Marry Him If You Dare Releases Adorable Teasers and Official Character Stills

One of these things is not like the others. LOL, I love how children’s show teaching tools comes in handy when checking out drama stills and trying to describe succinctly what is going on. One guess which of the four leads hasn’t quite gotten into character yet. The production of Marry Him If You Dare (Mirae’s Choice) is revving up its promotional materials and today comes the triple whammy – official cheeky character stills, the first adorable video teaser, and a long BTS look at the cast at the poster filming. Who says good things don’t come in threes? Thank you, KBS! The official stills are nothing to write home about, except leads Yoon Eun Hye and Lee Dong Gun once again show us how genuine actors can sell an expression and make it come alive and create an impression of the character to come. Han Chae Ah was clearly told to smile and look attractive but she also feels engaged with the camera, whereas we see Jung Yong Hwa smiling beatifically like a statue and I just want to snap my fingers in his face and tell him to wake up. Oh well, if I see that cute snaggletooth often in this drama I’ll cut him some slack.

The video teaser is so so SOOOOO cute. I was smiling non-stop and loving the fresh and creative approach to introducing the time-travel conceit and the fact the heroine is going to be torn between two very different men because of her own future self’s meddling. The teaser hints that the drama may have a very lighthearted tone that reminds me of Lie to Me, and I ended up loving that drama warts and all. But LTM didn’t have as solid a production team as the PD here who directed Bad Love and Crime Squad and one of the Hong Sisters is writing from the duo who did The King 2 Hearts. With the same irreverent tone but with a qualitatively better team to execute, I’m letting myself dare to love MHIYD even knowing it could end up sucking. The BTS of the poster shooting shows the cast getting along, though the more outgoing Yoon Eun Hye will need to dig deeper to draw out the notoriously reserved Lee Dong Gun. I don’t even care if they get along in real life, though it looks like they totally do, because they are seasoned enough to sell the romantic connection once the camera starts rolling regardless of real life interactions or lack thereof. Check out the latest batch of goodies and get ready to start twiddling your thumbs until this drama starts.

Teaser for Marry Him If You Dare:

BTS Poster Filming for Marry Him If You Dare:


Marry Him If You Dare Releases Adorable Teasers and Official Character Stills — 45 Comments

  1. Oh my goodness, how cute is YEH here? Love her. Her still is so adorable. I have no idea how her character will be in her younger years but it looks like it could be fun.

    LDG – I can see his character being one when you’d want to smack him most of the time cause he is that annoying… LOL. Can’t wait to find out what drives future MR to want to stop the relationship from starting in the first place.

    JYH – I figure his character just must be like this, an hence the blankish stars, so I will wait and see how he is onscreen. He is a vj that is undercover… So I imagine he has a pretty low profile. I don’t want to have to fast forward his scenes so please bring it!!

  2. Aww I’m so glad YEH is back in something really cute. Missing You nearly killed me with all the angst. It amazes me how she can pull off the ahjumma perm, it actually looks adorable on her.

    I also totally love that picture of the otp smiling at each other. Super adorable!!!

  3. I read the a book, Blink, that suggested we can deduce in milleseconds what is going on between couples even if they don’t speak.

    My Blink-based deduction is LDG’s character doesn’t have to do anything to attract YEH’s character while JYH’s will have to fight constantly to keep Mirae’s eyes on him. And even if she is looking at him, she will be thinking about someone else. I guess that is Second Leads in a Nutshell, isn’t it?

      • Ooh, I like what you posted. But it’s sad, don’t you think? That indifference is unshakeable. In the real world how many people end up with the second leads they are indifferent to, telling themselves, “I’ll grow to love him/her one day, I’m sure I will…”

  4. I am so ridiculously excited for this after all the cute, pretty and HAPPY promo material released yesterday. Apart from all the YEH yumminess, I am letting myself hope that Han Chae Ah’s smile means that she gets to play a likeable second lead – hopefully she’ll get the boy while YEH gets the man.

  5. YEH looks adorable in these stills! Even with her crazy hair. I will definitely check it out even if JYH is a litttttttle bit of a turn off for me (he’s adorbs but can’t act).

  6. I don’t know if you purposely skipped it or what but Yoon Eun Hye and Yonghwa seems to be getting along well in those BTS from the poster shoot. LDG seems so lost though. Hahaha. But maybe, that’s just him and his personality. As for the stills, definitely loving it. If one has read all articles, spoilers that has come out for this drama, one wouldn’t be all too surprised with Yonghwa’s still, isn’t he supposed to channel gentle charisma? He did that just fine, imo.

