Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung Tie the Knot in a Family and Friends Elegant Wedding Ceremony

Long time couple Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young’s wedding announcement was only a short three months ago, but it felt much longer because there was such a saturation with news about them ranging from taking engagement pictures in Spain to making friends with the media at the airport. So when they finally got married today on September 27th at the Aston House in Seoul, part of me felt relieved to finally shove those two past the finish line. They have been dating for 6 years, and known each other for 9, since they filmed Save the Last Dance for Me back in 2004. In the ensuing years, they have had one of the lowest profiles of any Korean celebrity couples so perhaps they will make up for the lost time by making tons of joint appearances in the future. Because both are celebrities, they did the media interview together prior to the ceremony, and I must say seeing their pictures just brings a smile to my face. They genuinely look in love and happy and willing to tie the knot. Their body language speaks volumes, and the way their hand holds are finger entwined is like a cherry on top. I also love how Ji Sung seems to really respect and take care of Lee Bo Young, always aware of her and he even held the microphone for her so she could speak. It’s little gentlemanly gestures like that which make me appreciate good old-fashioned manners. I wasn’t a fan of Lee Bo Young’s entire wedding look – neither the dress she wore to the press conference or the one she changed into for the ceremony are all that pretty, but as long as she loved it then it’s good. The ceremony itself was a beautiful outdoor sunset affair that scream elegant sophistication to me. The couple is delaying their honeymoon until after Ji Sung’s KBS melodrama Secret finishes filming. Until then, both will be equally busy as Lee Bo Young plans to head to Africa to do some charity work while her new hubby is hard at work being a vengeful meanie to Hwang Jung Eum on the set of Secret.


Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung Tie the Knot in a Family and Friends Elegant Wedding Ceremony — 27 Comments

  1. Thanks so much for bringing us these lovely photos. They look so much in love and happy together.
    I wish them the best of luck and love. And yes, their body language speaks volumes.

  2. I’m so happy for them! I think they’re my favorite k-couple. I’m not a big fan of that dress either (nor her hair or makeup), but it matters not a whit because she’s wearing the greatest beautifier of them all: genuine happiness. They both seem like nice, respectful and yet very playful people– I think they have a great shot at a HEA and I wish them all the best!

  3. Sometimes as big stars, they get to wear really nice fancy stuff all the time and so when it comes to personal lives, it’s lower key. Look on the outside is fleeting anyways… What counts is the foundation they have built together and the next step into the exciting world of marriage. Hope they have a long and happy marriage and life together. Congrats to the happy couple. They must be tired!!!

  4. All the best to both of them! Two actors I love and I am so glad they have each other! They seem really happy together! Here’s hoping they make it in the long run, cause they deserve it!

  5. I love the wedding dress, it’s simple, elegant and very weather appropriate, must be pretty chilly in Korea now, right? thanks Ms Koala for sharing the photos, congratulations to the lovely couple.

  6. Phil. fans extend their BEST WISHES & CONGRATULATIONS to the best and admired COUPLE of Korean cinema! Sincerely praying for both their success as FAMILY & CAREER as well!

  7. THANKS for the pictures! Beautiful couple who gives off comfortable vibes..

    Wishing them many healthy decades of wonderful bliss together. They look perfectly in tune.

    The dress is ok, understated like Lee Boo-young. It’s elegant without screaming: “I am a wedding dress”.
    Not a fan of ruffles and bows myself …. I much prefer this if the other alternative is layers of chiffon or too much detail which some ‘birthday cake’ wedding dresses can be.

    Her hairstyle though …. I agree it could have been improved upon. Even a simple braid threaded in with a hint of tiny diamante to match her dress, and more upswept, would sit well on her.

    And the photo backdrop of them in (imo) too much White-everything (her posy, and that wall of white flowers behind).
    Also both their makeup foundation seems too pale for the couple too.

    Whatever … they are happy, they look and feel happy. That’s what matters.
    NOT the most perfect detailing. One of my favorite married couple of date, they just project comfortable.

  8. I never realized she was THAT girl in Save the last dance for me! Wow, her acting has improved a lot since that time. Second lead won the guy in real life, haha. They make a lovely couple. 🙂

  9. I am so happy to see their wedding, wish can see my favorite artist wedding too, their fans must be so happy, lucky them!

    Congratulation to LBY and JS, what a beautiful couple they are, wish the best always for them. 🙂

  10. aww 😉 Both my fav. Actor & Actress are Married. I’m soo Happyy . Please take care of each other and God Bless both you.

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