Pouty Lipped Yoon Eun Hye and Ha Yeon Soo Become September Vogue Ladies

September is the annual Big Issue for fashion magazines and nothing is heftier as a paper weight than Vogue. I’m appreciating that the most mainstream high brow fashion magazine isn’t always tossing edgy photo spreads at the readers and expecting us to be wowed because its so avant garde. I want just very pretty, is that so hard? Which is why I’m super pleased with the September issues of Vogue Korea and its baby sister magazine Vogue Girl Korea for featuring two actresses who could pass as sisters. A-lister Yoon Eun Hye dons Theory’s fall/winter line for the pages of Vogue shot in a studio, while newbie and fast rising actress Ha Yeon Soo visits Hong Kong and traipses around the SoHo district in the pages of Vogue Girl. I both love spreads, and I adore both ladies. Do I need to point out the most obvious similarity of their very luscious full-mouthed pouts? Up next for Yoon Eun Hy is the K-drama Future’s Choice (Mi Rae’s Choice after the name of the heroine main character) along with Lee Dong Gun and Jung Yong Hwa. I’m happy she took it because it sounds like a female-centric concept and I liked writer Hong Jin Ah’s last drama The King 2 Hearts (which was co-written with her sister). And directing is female PD Kwon Kye Hong, so we have a woman directing a script written by a woman and featuring the main character of a woman getting a chance to re-do her life by time traveling back and making different choices? This one sounds like a chance worth taking for Yoon Eun Hye and maybe we’ll get another rare K-drama with a interesting and well-written female lead character. Ha Yeon Soo is coming off a popular youth music drama Monstar and moving right into the tvN sitcom Sweet Potato Like Potato Star 2013QR3 with Yeo Jin Goo, who was last seen as the younger counterpart in Yoon Eun Hye’s last drama Missing You. I’m never surprised about these 3-degrees of separation in K-dramas anymore. I hope these two get to play sisters one day because that would be believable and adorable.


Pouty Lipped Yoon Eun Hye and Ha Yeon Soo Become September Vogue Ladies — 20 Comments

  1. Love them both, though I don’t really think they look alike, but they do have slightly similar teeth. Though the new-gen actress who looks most like she shares YEH’s gene pool is Jung So-min, I would die of joy if they did a movie together.

    • I totally agree. Especially when you compare how YEH looked in Goong to how JSM looked in Playful Kiss. I hope they can do a drama together. I like the both of them.

  2. Yoon Eun Hye… gorgeous as always. 😀 Not so excited about her new drama though but I won’t judge before I’ve seen the first teasers. 🙂

  3. I really don’t think that one has to go to the Past in order to improve one’s Future. We can start it right now, in the Present! 🙂 So, the plot already sounds ‘meh’ to me 🙁

  4. to me if I find it interesting if there was a method to change something about our past, some say that phrase as if I could go back and change or do this or that. I really would like to know what would happen, it would bring consequences, no doubt I’ll see this drama and I have really wanted to be addressed as the plot, because if they do it well will really impressive.

    By the way Mr koala thank you very much for the article and the beautiful photographs of YEH, and I can not wait for his return.

  5. LOVING Yoon Eun-hye’s hair color here, and make up shades.

    I am never in like with the orangey shades of hair and red lipsticks she often sports …. (to me anyway) those shades sometimes wash her out and makes her look tired, or too bubble-gum Jpopish.

  6. ha yeon soo looks gorgeous in this pictorial. i dont think they look alike. as someone else pointed out above, jung so min and YEH really look alike. thanks for the beautiful pics. love in particular the pic of HYS walking looking up to the camera above her.

  7. As a YEH fan I’m very much looking forward to Mirae’s choice, but it will also be interesting to compare it with Shiri Appleby’s webseries “Dating Rules From My Future Self” of which it sounds like a remake of sorts.

  8. Both ladies look stunningly beautiful. I love the close-up shot of YEH in the pics. She looks like a doll. I really love her and so excited to have her on screen again. Just can’t wait! Thnx koala for the news and pocs….

  9. I would like to buy the magazine but I’m pretty sure it is in Korean language. I’ll buy it just for souvenir, just how I like YEH very much. She has this timeless beauty, nothing changed, she still the same when I first saw her photos 8 years ago. And I’m excited of her new drama, I want to see her on small screen again, it makes me excited to come home from work and watch her every week.

  10. YEH has an outstanding aura that you could not explain. She’s beautiful whether she wears make-up or not,whether her front teeth is crooked. I even wish Vogue Korea will take pictures of her without make-up to show her real beauty. It will be more outstanding!

    • That’s why I like her Road to Hope special in Madagascar – no glossy makeup, just the real, beautiful Yoon Eun Hye. And I hope she NEVER gets those impossibly cute teeth “fixed” – long may she stay just as she is, beautiful inside and out.

  11. I have loved watching YEH since first came across her in the drama ‘Goong’. It does not matter if its a commercial, event, magazine spread or a drama ……she has that indescribable aura that is uniquely her own. For me, she will remain one of the two stars I always look forward to watching.

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