2013 Drama Reviews: A Year of Unexpected Dramas Both Real and Reel

I can’t say 2013 has been a great year for me on the personal front, and that sentiment extends to the drama offerings I’ve sampled this year. On the upside is a general feeling of acceptance and I don’t mean that in a depressed and resigned way. I rather came away from the year happy with the ups and relieved that I survived the downs. Same goes for drama watching and seeing the good stuff being so entertaining while the terrible mind-numbing stuff slid right off my back like soft butter. I found 2013 a fun and uneventful year for the drama watcher – there were unexpected surprises both good and bad, and one giant hyped up drama that was a hoot following along with. Sageuks and melodramas ruled the roost while a genuine rom-com was nowhere to be found. There were plenty of Kings and even one Empress, but it was the Heirs that got everyone talking even if mostly to make fun of it. Cable made another giant leap forward to the mainstream consciousness and with it came greater selection but not consistently higher standards.

A good drama was still a rare beast indeed, but I found enjoyment in even the bad dramas if there was something worth staying around for. This year brought another group of new pretty boys to the forefront while some established pretty boys went off to the army. The anticipated couplings weren’t always winning due to poor script or chemistry while a few seemingly random pairings added delightful energy to the viewing experience. I can’t say there was one drama that I loved above all else and beyond all reason and that was one thing I missed dearly. A few dramas came close to tapping that crazy-in-love nerve in me but none quite hit all the right beats and most always limped past the finish line. While last year was all about the time-traveling, this year sageuks ruled the airwaves with more than the usual numbers even if some were better left untold. The year started with decidedly low buzz, ramping up with high profile Spring fare, leading into the supernatural ghost genre having a small run over the Summer, followed by Fall with lots of potential and none fulfilled, and finally a whole new batch of Winter dramas launching even as I press publish on this year end review. Let’s take a look back, shall we? Continue reading