Goddess of Fire Production Shuts Down as Moon Geun Young’s Eye Injury Worsens

This is the best news happening because of the worst possible reason. Goddess of Fire isn’t just a terrible beyond all belief drama, the entire production might cursed from the get go. Yesterday there was a slew of news articles about leading lady Moon Geun Young being injured on the set when a heavy piece of equipment fell on her during filming. The injury was on her face, more specifically her eye. She was rushed to the ER but the injury didn’t seem severe she returned to work the next day. It’s now the third day since her injury and things have taken a turn for the worse. Or else it was always bad and as usual MBC tried to downplay the situation. The production of GoF has officially been halted because Moon Geun Young cannot film due to the injury, which has swelled up considerably. Her agency said that the cut is in a place not suitable to be stitched, and with the open wound and bruising and swelling, putting make up on can’t fully cover up the injury and would exacerbate it. No shit. There isn’t apparently not enough material in the can to even air episode 25, so Monday’s episode will likely be a special recap episode or other filler MBC can scrounge up. There is also no guarantee that she can return to film so that Tuesday can air a new episode, which means this week might be a blackout in terms of new episodes of GoF. I’ve been snarking about how I want this drama to metaphorically go die in a fire and disappear from my sight, but there can be no worse news for me than hearing that Geun Young has been injured. This isn’t even her first time she sustained a major injury in filming, during Painter of the Wind her nose was dislocated by her leading man Park Shin Yang‘s elbow in a scene and she ended up getting nose surgery. There is no word on what treatment she really needs from this injury, or whether ice and rest will do the trick to decrease the swelling. I think her performance is pretty lousy in GoF, even if she’s still one of the best actresses in her generation. She tries but her character is a moron and the PD is directing her to act like she’s miming half her scenes. GoF won’t make me think she suddenly can’t act, but it’s such a waste of her time and effort in a drama that has the smell and value of camel poo. I also thought she was off in her last drama Cheongdamdong Alice, but it’s just a hairsbreadth awkward and nothing quite like the trainwreck that is GoF. For a great Moon Geun Young performance, I have to go back to Mary Stayed Out All Night, which now totally seems like a classic and entertaining drama compared to the dreck we’ve been subjected to. If you compare MSOAN to dozens of lousier dramas since it aired, trust me when I say it’s actually worth the watch with the brain set on auto and the eyes set on happy.

I cannot stress enough that Moon Geun Young was absolutely perfect and adorable as Wie Mae Ri in MSOAN. She is also the reason that no matter how crazy Jang Geun Seok gets, I can’t totally brush him off because he was equally as perfect and adorable as Kang Mu Gyul in that drama and I chalk it up to their chemistry and real life friendship grounding him. This drama isn’t anything to write home about but its nowhere as terrible as rumors go. It even has Kim Jae Wook being adorkable and hotter than the sun. The music is fantastic in it as well. To pay homage to poor Geun Young as she suffers physically and professionally in GoF, I can rewatch her in MSOAN anytime. Though every time I watch, I switch ships from Mu Gyul to Jung In. Heh. Have some MVs and let’s all pray she recovers swiftly and completely from this latest injury.

Mary Stayed Out All Night Concept Teaser “Tell Me Your Love”:

“She’s Mine” MV:


Goddess of Fire Production Shuts Down as Moon Geun Young’s Eye Injury Worsens — 25 Comments

  1. If she was really injured, I hope it’s reversible and she’ll get better soon.
    Why do I feel like MBC must be relieved in a twisted kind of way? Perfect occasion to kill the show (the ratings are in the pits anyway). Of course, that doesn’t give them a solution: What do we do now?

  2. Get well soon Geun Young-sshi … Don’t get affected with bad comments from other people but instead take care of yourself so that we get to see you again in the small screen :)))

  3. I am worried if it is her eye. I hope we get some news soon that she is much better.
    I loved the ending of MSOAN. How the three of them ended up together. KJW almost stole the show because his JI was such a cool character.

  4. I am really sad that Moon Guen Young got hurt and hope her injury isn’t serious and she would be right as rain soon. I really like her as an actress and as a person.

    Unfortunately for the production – I don’t think anyone would really miss it or realise that it was pulled abruptly. It’d be forgotten soon enough and we don’t really care how it ends but that it ends. Is anyone anyone still watching really?!

    Save production costs- use the money for something better!

  5. I am really Happy for the news her Eyes of course is more important than filming , I hope she will be OK and Her eyes will be recovered soon .
    I remember Phillip Lee seriously the actors and actresses should fight to get their rights and guarantee their safety before every thing 🙁

  6. wow this is like Phillip Lee
    on Faith..but at least his not
    the lead so he was killed..
    poor MGY, I hope she gets well..
    this drama is not worth it…
    just like Ms K said the story is
    crap and the rating is in the pits!

  7. Hope she gets better and they don’t have to cancel filming completely (although I gave up watching at episode 5 cause I was so bored) ….

    And I have to agree she was so perfect in Mary, her character is actually one of my favorite from any drama I had the biggest girl crush on her

  8. Could not agree more with you about Mary Stayed All Out Night. I’ve been watching too many Korean dramas and none has quite gotten me the way MSOAN did. Maybe a bit too far-fetched but I think the only reason why the drama was not a success was because none of the boys in the drama were actually rich. This is probably unprecedented in K-dramas.

  9. O man I really hope she gets better soon and well…can’t be good for her or the show to get postponed…I just want her to get done so she can do something else

  10. I dropped GOF sometime ago but I was curious about Kim Bum and was getting ready to watch his parts then I read your post. It’s still awful barring Kim Bum. It is unfortunate though that MGY got hurt. I hope she recovers expeditiously. I’m glad that there’s a reprieve from the drama but not at the expense of MGY’s health or anyone’s at the production. Praying for her.

  11. My dear Moonie!! 🙁 Such sad news. I hope she gets rest and won’t try to finish the drama before she completely heals. I feel bad for what I posted in the last GOF entry Ms. Koala did. She’s gorgeous in and out. CDDA & GOF waste of Talents (partly for the insane and bad writers) Posting those MSOAN mvs makes me wanna watch it again. But I’m gonna wait until Christmas. She’s Marry Christmas and he Happy New Year.

  12. My poor Moonie, I wish her a fast recovery. I’m still hanging on to GOF but I’m definitely looking forward to the end of it. I wish I can kick the writer and director for wasting such a wonderful casts.

  13. awwwww… i hope she’s getting better in time.

    Captain, thanks for reminding us of MSOAN – it’s still one of my happier K-dramas, i love almost all of the OST even the quirky ones (my personal opinion) that doesn’t make much sense. just the other night i was humming Janito’s Europa in the shower and was wondering from which OST it came from, LOL..

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