Written Preview for Episode 11 and 12 of Two Weeks

The wonderfully gripping Two Weeks continues to roll right along and the good guys are starting to line up behind Jang Tae San rather than merely trying to capture him. Jae Kyung and Seung Woo know he’s knee deep in a even bigger criminal matter, while In Hye finally clear up her misunderstanding of why Tae San cruelly dumped her 8 years ago. It’s a lot of digest, and with the drama going on real time, I understand why the characters literally have to keep plowing forward while working overtime to process startling information. With the good guys circling each other, that leaves me wondering when the bad guys will fall apart. The drama has never really delved into how Congresswoman Jo and crime boss Moon Il Suk formed their unholy partnership. He seems very deferential to her, and she doesn’t seem to care if he’s thrown under the bus as long as she emerges unscathed. Do they have a familial connection? Or is this the case of slime attracting other slime? Two Weeks may not be logically airtight and Tae San multiple tight escapes all hinge on luck and some ingenuity, it works because we care about what happens to him so the leaps of faith he takes to survive are the leaps of faith we take that he will. Little Soo Jin is way more integrated into this story than I thought possible, even locked into an airtight room her presence in this world affects Tae San, In Hye, and Seung Woo. She must know that she’s very sick and might die, but the return of her dad into her life is like that leap of faith we’re all taking, she suddenly has another chance again and she’s going to use it to make her family whole. Family matters a lot in this drama even if a lot of it happens off the side – Jae Kyung losing her father, Jo Seo Hee watching over her autistic son, Tae San clinging to life for In Hye, all of that forms the meat of why all the character motivations in this drama ring sincere. People here don’t battle neuroses, they are battling to win the most important battle in their lives. Will Seo Hee emerge victorious and take her wad of cash and go overseas to live the high life with her son? Will Jae Kyung nab the real killer of her father and Mi Sook in one fell swoop? Will Tae San redeem himself and save his daughter before he gets riddled with more bullets and stab wounds? I’m fully invested in finding out so count me in for the rest of the ride, drama.

Episode 11 written preview:

In Hye tries to protect the camera and hurries everywhere. Seung Woo sees her like this and falls into an even deeper confusion. Tae San meets with Jae Kyung in the dark park and Jae Kyung brings Tae San back to her apartment. On the other hand, Killer Kim watches Tae San get off Jae Kyung’s motorcycle, and he fires a shot at him. Tae San takes a bullet and passes out…….

Episode 12 written preview:

Jae Kyung arrests Killer Kim who shot Tae San. But the gun has already disappeared and Killer Kim is released after his lawyer arrives. The pawn shop minions discover a voice recording Tae San left that leaves them shocked. On the other hand, Jae Kyung heads to arrest Moon Il Suk for the murder of Mi Sook……..


Written Preview for Episode 11 and 12 of Two Weeks — 3 Comments

  1. I’m sorry but as much I like TW, there is no WAY!! TS can donate after getting shot two times… by the time of surgery his blood shouldn’t be ready/stable to donate to SJ.

    • That’s drama medicine. Just like the mom is sitting next to her daughter without a face mask. The kid is getting treatment to destroy her bone marrow which means she’s got no immune system left and needs to be protected against germs. No way the mother could enter the room without a mask, I even doubt she could enter the room at all.

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