Heechul of Super Junior Makes a Cameo Appearance in Episode 4 of Heirs

I’m sticking with Heirs/The Inheritors because I’m enjoying it, but it doesn’t hurt if Kim Eun Sook piles on fanservice of the type that I personally love. With that said, even though it’s a small episode 4 only cameo appearance, I’m stoked that Heechul is taking a turn around Heirs-land playing an idol star. Krystal’s character Lee Bo Na is the heir to an entertainment company, I’m assuming something along the lines of an SM entertainment that both produces its own content and represents its own actors and idols. In episode 4, Heechul shows up as an idol friend of Kyrstal’s but it’s unclear if he’ll actually be performing on the drama. Heechul posted a picture of him with Kang Min Hyuk on the set of Heirs filming his cameo appearance and I totally squealed to see these two cuties in one frame. It’s been nearly two months since Heechul finished military service and I hope this cameo leads to his drama return soon. I love Kang Min Hyuk’s Yoon Chan Young to an unhealthy degree, and if that means I’ll have to tolerate childish and whiny Bo Na, then so be it. I think her character has some endearing qualities, but Krystal’s acting and voice are just so grating she just turns me off the moment she scrunches up her face into a pout and opens her mouth to start complaining about something. I want her and Chan Young to really have their own side story so that I can see then doing normal couple things to help me understand why he likes her. But since she’s the heir to an entertainment company, I can foresee Kim Eun Sook bringing more idols to the drama as a jolt of fanservice further down the line. I hope she branches out from the SM idols and maybe some of Min Hyuk’s CNBlue bandmates can drop by for an appearance. 


Heechul of Super Junior Makes a Cameo Appearance in Episode 4 of Heirs — 17 Comments

  1. Let’s see, Jungshin made a cameo with him during his MHGAF drama. And, since Yonghwa is doing MHIYD and he had already made a cameo during AGD… Maybe Jonghyun? ^^ Can we have a Woo Bin/Jonghyun reunion pleaaase and if it’s not too much to ask maybe throw a little bit of Jong Suk in the mix? They were adorable together in RM xD

    • lol Woo Bin adores Jonghyun, he mentioned that he thinks he fall in love with Jonghyun the moment he heard Jonghyun sings
      they did hang out in their free time
      Jong Suk also hangs out with the cnblue guys. so much hotness together

      • CNBLUE + JongSuk and Woo Bin… Too much to handle!! I really love all 6, I’m not even trying to fangirl but their personalities seem very sincere in shows/interviews. I would love to see a few of them together in a drama lol even if it’s for a few seconds :p

      • Yes all cnblue and lee jongsuk together …. pleaseeeee….. i ll b dying of hapiness…. but yonghwa cant becz hes in drama too …poutyface

  2. I find it ironic that Heechul is acting in a drama after calling out on SM Idols for sucking at it.

    (But really though, Heechul’s relentless honesty is the best thing ever.)

  3. cnblue member 🙂 they are nice, dorky and humble band-idol yet close to others especially males either mcs (yoo jae suk, kang gary etc), actors, singer-songwriters (yoon jong shin, yoon doo hyun etc).

  4. I like CNBlue members, all of them have grown on me. They seem like a bunch of cute and nice kids to me. Kang Minhyuk seems to have mature well to me, he was like a young boy, so baby-faced when he first debuted.

    I’m not too keen of cameos, I don’t really care actually if it’s done well. A few cameos will not hurt as long as Kim Eun Sook focuses on the main plotline.

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