Last Batch of Drama Stills with Yoon Eun Hye, Jung Yong Hwa, and Han Chae Ah for Marry Him If You Dare

This coming Monday is the premiere of Marry Him If You Dare (Mirae’s Choice, with the alternative title of Future’s Choice). While the hype hasn’t been anywhere near the degree of Heirs, it’s got its own set of popular acting leads and an idol star so its been receiving plenty of attention as well. Yoon Eun Hye returns to her rom-com roots after trying out the melodrama Missing You (I Miss You), not to mention established leading man Lee Dong Gun returns to acting after a five year hiatus. In the modern entertainment cycle, five years might as well be fifty and his return is akin to Rip Van Winkle waking up to see the landscape has all changed. Of course its not so extreme, but there is some truth in how fast fan attention shifts and how quickly an actor or actress can be forgotten once they head to the army or have a baby or take a sabbatical. KBS released a few more new stills for the drama, nothing terribly exciting but worth a post. Yoon Eun Hye revealed in an interview that she chose the fried curly perm for her character as a sign of her free spirit nature. I adore her willingness to experiment with her own image and looks, but I’ve never been a fan of the K-drama penchant to use hair as a sign of a character’s personality. It would be amusing if being a trendsetter that she is, somehow she’ll usher back in the extreme permed look.

The other set of stills feature second leads Jung Yong Hwa and Han Chae Ah in a very sweet scene. He’s dressed in full chaebol heir suit and tie look and she’s looking luminous and happy as she receives a public love confession from him on set of a YBS show. This is either a fantasy scene or more likely a look at what should have happened if future Mi Rae had not meddled. Park Se Joo was supposed to meet Seo Yoo Kyung in Jeju and fall in love, while Mi Rae was supposed to get rear-ended by Kim Shin on the highway and their fate would begin there. So this scene likely shows Se Joo and Yoo Kyung’s love story in the original time line. I’ve been really charmed by the various stills of Yoon Eun Hye, Han Chae Ah, and Lee Dong Gun, but this is the first set of stills featuring Jung Yong Hwa that actually have a bit of animated bite to it. The one where he looks at Han Chae Ah definitely show me he’s feeling the love for her, as opposed to looking like a stoned statue. This makes me happy because if the second leads are supposed to end up together, at least he has chemistry with her, because his other stills with Yoon Eun Hye are the text-book example of what made Jung Yong Hwa such a dead actor for me in his two previous dramas. Absolutely no life in his eyes, but these new stills with Han Chae Ah are nice and get me hopeful again that he can step up his game to keep up with his other three cast members.


Last Batch of Drama Stills with Yoon Eun Hye, Jung Yong Hwa, and Han Chae Ah for Marry Him If You Dare — 27 Comments

  1. Maybe I haven’t been in kdrama land long enough but I actually didn’t know who LDG is till this drama was announced. I have no idea how popular he was or what image he carried, but I do know why he disappeared for a while.

    All I can say is… 5 years is a long time. When actors go for their MS, it’s less than 2 years and their agencies usually keeps manages to keep some hype up – specially if they are popular. Hyun Bin was never forgotten. I don’t think SJK would be, or LSG/KSH/LMH when they leave. I think many fans are really loyal so I hope LDG’s fans come out to support this and he gains new fans in the process. I can’t analyze it anymore than that because I just don’t know who he was…

    Anyways, I love the pic where JYH looks at HCA. He looks in love and it’s adorable. I hope they also get their happy endings. I honestly prefer dramas where the second leads have their own story instead of meddling 24×7 with the leads. SG and K2H are huge example of amazing second leads…

  2. YJH looks a little bit like sungjoon sometimes (when he manages to create some expression on his face!) and LDG looks a lot like a larger framed baksa adeul!

  3. I have a strong feeling I am going to dislike LDG character. According to the description, he has a natural biting, short temper personality. I think after the honeymoon phase of niceness, he’s going to start biting her and then do something unfathomable, ugly, maybe something almost unforgivable, which is why Mirae goes to the past in hopes of altering her future. I hope I’m wrong but then why would any sane person take such drastic measure to change her future? And if somehow Mirae just conveniently forgive LDG character, I’ll be annoyed. I’m intrigue how all of this is going to work out.

