Second Teaser for Heirs Drops and Kim Woo Bin Confirms Long Time Relationship with Model Yoo Ji Ahn

In the spectrum of good, better, best, the second teaser for Heirs or The Inheritors lands squarely in good. It’s better than the first one, but that one didn’t even make it to a decent and interesting level. This one has talking and every one of the leads makes a twirl (except for Im Joo Eun, who I decree simply must make a fabulous entrance once the action moves to the school yard where she’s a teacher – let her be Professor McGonagall-esque and I’ll cry tears of happiness). The overseas shoot in LA gets bonus points for really incorporating the laid back surfer culture vibe of the beach cities OC and the picturesque highways and desert region. The story is as expected but some of the leads are really popping in their roles, i.e. Kim Woo Bin as the bad boy ex-friend, Kim Sung Ryung as the mistress mother, Kim Ji Won as the bitchy fiancée, and Kang Min Hyuk as the smart boy next door. Both Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye are still just okay for me, and Choi Jin Hyuk has to fill his own big shoes for stealing the show in Gu Family Book as Daddy Gumiho and here he’s just your garden variety arrogant chaebol. The less I need to see or write about Krystal the better, if there was a begone-spray I’ll wipe her from this drama. I’m using Kim Woo Bin to top this post because any Heirs news this morning is rather less buzzyworthy than breaking news that Kim Woo Bin has been dating Korean top model Yoo Ji Ahn for the last two years. Since he’s a model-actor and not an idol, I figured he would have saner fans who would be happy for him (man’s got high brow taste), but hours after this new broke his fans went on a bender when they unearthed a picture posted of Yoo Ji Ahn wearing an expensive Balmain t-shirt that was identical to the one a fan gave Kim Woo Bin as a birthday present. Tears of outrage and betrayal are flowing that oppar!! dare give it away, and to his secret ho-bag girlfriend at that! I laughed until I almost peed my pants at the reaction from his fans – this is not a scandal, who the fuck cares if he gave it away since once he received the present he could do whatever he wanted with it, and why is no one thinking that the most logical answer is that she’s wearing her boyfriend’s clothes because he’s her BOYFRIEND. They are adults and probably sleeping together and hanging out in each other’s apartments and using each other’s things like normal adult couples would. End of rant. Now go enjoy more Heirs. Kim Woo Bin is really the most eye-catching presence in this latest preview.

Second teaser for Heirs (English subbed):

[youtube id=”WsKAMwcODpk” w=”650″ h=”450″]


Oh, and here’s a picture of Kim Woo Bin with his honey Yoo Ji Ahn. They even model together and this Spring photo spread was done earlier this year. Too much quirky prettiness for my eyes. Forgot to say that I’m really happy for him. 🙂


Second Teaser for Heirs Drops and Kim Woo Bin Confirms Long Time Relationship with Model Yoo Ji Ahn — 39 Comments

  1. Hahaha I confess to be having fun reading delusional KB and that guy from school 2013 sad that their otp wasn’t real on real life LOOOL.

  2. KWB dating… awesome! I’m not a fan of his but if that shirt was in fact the one that the fan gave him and he let his lovely GF wear it, I would say double thumbs up – how freaking cute is that. 🙂 To those fans, whose to say that she didn’t buy the darn herself. It’s not a one of a kind right? (I have no idea). Good for him!! 🙂 Hope they have a long lasting relationship.

    Heirs – not much more to say for me… just waiting for it to air. I am all in for the shallow and the pretty. I shall see.

  3. Oh…the trailer is far cuter than expected

    And Krystal and Min Hyuk are an established relationship it seems…I’m still here for that cute

    Woo Bin is interested in the fiance?

    Oh…Min Ho’s character still wants his brother’s affection 🙁

  4. yup, the trailer just confirmed what i already knew. watching this for my woo bin oppa cause he is/will be the best thing about the whole thing. I need to see something featuring my girl IME. She and CJS are my OTP of this show. I am dying to see what kind of relationship to expect!.

    second i am happily drowning in the tears of fans that feel so hurt/betrayed/lied/really need to understand boundaries and get a life/jongbin shippers that are so put out by this news. i for one am soo happy for him and could really give two flying fucks about the whole things. a i like him for his talent, his looks, his positive hard work personality, the height, eye brows, and just…him! none of these things change simply because he admits to been having a girlfriend b. he is a grown ass man that is entitled to reveal or with hold whatever information he wants about his personal life. he owes fans nothing so get off the idiotic them of being lied to and betrayed. who are we for him to have to share these things. c. jongbin have been and always will be close friends. if you all honesty thought he and woo-bins other close friends didn’t know he was dating, there is a bridge in NY i would like to sell you. LJS does not need nor asked for you silly anger and shit. FINALLY SOOO CUTE THAT THEY WEAR EACH OTHERS CLOTHES. GIRL IS GORGEOUS AND GET IT OPPA!!

