Chris Wu Reunites with King Flower Co-star Lene Lai for a Skincare Event in Taipei

The snark would be through the roof for this post but for the fact that any public appearance by the notoriously low key Chris Wu is like water for a thirsty traveler, plus the fact that he’s in on the joke so that’s kinda refreshing. Those of you who watched King Flower (Substitute Princess aka Jin Da Hua’s Extravagant Adventure) with me for the first half of the year witnessed a rather cultish experience for those folks rabidly addicted despite knowing the drama was all sorts of nonsensical. It was all the Chris Wu show, and it’s been three months since the drama ended but I still find myself randomly re-watching Terry scenes whenever the mood strikes. I love his character of Terry/Ouyang Tai, and his performance was nothing short of a miracle in elevating silliness into the sublime. Chris reappeared this week for a promotional event at a major department store in Taipei, and for those of you who watched KF and remember the insane amounts of product placement will get a kick out of this – he was there for a Clarisonic event! Ahahahahaha, I can’t even. Even better for the irony – Lene Lai who played Terry’s secretary Kai Le in KF was also there (along with another Taiwanese model actress Sarah Wang). I have no problems seeing Chris with two statuesque beauties hanging off either arm, but seeing Chris must bring back terrible memories for Lene since her character was supposed to be in love with Terry in KF but she got completely written off the drama mid-way through as the story went through the re-write blender and emerged a completely different tale. I feel bad for Lene on principle, but her acting is like Medusa, one look and you freeze she’s so bad, ergo I can’t really say I wasn’t relieved to get a reprieve from her stiff-as-a-zombie emoting and line readings once she was written off. For this event, Chris admitted he had to use the product once he was a spokesperson and thank god he can use it at home in the shower since as a guy it’s not exactly something he would wave around. When asked if he would buy it for a girlfriend, Chris laughed and said of course, he HAS a girlfriend and he already bought it for her. Oh god, I didn’t need that reminder since I conveniently forgot he recently admitted to be totally taken. Chris has actually been busy with the promotions for his indie movie Star of Bethlehem as well as filming a new drama with Ella. I can’t wait to start getting official goodies from that drama! Until then, these pictures will do and I’m glad I already own a Clarisonic so I’m not tempted to buy another. Because Chris can pretty much sell me anything.

Interview with Chris Wu at the Clarisonic Event:


Chris Wu Reunites with King Flower Co-star Lene Lai for a Skincare Event in Taipei — 6 Comments

  1. Omg, what did he do with the hair?? It makes him look so much older; I really hope he doesn’t sport that in his next drama. It’s cute that he’s matching attires with the two ladies though. Orange and white… its like its planned – or maybe it is 😛

  2. This is now going to be a good day because Chris Wu was in it. Thanks, Captain Koala. I love him in hte orange (almost as much as the purple sweater).

  3. Is it me or did Chris lose a lot of weight? He sorta lost his healthy glow and Lene looks like she just pulled off an all nighter as well.

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