    I already have second lead fever based on the synopsis, I really hope I am wrong.

    • I thought that the main reason she time travels is that kim shin caused the death of someone she loves, whether that be himself, their child, a parent, or someone else that she loves… I am hoping that the reason he is the cause is not from being a bad person.

      • It could even be Kim Shin y’know. “I love you so much I’d change our past and rather you end up with someone else if it would mean you’d live longer”

    • The thing is, given the tone of the drama and the fact that they’re the OTP, he can’t have done something truly hideous or unforgivable, because that’d simply not work – you wouldn’t root for a hero like that to end up with the girl. There has to be a catch in this whole set-up…

  4. Okay so now JYH eyes have gotten slightly expressive. Now he needs to work on his cheeks, cheekbones, lips, neck, shoulders, and so on. C’mon JYH. Bring it on. You can do it. Relax. Acting is not posing, okay. I will cheer for you!

  5. Expression aside can we please acknowledge that Yonghwa looks gorgeous with that suit, wow. Based in the preview and the teasers he seems to be doing ok with his role, so I have high hopes for him in this drama.

    Anyway, really looking forward to this show!

  6. Jung Yong Hwa is gorgeous and I think he is convincingly a chaebol in those stills including the other set of stills of him in suit in Jeju which weren’t posted here.

  7. Well miss koala i just cant imagine ur feeling of chemistry or lack off just frm stills … yah there i saud it . U obbiously hated him for looking with those same eyes at parkshinhye in 2 previous dramas and now tht he is looking at aperson u dont specifically care abt u r content . Lol. U even go as far as to ship shinhye wd minhyuk .lol…. now i understnd all ur chemistry talking where its coming from .

    • I actually think that Park Shinhye and Jung Yonghwa had nice chemistry in both of their previous dramas, not the sizzling type or chemistry that conveys sexual attraction between two characters but more of the innocent, cute type of chemistry. But they were playing young roles then so I guess that’s just expected. As for Park Shin Hye and Kang Minhyuk in Heirs, they are obviously comfortable but not seeing the romantic connection yet, I’m still at that dongsaeng-noona stage when it comes to them. Let’s see in the coming eps.

      As for Jung Yong Hwa’s chemistry with Han Chae Ah, loving it so far. He definitely suits this mature character.

    • Well, what can you do? From the drama stills to the presscon photos, Jung Yong Hwa and Han Chae Ah clearly have that close to reality love line spark/chemistry (if you get my wordings) that he didn’t have with PSH in their last 2 dramas

      • i always felt that Yonghwa and Park Shin Hye’s chemistry is totally platonic in YAB and also heartstrings,it’s like seeing two best friends together
        i sense them being comfortable with each other but there’s no love sparks

  8. I’m really anticipating the drama. The story looks sooo good and hilarious 😀
    For me, Yonghwa still looks a little bit awkward in the preview but I’m sure he is going to improve especially because he is playing a different character.
    Anyway, Han Chae Ah and him look sooooooo good. Like sparks flying and all. May I say hot too ? LOL. I’m already shipping them so hard and I agree that having the second lead couple having a story apart from the main is really great especially if they look adorable like them. I hope their love story will have a good ending.
    This month is going to be amazing with so many good dramas 😀

  9. I think yonghwa till now haven’t show great acting skills in his previous dramas. But something that I really disagree with you is about his eyes, I found them so expressive and charming. They are the reason that I always end up watching his dramas. He is a really hardworking person and in the trailer I see improvement in his acting. Probably is to soon to say it but is just my impression.

  10. Actually YEH chose that hairstyle for Mirae because she wanted one that didn’t need so much effort to do. She wanted her character to have an easily doable style that didn’t require a lot of time and effort hence her hair and lack of makeup

  11. I thought Yonghwa’s preview in the 10 min preview was fully animated and absolutely charming. Disappointed to see it not being recognized properly here. Hope he has more in store in the real deal.

    • I agree with you Kelly. The scene where he’s caught between the two Mirae’s at the tv station was probably the funniest moment in the whole trailer because of his expressions. I think he’s shown vast improvement but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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