    • You said it, I’m just happy for him that he managed to have a life at all and I hope the crazy fans don’t derail things for him and his gf now.

    • PSH is definitely outshining LMH right now. He just looks like a doll frozen in space, plastic surgery rumors aside.

      If there’s anything going for this drama, it’s the filmography. It visually looks fantastic.

  5. hahha i find this all so funny. i think woo bin kinda just fell into this whole crazy fame recently with the popularity of School 2013. i bet he didn’t expect to have that many crazy, delusional fans either, considering he’s a model first and foremost and have been walking around with his honeyboo in public for years already. anyways, congrats to the man and i’m happy he just came straight out with it bc it should be celebrated.

    • I feel sorry for his girlfriend; she’s been with him since he was a nobody model and now all the sudden she gets a wave of fangirl hate smack in the face. Everyone has fantasies, it’s just all shades of creepy, wrong and stupid when you think your fantasies give you some sort of ownership over a celebrity, when you think that some sortof self-defined payback is owed you for your “devotion.”

  6. I don’t find KWB attractive at all but I did enjoy his acting in School 2013. Fans are crazy for buying these celebrities expensive gifts when they are very well paid.

    • Crazy fans just wasting the money. Those money could have used better for the unfortunated people out there are more deserving.
      Never like him. Something about his look looks evil.

      • Yes, fans are crazy. I think better of Kim Woo-bin now, regardless of his looks (evil? OK, whatevs), than I did before, because he is adult enough to be in a committed relationship and brave enough to admit it. I wish him good luck; with fans like those, he will need it.

  7. I’m happy for him, I really am, but this totally ruins my fangirl fantasies of the Kim Woo Bin-Park Shin Hye couple, at least for Heirs, since I’m rooting for their leg of the love triangle, because I felt like they would work better together. And, I was totally right, the stills alone show that Park Shin Hye has so much more chemistry with Kim Woo Bin than with Lee Min Ho. Just hoping for that chemistry to light up their scenes in the drama, so much that I can forget about reality for a moment. *fingers crossed*

  8. The trailer – my fav part is Mistress Mom spitting back the wine into the glass Ewwwwww! and LOL! at the same time.

    Delusional fans need to work harder on creating their illusions with their idols. I have no problem pretending that at any moment any of my MINES as well as everyone else’s would drop EVERYTHING and run run run to me if I asked. Hear that, HajungwooShinhakyunSongkanghosongjoongki, um, Shinroyethanruanmarkchaolgx!! Marry anyone you want, I’ll be here for you.

  9. I have to be honest – my heart died inside a little when I found out that Kim Woo Bin was in a relationship but then again, I’m happy for him and I’m glad that he and his girlfriend was able to keep their relationship going for two years~

    Looking forward to Heirs. Too many pretty people on my screen. Lol.

  10. I think lee minho and park shin hue are gonna be Serena and Dan here, cute but not inciting rabid fan-attention, and from the little bit of woobin and jiwon, they mite be the chuck and Blair of heirs..

    But I love both minho and woobin and minho does show some friendly chemistry with shinhye here, so if they make her char a bit dark and complicated theirs could be a stirring romance too, dark and compelling…

    And although I like shinhye I lik jiwon a lot better, and since she seems to have gd chemistry with woobin in the one second they showed, I wish minho was paired with im jooeun the othe gal I like more than shinhye they we’ve been awesome… And since shinhye does cute warm chemistry well, she’d be better with minhyuk… Atleast, my guess…

  11. Crazy fans everywhere not just KWB but Most of stars that make the Wrong Right and the Right wrong for them the star is Property or one of belongings that they wouldn’t share with anyone.
    The Star lives in the prison of fans’s and companies’s selfishness , both only want their own benefit , they doesn’t care if he sad, lonely or crying .
    For one to choose his partner with courage against the noisy winds and heavy rains , added to that he tell everyone that this is the person who loves , I applaud for this star ; seriously KWB gives an example to korean stars to take step in their private Life and Put the outsiders in their zone 🙂
    Congratulations KWB , I love your acting and I don’t care about your life bcz it yours , I wish your happiness .
    For Heirs : I love , Adore and want to be released as soon as possible bcz Replaying the trailer isn’t satisfying me 🙁 I want moreeeeeeeeee.
    OTP PSH & LMH good Luck I love you both Fighting 🙂

  12. Well, re-gifting is always tacky imo. Though seriously, fangirls are sensitive and why they buy expensive gifts for rich people I’ll never know. Why the rich people accept the gifts instead of telling their fans to give to charity is another thing I wonder.

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