Marry Him If You Dare Releases Posters, Stills, and Preview for Episode 1

The first poster for Marry Him If You Dare is out and it’s one where Yoon Eun Hye’s Mi Rae and Jung Yong Hwa’s Se Joo are featured prominently. I can’t wait to see the rest of the posters judging from how much I liked the arrangement and design of this one. I’m especially fond of the English title Marry Him If You Dare stragetically hidden into the block design doing double duty of spelling out the central premise of this drama. Future Mi Rae is married to Kim Shin but travels back in time to prevent her young self from making the same choice and to throw her into the arms of chaebol cutie Se Joo. I bet money the emphasis on him being a chaebol isn’t necessarily that future Mi Rae wants her young self to purely marry a rich guy, but the key will be finding out exactly what the impetus was that led to future Mi Rae’s time travel. It has to be more than just an unhappy married life with Kim Shin, and I would seriously start tearing up inside already if it turns out that future Mi Rae is preventing her present self from marrying Kim Shin because she loves him too much. The official character and couples stills are out and it’s mostly boring and terribly shot. Yes, Yoon Eun Hye and Lee Dong Gun have spot on expressions and body language, but sticking those two in front of a white screen is such a travesty waste of their talent. I think Jung Yong Hwa looks much cuter with Han Chae Ah and her character appears primed to get a guy at the end as well so I can’t imagine the writer turning her into a token bitchy second female lead without any endearing qualities of her own. I think future Mi Rae is going to turn out to be everyone’s favorite antagonist in this drama, in the sense that we’ll all be wanting more sparks from Mi Rae and Shin while she’s going to be cockblocking them every step of the way. This K-drama really looks like it has the potential to be sizzlingly awesome. The written preview for episode 1 is out and I’m expecting lots of fun and frisson right off the bat.

Episode 1 written preview:

“I am you. I come from the future to the present, I am you!”

Everyday Na Mi Rae works at a customer call center and is plagued by customers demanding the truth. One day, an ahjumma decked out in name brand clothing appears before here and says something completely absurd. “I am the you from the future, you cannot take Sung San Bridge No. 3!”

Mi Rae wavers between belief and disbelief and as she’s in the process of changing lanes she bumps into a car behind her and causes a car accident! If she took the road she was planning to take……exactly what is going on with that ahjumma?

After that, Mi Rae follows the ahjumma’s future sight and participates in the company talent show and wins a travel voucher. Even though she’s told many things to look out for, she doesn’t really pay too much attention to it. Just then, Mi Rae avoids one battle but once again gets into a car accident.

A man gets out yelling angry words at her. It’s the principled TV announcer who got kicked out during the middle of a live broadcast – the proud and aloof Kim Shin! Fate once again circles back and the two of them are fated to meet this way. What is the future destiny that lies in store for the two of them?


Marry Him If You Dare Releases Posters, Stills, and Preview for Episode 1 — 24 Comments

  1. Thank you Koala Unni for preview of episode 1. I will watch it but not sure I have time to watch it. I have too many kdramas that is not even finished watching it. I apologize if this comment is all mess up. it is difficult to type on this new software update iOS 7.2 I do hope this will be posted. As my other comments somehow take forever to post.

  2. OMO, I love I love everything about this dram I love, I can not count the days to see this drama, as you say Mrs Koala this drama has potential and everything that comes out just makes me more excited and thrilled about this, not I can be expected to be October 14.

  3. Future Mirae doesn’t just interfere with present Mirae’s life
    but she’s gonna interrupt Seju’s life as well as she’ll befriend Seju’s grandma CEO Miranda and start giving her advices too( most probably the ones that can make Mirae and Seju to end up together)
    i’m really curious about what happened through out Mirae and Kim Shin’s married life that made Future Mirae so hell bent to make sure present Mirae won’t marry Kim Shin

  4. I’m all in for this drama. It looks so amazing that you can’t not watch it !
    Plus, gotta say that Yong Hwa and Han Chae Ah are really cute together and even … kind of hot ?
    Just, I’m praying that he has improved and that the whole story won’t end up as a big mess.
    Is that from KBS, though ? I guess we ain’t going to see Yoon Eun Hye on Running Man then. She already said that if she had movie/drama promotion she will come but the loveline with KJK must be pressuring her too –‘

    • too bad this drama is on kbs. it would be interesting to see yonghwa, eunhye and sparta on RM. hehe..i can see yoo jaesuk teasing them already. plus yonghwa is one of the rare guest that can be competitive and funny at same time.

      • And he can beat KJK!

        I really want an episode of Running Man with him and Yoon Eun HYe!

  5. I really like the poster but at the same time it looks like something tumblr users would make lol but I’m glad they went with something interesting rather the usual ‘characters standing around’ type of poster

  6. I’m starting to be fed up with all the prominence they are giving to Young Hwa. Maybe because I still remember how bad is at acting, maybe because I don’t want him to steal the main male role. I’m a little afraid of all the CNBLUE fanbase, and the fact that Lee Dong Gun and him are from the same company, but, obviosly, Lee Dong Gun doesn’t have so many fans and doesn’t make so much money. Maybe my fears are unfounded, but I really hope that Lee Dong Gun will have a good opportunity with this drama. Please, CNBLUE fans, don’t bash me!!! ^^UUUU

    • Well your fears are unfounded, Lee Dong Gun IS the main lead so there’s no way Yonghwa can Steal it (he simply can’t. not at least with his acting yet). And saying you are afraid of CNBLUE fans is a bit too much We are nice people too^^

      • Sorry if I offended you. When I said I’m afraid of the CNBLUE fanbase I intended to tell that you are a lot of people, and Lee Dong Gun fans are only a few.

    • He (YH) generates buzz so it’s understandable why the marketing team of MHIYD is going that route and if you actually read the comments in the original news articles, his comeback is anticipated plus he tops search rankings every now and then which is good for the drama too. His fans are generally nice unless you attack him personally. However, I don’t think he is BAD. The previous roles he played were decent. Hopefully, this one will be a huge improvement from the previous quiet and cold type of roles he played.

  7. I loove lee dong gun….i think you can not avoid faith..the time travel story always tell us that the more you try to avoid it the more it will get to you….

  8. I still have deep reservations about whether this one will be good. I really really want it to be good. I am just feeling like it could go either way.


  9. I love all 4 lead actors and the promise of what each character will bring, so I’m really looking forward to the drama. I think Yong Hwa is a decent actor and given his current day popularity, it is obvious why the network is banking on his popularity to give the show additional buzz. Whether he is the lead or second lead male actor is not important, what’s important is that the show is currently generating positive buzz and I wish them great success.

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