K-stars Out for the VIP Premiere of Hwa Yi with Kim Yun Seok and Yeo Jin Gu

If South Korea follows the Hollywood film release timeline, then Fall is the season when the darker fare comes out. Stuff that screams “awards consideration” over “box office candy”. After the early onslaught of Summer releases with corresponding big VIP list movie premieres, I fell off keeping track of movies but this one caught my eye because it stars the incomparable Kim Yun Seok. If you asked me to list the top-3 leading men in Korea film, he would be on that short list. For those not familiar with his long and critically acclaimed oeuvre, he was the male lead of the box office friendly The Thieves last year. Up next for him is director Bong Joon Ho‘s Sea Fog, but first comes this movie premiering this weekend. Co-starring teenage acting wunderkind Yeo Jin Gu as the titular Hwa Yi, the movie is about five contract killers who end up with a child hostage in their hands after a botched kidnapping attempt gone awry. They end up raising the child with the ringleader played by Kim Yun Seok being viewed as the father by the child who grows up to be Yeo Jin Gu. He goes to school and longs for an ordinary life, but he’s well aware of how dangerous his father and uncles are and pretty soon he’s asked to join in their next criminal scheme. Put a gun in this boy’s hands and clearly things will not end well. The VIP movie premiere was earlier this week and was comparatively a smaller affair but still with plenty of star friends in attendance. One particular big name was Yoochun, who got all the fans squeeing even if he looked like a hobo right off the street and seemed overly serious. Yoochun has been gearing up to start filming Sea Fog with Kim Yun Seok so it was nice to see him at this premiere. My adorable Yoon Si Yoon also showed up with a super short haircut that makes him look younger than 16 year old Yeo Jin Goo. Check out the walk of stars below and watch the gritty trailer for Hwa Yi. That Yeo Jin Gu sure can angst like no other in his age group.


Yoon Si Yoon.

Seo Woo.

Kim Soo Hyun.

Lee Hyun Woo.

Lee Seon Kyun.

Jung Kyeo Woon.

Trailer for Hwa Yi:



K-stars Out for the VIP Premiere of Hwa Yi with Kim Yun Seok and Yeo Jin Gu — 11 Comments

  1. Oh hot damn. I wouldn’t mind being seated next to those hotties. A small gathering of stars but my favorites…. *swooooon*

  2. Thanks Ms. Koala for the news and the trailer. Funny how with Hollywood premieres everyone and their stylists have to have the designer duds. Here they look like they’re stopping by on their way to the neighborhood pub to hang out.

  3. So many fashion fails OMG! Yoochun does look like a hobo specially with that bonnet on, those short pants and that obviously too thick socks. And I’ve yet to see Kim Soo-hyun not look awkward at some point in any function he attends. But at least he doesn’t look as bad as when he wore that polka dotted shirt *shudders*

    The movie looks interesting and dark though. It’s my favorite genre too. I’ll most likely check it out.

  4. Yoochun’s face has rounded a bit. Yay! *tired of the starving-looking bodies/features*

    Has Jung Kyeo Woon become an ahjussi? *shudder*

  5. I’m really hoping this movie would be shown here in Vancouver. They’re currently showing The Spy and Face Reader both at the same time and I was so ecstatic watching 2 korean movies in the same day. 🙂 Kim Yun Seok is like Robert de Niro for me and I’d certainly watch anything he’s in it. Looking forward for his upcoming movie Sea Fog with Yoochun. Speaking about Yoochun, I think he’s already channeling his inner fisherman for the movie, that probably explains his “hobo style”..? 🙂 And if I may add, I like how he didn’t dress fancy like any other idol would, he seemed very down to earth, considering his idol/actor status. Cuties Yoon Si Yoon and Lee Hyun Woo looked like they’re about the same age! And I’m giving Lee Seon Kyun’s pants paired with that leopard-print canvas shoes – a side-eye. Not really digging the style. He still looks quite the namja though. 🙂 Thanks for this quick update, Ms. K!

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