Cosmo Korea Rounds Up 13 Rising Male Stars To Discuss Love and Dating

Sometimes fashion magazines send famous stars to far flung places for a photo shoot, spending lots of travel moolah but forgetting to actually incorporate the pretty location into the pictures. Cosmopolitan Korea decided to focus on the flower and not the leaves for its September edition featuring lots of young, talented, up-and-coming musicians and actors. Or for many of these guys, they wear both hats. To celebrate the magazine’s 13th anniversary, it rounded up the following 13 cutie pies: Taecyeon of 2PM, Kim Ji Suk, Kim Woo Bin, Verbal Jint, Park Ki Woong, Seo Ha Joon, No Min Woo, Choi Jin Hyuk, Kim Gi Ri, Go Kyung Pyo, Song Jae Rim, Jinwoon of 2AM and BEAST‘s Yong Jun Hyung. The pictorial is titled “The top 13 most wanted celebrities to go on a date with”. Each of these guys were asked about how they date and what kind of woman each of looking for. Somewhere out there, fangirls are crazily scribbling down notes. They were also asked to make a hidden confession and here are some highlights. Jun Hyung can’t hide it when he falls for a girl and everyone around him knows he belongs to her, Jinwoon wants his woman to prioritize family and drives a big car, Park Ki Woong is attracted to a woman who charms him, Choi Jin Hyuk nicknames his girlfriend and secretly likes to pretend to be a cat, Taecyeon is super nervous around a girl he likes and can’t even look at her in the eye, and Kim Woo Bin finds a girl with a big smile super sexy. Somehow none of these confessions surprise me, these guys are all just super adorable in real life.


Cosmo Korea Rounds Up 13 Rising Male Stars To Discuss Love and Dating — 11 Comments

  1. I think I’m too old since they all are not looking like men for me. They look like starving little boys. Send them to army and maybe then we talk again ;).

    • Funny. I second that and who wants a man who spends more time in front of the mirror than you do and it is always a or the curling iron.

  2. Yay for this post! When I saw the giant picture of Park Ki-woong, of course I had to click the heading. I will never not fail to be impressed by his acting in Gaksital.

    • that’s right although this should be ‘old’ news to junhyung stalkers like you and I :). I love it that he is someone who can’t hide how he feels.

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