Press Conference and Exciting 10-minute Long Preview for Marry Him If You Dare

After the mega-sized drama press conference for Heirs earlier this week, it’s a mite relaxing to see the much smaller cast of Marry Him If You Dare (Mirae’s Choice) attend its drama press conference yesterday. Starring Yoon Eun Hye, Lee Dong Gun, Han Chae Ah, and Jung Yong Hwa, the drama is a late-comer to the time-travel trend in K-dramas and explore what would happen if one person went back to try and change her own matrimonial fate. This concept is not new to either dramas or movies, and I for one vividly remember the old TVB drama Cherished Moments, and C-dramas recently did a similar story called Fall in Love With You Again with Choi Siwon, Wang Luo Dan, and Yuan Hong that hasn’t aired yet. The premise is always that fate and love can’t be toyed with even if the intention is to not make the same choices, and I see the same trajectory from the most comprehensive 10-minute long preview to date. The press conference was a mish-mash of sartorial choices. Yoon Eun Hye continued her trend of wearing dresses made from a material resembling grandma’s old flora curtains, but this time the cut was more fresh and flattering than the similar print dress she wore to the press conference of Missing You. Add to it she actually looks happy, well rested, and glowing here, I say this one was a win despite my wish that she ditch these prints once and for all. Lee Dong Gun and Jung Yong Hwa appear to have switched their drama character wardrobes, with Jung Yong Hwa going older man suit and Lee Dong Gun doing the all-black hip route. Neither looked very good IMO, but Lee Dong Gun was especially awkward in most of his pictures for whatever reason. Maybe he needs to ease back to seeing a bajillion cameras flashes in his face. While the press conference wasn’t terribly interesting, the long preview which I’ve recapped below definitely is because it adds further color to the reason for future Mi Rae’s insistence on changing her own marital fate. I’m a bit annoyed that she doesn’t just mess with herself, what she does also breaks up the fate between Se Joo and Yoo Kyung as they were supposed to fall for each other as well. But now all four are criss-crossing their love lines, and I can only hope fate steps in and makes it all right in the end.

10-minute preview for Marry Him If You Dare:

Recap of the long preview:

Na Mi Rae is a hard working call center employee with dreams of being a screenwriter, Kim Shin a foul-mouthed but principled news announcer, Se Joo a chaebol heir posing as a VJ, Yoo Kyung a perky news reporter who asks Shin if he heard the rumor they are getting married and then gets upset when she buys Se Joo’s drinks but learns he had three. We see the wedding of Shin and Mi Rae, and then the image splits down the middle as future Mi Rae gets into a time-traveling elevator of sorts. She apologizes to her hubby, but this is the only way and she must do it.

One day a strange woman approaches Mi Rae in the parking garage and tells her specifically not to take the third lane of the Sung San Bridge. As Mi Rae is driving, she’s disbelieving, but ends up switching lanes out of the third lane. Which is when an accident happens that would have involved her but now doesn’t. That accident is now between Kim Shin, who rear ends the car driving by Seo Yoo Kyung. What should have been Shin and Mi Rae’s first meeting is now between Shin and Yoo Kyung, thanks to the meddling by future Mi Rae.

Future Mi Rae goes back to see Mi Rae and convinces her about the time-travel bit and insists that she will change Mi Rae’s life for the better. She encourages Mi Rae to enter a company talent show and how to win the first prize tickets to Jeju, to quit her dead end call center job, and to keep pursuing her screenwriting dreams. Mi Rae wants her future self to help her win prizes but future Mi Rae says she’s here to change her life. Mi Rae goes to Jeju and future Mi Rae specially asks the hotel if Park Se Joo is around, and the picture of Se Joo she is holding is actually one half of a cuddling couple between with Yoo Kyung but future Mi Rae ripped it in half.

