Park Hae Jin and Yoo In Na Join the Alien-Actress K-drama My Love From Another Star

With the premiere of Heirs on SBS, clearly its time the production of the follow up drama My Love From Another Star (formerly known as Man From Another Star) starts getting down to the business of finalizing its man cast. Kim Soo Hyun has been onboard since forever, and Jeon Ji Hyun was recently confirmed despite being widely rumored to join him. This is an exciting and different drama OTP for sure, and I’m 100% onboard this particular noona-dongsaeng pairing since in the story he’s just a young looking 400 year old alien while she’s a Hallyu actress. Yunho has been in talks to join the drama as the second male lead, a man who loves Jeon Ji Hyun’s character and they have a business engagement but she’s totally not interested in him romantically. Whether Yunho will join or not is still up in the air, but in the meantime SBS has locked down two more main cast members. So Yi Hyun, who recently wrapped the tvN drama Who Are You, was initially confirmed to play the second female lead but in the end the role went to Yoo In Na, herself having recently wrapped the weekend drama The Best Lee Soon Shin. I like both ladies well enough so it’s an even switch for me. I think they both excel at playing the haughty frenemy role, though Yoo In Na has more natural warmth and aegyo at undercutting the bitch tone. Park Hae Jin, who has been more active in China than in Korea these last two years, though he does have a major ratings win K-drama My Daughter Seo Young under his belt, has just been confirmed to play the main antagonist role in this drama. He’s the heir of a major chaebol corporation and the older brother of the second male lead that Yunho is being considered role. I like Park Hae Jin even if he’s a very limited actor, he has the looks and charisma but never seems to pick a drama that I enjoy watching. This one might be it, though if he’s the main villain, we can all get ready to pile the hate on him for being the main obstacle for why the alien-actress OTP can’t be together.

If IU takes the leading lady role in Beautiful Man (and it’s fairly certain she has), then the two sisters in The Best Lee Soon Shin would be competing directly for ratings in the same timeslot. Though Beautiful Man will have a few weeks lead time before Star, so ultimately the ratings won’t be contingent on each other and will likely be measured on its own merits (or lack thereof). Yoo In Na really is keeping herself quite busy, which is good for her career and also helps pass the time until her honey Ji Hyun Woo is discharged from the military in the middle of 2014. Other then Yunho potentially joining Star, the rest of the cast is totally my cup of tea.


Park Hae Jin and Yoo In Na Join the Alien-Actress K-drama My Love From Another Star — 8 Comments

  1. Park HaeJin. love him in Famous chill sisters and east of Eden.
    So happy Yoo inna is on board.
    Just hope YunHo will not take this role cause Kim sooHyun will eat him (alive, him being alien and all. hahahaha) acting wise.

  2. This is not related to Man from Another Star but I love your site. I was wondering if you are watching SECRET? It is quite an enjoyable drama.

  3. Love Yoo In Na. She’s got charm and gumption combined. I enjoy her acting and glad she’s onboard. I hope Yunho declines the role as his acting is atrocious to say the least .

  4. I pray everyday yunho does not accept this role. Please!!! Heaven gods!!!

    I prefer yoo in na to the other lady so i am very happy 🙂

  5. There’s a certain charm about yoo inna. She’d be high on my favorite actresses list, but she’d wouldn’t be quite as high on my list of best skilled actresses.
    I guess that charm makes watching her on screen even better.
    I expected her to be getting lead roles after queen in hyun, but i do like the fact that the girl doesn’t mind taking these second lead roles.

  6. Park Hae Jin also played a villain in East of Eden. I hated his character in that drama at first, but felt sorry for him later on. I like Yoo In Na better than So Yi Hyun so I’m happy for the switch. Yoo In Na plays the tolerable witch role well.

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