Two Weeks Wraps Up with the Sweetest of Finale Parties

I’m not going to miss Two Weeks but gosh darn it I’m going to celebrate its well-deserved accomplishment before attention moves on to the next shiny drama in the pipeline. The cast of Two Weeks held a viewing party as a group and with audience members for the final episode, and there are tons of pictures to share that will bring a smile to your face. First up is the heart and soul of this drama – Lee Jun Ki’s Jang Tae San and his love for newly discovered daughter Seo Soo Jin played by Lee Chae Mi, who isn’t just precious but also a fantastic child actor. It looks like the two of them bonded for real playing father-daughter and throughout the filming Jun Ki kept tweeting pictures with little Chae Mi. At the finale party, they cut the cake together and gamely posed for tons of pictures. For a drama that was light on the romance, this father-daughter relationship was as compelling as any love story could have been because it was so utterly selfless and hopeful. Both Tae San and Soo Jin want the exact same thing – to live and to have the other person in their lives. At the cast wrap party after the finale, everyone showed up and Big Bad Moon Il Suk played by Jo Min Ki appeared to be the life of the party. I swear every ounce of menace evaporated the second I saw him cuddling Lee Chae Mi and making goofy faces in half his pictures. While playing antagonists in the drama, Lee Jun Ki and Jo Min Ki got along fantastically and gave each other a “I forgive you” bromance hug at the party so that drama bygones can be bygones. It was also nice to see some of actors who play deceased but important characters in the drama make an appearance at the party, a nice remembrance that their senseless death in the story left an impression if I actually recognized them. Jun Ki must be diving right back into his music career because his hair is blond so quickly after filming wrapped. He’s such an effortless chameleon, one of the few K-ent pop stars who can pull off any out-there look and make it feel fun.


Two Weeks Wraps Up with the Sweetest of Finale Parties — 11 Comments

  1. I love this drama and I am gonna miss it very much, LJK is my new love. So good to see the actors out of their drama characters, I hated the evil guys but it just showed how good they were as actors, bravo!
    Thanks for sharing Ms Koala and for your superly duperly fast recaps each week, your blog is the first thing I see when I open my eyes each morning.

  2. Ha. Here we go again: The actors who play baddies on the screen are teddy bears in RL. Don’t ask me how it works, it just does. ^^
    Kiddo doesn’t feel too overwhelmed, given the fact that everyone wants to kidnap her and run away since she’s too cute for words.
    Thanks for the post!

  3. The pix of Lee Chae Mi kissing Lee Jun Ki on the cheeks is adorable. This drama was not riveting but it sure delivered a satisfying ending even if it is an open ending. The father-daughter interaction is compelling to say the least.

  4. Love this drama and all the actors and actresses, especially Soo Jin and her apa.

    The picture of the 2 of them are just full of love, and makes me smile with happiness.

    Looks like Soo Jin-Chae Mi is just as adorable outside the drama, and Junki looks amazingly gorgeous with his blond hair!

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