    • I noticed that, too, but that is why I think they will be hot on screen.

      Warm = friends, like, comfortable Second lead

      (What looks like) Cold – or holding yourself carefully or tensely around another person shows a hyper awareness. You don’t look directly at them, yet keep them in the corner of your vision at all times. So when finally, WHAM, you do make eye contact, it is charged with so much force, you almost reel from the heat that jumps the gap. Ahhh I love this part about falling in love. I think of Shun as Hyuga here.

      • That’s so lovely, jomo.

        The heady high of falling in love charges you with so much energy you spend your days and nights thinking about That Person and you are walking with your head down heading to your next lecture and you look up and oh god, he’s there walking toward you, and he looks so beautiful and lean and tall, and your heart starts to pound madly and your cheeks flush and you feel he must know what you are feeling,and you wish desperately that you had worn a prettier dress,but it’s too late cos he’s right in front of you now and you look up as casually as you can, look into those inscrutable detached eyes and he smiles and says “Hi.” He walks on and you walk on, only you are no longer you, you are a wobbly mass of jelly quivering with joy and renewed energy, because, oh god, I actually saw him today! And he stopped and looked at me and said hi.

        My crush in university. He looked like Yonghwa. And no, we did not end up together.

      • YY
        THAT is it. What a great image of crushing your described.

        And if he did actually try to have a conversation with you at that moment, you would be so tongue-tied all you could do is squeak out some nonsense or another then run for the hills, kicking yourself all the while for not being able to be cool with him, knowing the next time won’t be any better even if you rehearse it in your head for days before meeting him again.

  7. YEH and Yonghwa were adorable during the bts laughing around and YEH seems more comfortable with him then with LDG
    There’s clearly chemistry off screen between them so I hope it translate on screen as well

  8. This was so adorable and so cute!!! The part the past Mi Rae and the the present Mi Rae were fighting over the control was silly funny! I don’t know why but I’m getting the feeling “Kim Sam Soon” gave me (one of my favorite dramas). I’m so exited about this one. It’s my high profile drama. ❤

  9. SO cute! Since FBND 2013 has been such an uninteresting year in dramaland to me, but this one got me all excited again! Yay! Love everything and everyone involved. Can’t wait for it!

  10. Captain Koala!!!! I am now twiddling my thumb, and pacing the floor, and chanting repeatedly… is it October yet? Is it October yet? Is it October yet? Dang! It’s not working!

    Thanks for all the goodies. I am sooo excited, it’s not even funny. And I am happy that we are again on the same ship. LTM all over again!!! yey!

    Is it October yet? Is it October yet? Is it October…. Is it…

    • haha..wits you are so funny but at the same time I wish I was young enough to be able to express myself with so much gusto like you, unfortunately being 62 years old ahjumma I guess I have to retain my dignity..LOL.
      Softly I say I hear you…

      • Oh, Mamadua, believe you me,I’m right up there (not 62 but definitely an ahjumma too). K-dramas keep me young and blogs like these enrich my watching experience. The anonymity allows me to shed my inhibitions and just let all my excitement out.

        The LTM experience was one of a kind for me. Crazy fun! I hope I find that again in MHIYD. I hope you stick around and join the party. No need to be as loud as me (you can speak as “softly” as you wish), but it will definitely be enjoyable.

  11. The thing that I really admire about Yoon Eun Hye is that she is able to show so many different acting expressions. She is a very expressive actress…very important to me because I like the teaser because they showed her face, while just simply sitting on that sofa, she was able to show so many different facial expressions and emotions.

  12. wow LDG and JYH look so alike! there’s something about their eyes…really really looking forward to this drama! can’t wait to watch YEH in a light hearted drama 😀

  13. Love the teaser old and young mirae are so funny….yup koala i am the enjoying all the goodies infront of me and i am drooling with these cute men who just can’t take their eyes off YEH

  14. The bts really perked me up, as far as YH is concerned. Before this, he’s looked so dead – dead bored and dead boring – but suddenly I see this playfulness! this spark! this flirtation?? between him and YEH, and lo and behold, HE LIVES!!!! The ent tree stirs to life! The mighty Kraken awakens from his slumber! Krakatoa is about to erupt! The Dork Knight has risen from the ashes of Boredom City!

  15. Yeah, Yong hwa looks more expressive in those bts than on screen with cameras rolling and “action” being said. Why can’t some actors/actresses translate their charm into screen? Was going to say Yoon eun hye looked more playful with Yong hwa but jomo has enlightened me.

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