Yong Jun Hyung Nabs Best Rookie Actor for Monstar at the Korea Drama Awards

How come no one told me my baby Seol Chan won an award! My bad, Seol Chan is just a character, he’s not really real, despite Yong Jun Hyung delivering a stellar rookie actor performance in making him feel so very real. The Korea Drama Awards took place earlier this month on October 2nd and I honestly paid no heed and didn’t even bother to read the entire list of winners once I heard the ridiculous win of the screenwriter for the still airing Good Doctor nabbed an award. I wish he could have ended that drama with a meteor striking the hospital, just for kicks since his unfinished drama was already deemed the best writing. Turns out I should have checked the list because Yong Jun Hyung of Beast nabbed a best rookie actor award for his performance in Monstar (his co-winner in the category was Park Seo Joon for I Summon You, Gold). I was happy that Lee Bo Young bagged the Daesang for I Hear Your Voice and My Daughter Seo Young, not because I think she qualitatively deserves it, but because she’s delivering ratings monsters for her dramas and she’s toiled away for so many years it’s nice to see someone unassuming rise to the top. The rest of the winners are all silly IMO but who cares since this “award” was sponsored by the Korea Drama Festival. I’ll take Jun Hyung’s win as a popularity vote and that he definitely deserves. He was a big reason Monstar was so adorable and I hope he keeps on acting, hopefully sooner rather than later. His all-black suit paired with librarian glasses was pretty random, almost like he realized the award was that very evening and he rummaged through his closet for the least idol boy outfit he owns. He then put on glasses to old more formal, but then ruined the look when he forgot to change up his red-black shoes on his way out the door.


Yong Jun Hyung Nabs Best Rookie Actor for Monstar at the Korea Drama Awards — 24 Comments

  1. I miss Oppa’s blonde hair and hairstyle in Monstar…i’m not fond of this look here…but i’m happy for him for winning that award. He deserved it…he really acted well in Monstar.

  2. Hi, first time to post here just to say junhyung really deserves that award. Loved his portrayal of seolchan in Monstar. He and yeonsoo shined in that coming of age drama. Hope to see him in another drama soon.

  3. lol at your comment miss koala about some of the winner are all silly. i think some of the nomination also couldnt make sense before but now i know the reason when reading this article.

  4. My fav picture here is the one of the fans taking pictures. I love how almost to a person, they are in their school uniforms. I wonder how many of them told parents they were going straight from school to their hasgwons when really they had planned with their besties to stake out the red carpet instead:)

  5. I like his all black outfit. Have always like dark on dark or light on light. I wish his love for large glasses would diminish though 🙂

  6. Awwww he’s wearing a suit jacket and….cargo pants?! Looks like someone really did rummage in the closet, but I’m happy for the win – at least it went to an actually decent performance, even if he’s more popular as an idol.

  7. discovering this boy was like when i saw jung eun ji for the first time in answer me 1997.
    Although she wasn’t as strong in her follow up TWTWB, i thought she killed her character which was probably like her carbon copy, just like yong jun hyung killed his idol character, which im sure he could relate a ton with.
    I’m sure that’s what help them give such strong performances, cause they had a place to tap into their characters.

    Alot of these award wins were obviously popularity vote, but i really enjoyed seeing Lee Bo Young win her first daesang for her hard work. She must be in the most happiest time of her life!

  8. omg ! look at those school girls ! i would have been one if he was looking like his monstar character ! but thisssssssss omg he looks super ridiculous and shabby ! ewwww he looks like a need lunatic that just ran out of a psyco house ! lol i missed my beast oppa where the hell did u take him !

  9. It is so funny reading how much you all hate the way he looks here and I for the first time (and I watched Monstar) think he looks adorable. I am a sucker for glasses and I like him in black and with darker hair – I even dig the shoes.

    • I like his look also! The shoes aren’t bright red, so they don’t stick out that much, and I love the glasses.

      I think the fact that Koala likes him 🙂 is probably better proof of his acting skill than the actual award, judging by some of the other winners/nominees.

      • Hey binmom, our baby sure likes big glasses. I wonder if he really needs them? Ya, the shoes go with the outfit.

      • Oh, are you checking out potato star. I have and i am really liking it. Ha yeon soo has great comedic timing and there are bits that are LOL funny. I am loving yeo jin goo in it too!

      • I love Potato Star! Ha Yeon Soo and the Harvard guy are hilarious. Maybe Junhyung will do a cameo… please?

      • Omo!!! I never even entertained the thought, just coz he didnt seem to want to head that way unless it posed a good challenge. Yes yes please answer our prayers drama gods.

        Am really surprised at how good ha yeon soo is with physical comedy. Anywya, its 120 episodes, just hope it doesnt go crazy. Right now, its great. I LOL at some secnes like *SPOILER ALERT*.**************************

        Like playing she in the bathroom. Soooo funny!

  10. EEK, I’m so happy JunHyung won an award. He definitely deserves it since he was enjoyable in Monstar and I hope to see him in another drama soon. BEAST! <3

  11. oh this baby boy seriously deserves this award! he’s super talented! not only as a singer/rapper/idol.. but also as an actor.. oops.. he produced some singles and song writer too.. this guy is most wanted! congratz uri Jun Hyung 🙂

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