilled.

    Still as young and beautiful as Minho – I would be so flustered during the 15 second meetings with him as my doctor. My face would flush and heartbeat speed up – and he would know!! How embarrassing.

  4. Hmmm…I’m not sure if Good Doctor is doing well because of the medical theme…I think it has more to do with the 3 main characters/actors lol. But I am addicted to it nevertheless.

    I really like Jung Ryeo Won so I will check it out for her and Minho, who is adorbs but you’re right…can’t act to save his life lol

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