Se Joo’s grandmother the YBS President tells Shin that he can’t be a news anchor because he’s too old now and people want pretty faces. Se Joo sees Mi Rae walking into the ocean at night and trying to catch the swimming fishes and he’s intrigued. Because of the accident, Yoo Kyung is in the hospital and did not end up going to Jeju, where she goes every year. Instead, Shin takes care of her in the hospital, and conversely Se Joo meets Mi Rae instead of Yoo Kyung in Jeju. Future Mi Rae has succeeded in changing four people’s meeting fates.

Future Mi Rae pushes Mi Rae to confront all her dashed dreams and stop pretending everything is fine, and the dare to dream again. Mi Rae quits her job and as she’s driving and talking with future Mi Rae, she gets into a car accident with Kim Shin. future Mi Rae tells her to avoid YBS because the guy there is the one who will cause the death of the person Mi Rae loves. So their meeting does happen inevitably, and its a car accident as well, just not the one on the bridge. Shin introduces Mi Rae to YBS networks and despite her uncertainty she ends up going to interview and gets hired. She runs into Se Joo in the video booth when she runs to hide.

Future Mi Rae is pissed and rushes to YBS to yell at Mi Rae that she specifically told her to avoid YBS! Mi Rae hides behind Se Joo and future Mi Rae is all excited to see him. Future Mi Rae tells Mi Rae that Se Joo is not a VJ, he’s a secret chaebol. Future Mi Rae says that Se Joo is the one Mi Rae needs to grab to be her future husband, whereas the dude who was supposed to hit her car is the one she needs to avoid. Shin takes Mi Rae on a tour of YBS studios. They end up in the costume and prop room and they engage in round of cosplay. Shin dons a Darth Vadar costume while Mi Rae turns herself into Scarlett O’Hara. They get tangled together.

Future Mi Rae can tell Mi Rae is getting closer to Shin and asks if they are falling in love? Mi Rae says its just work. Future Mi Rae says that ill fate is still fate, and perhaps Mi Rae will marry Shin……just like she did. Mi Rae is disbelieving that future Kim Shin is future Mi Rae’s husband, and asks if its true that Kim Shin killed the person future Mi Rae loves? Future Mi Rae sighs and says its all a lie and tells Mi Rae to forget what she said. Future Mi Rae says it doesn’t matter anymore, because already the fates have been changed. We see Mi Rae and Se Joo listening to music together, Shin smiling at Yoo Kyung in the hospital, Yoo Kyung and Se Joo having a drink, and finally Shin leaning in to kiss Mi Rae.


Press Conference and Exciting 10-minute Long Preview for Marry Him If You Dare — 49 Comments

  1. Watching this no matter what, looks super cute and i love Yoon Eun Hye. Hopefully they will have good rating left from Good Doctor. It`s time for Eun Hye to have hit drama.

    • Let’s see…Eun Hye has done 6 dramas total. 2 of which Goong and Coffee Prince were huge hits, the other 2 Vineyard Man 15% ratings then My Fair Lady 19% ratings. So out of 6 of her dramas only 2 dramas didn’t do so well Lie To Me and Missing You but none of her drama did overly horrible in ratings unlike other dramas by big stars whose ratings plummeted as low as 6%.

      Gotta give props to Yoon Eun Hye, Ha Ji Won, Gong Hyo Jin and Han Hyo Jo for having hit dramas that were female centered on their resume. Carrying such huge responsibilities on your back is no joke cause if the drama is a success they get credited, but if the drama fails, all blame goes to them.It’s very difficult to accomplish that feat and it’s what sets them apart from other actresses out there who also had hit dramas on their resumes, but on a male centered drama.

      If MHIYD is a hit, it wont be her first hit drama. And if it’s a hit, it wont be because of Good Doctor’s leftover good rating, but because it’s a good drama period. Leftover rating benefits the next drama only for 1 episode, if Eun Hye’s drama isn’t good, then viewers will not stay for the second episode. Like me, no matter how much I like an actor, but if the drama sucks I wont waste my time watching it. I’ll give it a maximum of 2 episodes to check how it goes, then after that I just quit. Just like I quit Missing You because the writer made it so that there’s non stop crying every darn episode….it was draining to watch them.

