K-actor Jung Kyeo Woon Enters Second Marriage This Time to College-age Fiancee

Dayum does this boy move fast. K-actor Jung Kyeo Woon was remarried this week in Seoul to his music college student fiancee after dating for a year. Turns out his marriage to first wife must’ve hit the skids soon after their April 2014 wedding and in March of 2016 he announced that the couple was officially divorced. The next month he started dating this new girlfriend and the couple decided to get married after a year of dating. I’m no fan of Jung Kyeo Woon but certainly the optics don’t look the best here, but it’s a personal situation between the parties involved and could be that everyone is happily moved on to greener pastures. The wedding photos are quite pretty so best of luck to Jung Kyeo Woon on his second, and hopefully final, go-around in marital bliss. Continue reading

K-stars Out for the VIP Premiere of Hwa Yi with Kim Yun Seok and Yeo Jin Gu

If South Korea follows the Hollywood film release timeline, then Fall is the season when the darker fare comes out. Stuff that screams “awards consideration” over “box office candy”. After the early onslaught of Summer releases with corresponding big VIP … Continue reading

History of the Salaryman Holds Press Conference and Releases More Previews

I have now decided that History of the Salaryman might just be so awesome it defies description and promotional materials. It’s so awesome that nothing can distill that awesome into bite sized nuggets of explanation. Which is why all the … Continue reading