      • Yes and as far as i know, all YEH’s drama had been sell internationally, once a YEH’s drama will always be a hit drama Internationally even though LTM and IMY have poor ratings in South Korea but in other countries their ratings were soaring high!

      • I’m especially in admiration of Ha Ji Won and Gong Hyo-jin for sustaining their success for this long, even into their 30s.

        GHJ gave an interview post-Master’s Sun where she said she’d wanted to do another rom-com before she got too old for them now that she was in her 30s, and all I could think was, but this is the perfect age at which to do rom-coms – she’s in the prime of her career! Not to mention that YEH’s best dramas are rom-coms, I would be sad to see her shutting herself out of those in her 30s or being made to feel she’s ‘too old’ for them.

      • You probably misunderstood me, i never said she didn`t have hit dramas, i said its time for her to have hit drama since her last two dramas were fail for her standards.

        I love Yoon Eun Hye and i agree with everything you said, i wasn`t trying to downplay her success.

  2. Everyone looks so awkward at the press conference but the trailer looks interesting. I find Heirs boring so I’m jumping onto this boat. Hopefully it won’t let us down.

  3. DAEBAK! The 10min trailer looks promising, i’ll definitely watch this! YEH is so pretty with her poodle hair! 3 more days to go! WOOHOO!!! And oh i read that LDG is shy in front on the photographers that’s why he seems awkward at the Press Conference.

  4. I’m already loving this!!! This looks so funny, cute and romantic. I’m really exited, hoping for the BEST! Marry Him If You Dare. FIGHTING!!!

  5. This looks super cute. Everyone looks great as well. YEH looks a lot more healthy and radiant than she did during IMY or maybe it’s just me.

  6. HOLY MOLY!!! What is Lee Dong Gun wearing?! :O
    It’s… it’s… I have been rendered speechless. Wait, let me just compose myself and come back in a second.

    Okay um… what he is wearing is unappealing and somehow I feel disrespected as an audience, LOL. He’s supposed to be the main male lead, no? So I’m shocked he did not dress to impress! He looks extremely run-down too. One would think the man should dress to impress because after all, this is his first come-back drama?

    On the other hand, Yong Hwa looks good although not great especially after seeing how sophisticated he can look in suit from the released stills! *0*

    I actually liked what Yoon Eun Hye and her future self (I haven’t learnt her name yet) wore. They looked the best among all other casts. 😀 Looking forward to fill my Mon-Tue with Mirae’s Choice ^ ^

  7. This preview is a hoot! Future Mi Rae is hilarious. I will be onboard. YEH is so real and the antithesis of a kdrama lead actress. I think that’s why I adore her as an actress and just finished rewatching Goong for the umpteenth time

  8. Did anyone notice the volcano looking thing at the end? There’s animations of important places in the show, and the volcano with the plane flying over it, the calendar and the globe are the ones I can’t put an explanation for. Is it some sort of hint????

    • That’s what I think too. Kim Shin died in the future and that’s why Future Mi Rae wanted to travel to the past to avoid meeting him. Maybe she thinks that it’s better to have never met him and not suffer pain than to have met him and suffer pain.

      • I think she wants to avoid meeting him because she thinks she is the reason for his death o wathever bad thing that happened to him, rather than avoid her pain she wants to prevent anything for happening to him 🙂

    • Omo. If Kim Shin committed suicide in the future then that would explain the great regret on Future Mi Rae’s part.

      I’m a bit sad that Future Mi Rae is messing up completely good (potential) relationships but also curious as to the why and if she will even succeed.

  9. LDG – what is up with the sweater? It’s a look straight from grandpa’s closet and so 1990s “just a little too big and doesn’t fit quite right” kind of sweater. Maybe he was going for super casual and opposite his character in style? It’s just so odd.

    Yeh – while I don’t like her dress, I think she pulls it off well. If anyone has to pull it off, it’s YEH. With the hair and the dress, she still manages to look great.

    The stills all look just a little awkward but hopefully, the drama itself is nothing like the press conference. I liked the longer trailer but I am going to wait and see how I like ep 1 and 2.

  10. OMG this drama has me so excited, I can not just wait until it is Monday, the teaser is so funny and yet so interesting I love, this drama will be the first on my list and I definitely hooked.

  11. SO EXCITED, I can not wait for the premiere, this drama has so much potential, finally a drama that has me excited, I can not simply wait for the first episode, yayyy I’m loving this so much.

  12. this looks really fun and exciting, this will I join my drama to watch, I can not believe the drama has not even begun and already has me totally happy, MHIYD Fighting ♥ ♥

  13. Omo, very nice preview Koala! This sounds superb, ultra-cool story. Curious though, how are they going to present this in full-length 16-20 hr episodes??? Waaaaah, so excited to see this!

  14. Hope Yoon Eun Hye’s Character have tons of skinship with LDG. Gosh, hes too cute.I like his dress down for the press conference. I seriously loved that preview, it had the elements of the old time lovable k-dramas. It seems good,and I know you guys see how YEH is rocking that hair. She really does look so fresh and bright Koala. She looks amazing. Like something is new. Or it could just be that she is just really content, shes not going to let haters mess her up anymore. Good for you YEH.

  15. This is the show I’ve been most looking forward to this yr (2nd to Heartless City, which already aired).

    I’m so excited, I can’t wait until its premier!!!!!!

  16. Love her dress not suitable for most of people but on her looks beautiful and her poodle hair when it comes to updo looks perfect on her milky skins..I love her skins..

  17. Viewing photos of press conference, movie premiere or award show for South Korean entertainment always a dreadful experience to me. My goodness, their dressing-up (I’m not saying fashion sense) almost all the time a complete horror.

    Frankly, I think the one that look the best here is the actress potraying “The Future Mi Rae”. As for YEH, being the one most commonly refered to as fashion icon, personally, I think her dressing up only looks good in dramas. Apart from that, it seems like her fashion sense is getting down the drain.

  18. i don’t think the rating will goes pass 15%
    unless chemistry of them proves me wrong…

    her character mirae is very similar to the girl in lie to me..

  19. O.M.G guys, did you see the newly release stills of Yong Hwa in suit?! Koala never posted about the previous stills of him in suit either… but how can she not? LOOK AT THESE!!!

    ~ I’m not a fan of YH or CNBlue but I can’t ignore such eye candy when I see it, LOL. Lee Dong Gun, you should have worn something like this at the press con. That’s really a terrible terrible apparel to wear. *Sigh*

  20. Just a difference in fashion taste, but I like the floral prints of YEH’s press con outfits in IMY and MHIYD. Both had a dramatic effect that made her fair complexion stand out. I am sure the texture of the cloth was not “upholsteryish” :-).

    Qualify poor ratings…these days, good ratings mean landing in the 15%ish…which means all her dramas had decent ratings, not poor.

  21. The teaser looks so good! Monday please comes fast!
    I also find It really clever that they make future Mirae as the one who travel back in time. The reason behind the time travel has potential to be rage inducing or at least head scratching. But since the one who make that choice is not our lead (present Mirae), no matter how disappointing the reason is, viewers can think present and future Mirae as separate person and just hate the latter and still like the former.

  22. I used to think YEH was pretty – she always struck me as a cutie more than a beauty in her younger days, but over the last year or two she’s become absolutely GORGEOUS, it’s like her expression changed somehow. I first noticed it in I Miss You, but looks like she’s got that beauty even in rom-coms, with an ajumma perm no less!

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