Jang Geun Seok and IU Looking Good Together in First Look at Pretty Man

Come and take a piping hot first look at Jang Geun Seok and IU in the upcoming Pretty Man. The title was at times translated as Beautiful Man or Pretty Guy, but KBS is sticking with Pretty Man. This drama airs on Wed-Thurs after Secret on KBS, so if the ratings rankings currently hold, PM will have a nice cushion in when it premieres since Secret has been enjoying a nice ratings lead over Heirs, though the gap shrunk a nice jump this past Thursday. IU’s casting was just confirmed last week, though y’all heard me say for weeks she was going to do it, despite just releasing a new album and having concerts scheduled for November. I’m not speculating as to her role in this drama, but I’m guessing based on the title alone that the story will be focused on Jang Geun Seok’s character Dokko Ma Te, so perhaps IU will be able to toggle her music career and filming this drama for the next 3 months. Let’s hope so because so far her character sounds way more relatable, an ordinary girl who unfortunately has a long standing crush on the “most beautiful man” played by Jang Geun Seok. I think all the tittering aside that he’s not good looking enough these days to play this character, but the first look at the two leads at the poster shoot proves yet again that when Jang Geun Seok sheds his real life persona and steps into character, he’s always compelling to look at. It’s ironic that he isn’t cutting his hair for this role, despite the manhwa character having short hair, whereas IU did cut her long locks for this drama but her manhwa character had long hair that she wore in two buns. The poster shoot shows that two leads in the typical rom-com-is interactions – she’s perched over his shoulder, he has her slung over his, they both look cute and perky. I’m not into how cutesy the PD is directing IU to act in some of her shots, I get she’s an earnest girl but the gestures are a tad excessive. All in all, this doesn’t look bad right off the bat, so I’ll keep training a wary eye on the production and see if my interest grows as more material is released.


Jang Geun Seok and IU Looking Good Together in First Look at Pretty Man — 57 Comments

  1. it would be nice to see JGS in a normal hairstyle again. when i say normal, i mean not like this. He’s good looking yeah, but sometimes he creeps the hell out of me because he keeps getting weirder and weirder. his fashion sense especially. he’s like Johnny Depp wannabe. in all his characters.

    Just my two cents.. i hope JGS fans won’t kill me with their comments after reading this.

    • I completely agree about JGS–even though he is naturally handsome his grooming creeps me out. His hair and wardrobe are simply not credibly masculine for a romantic lead. He is much too egocentric and androgynous. I used to think it was his sylist’s choice, but it’s really just who he is.

  2. OMG ?!! they are sooooooooooo cute and pic where jgs in holding iu is so sweet 🙂 i really can’t wait the look so good togther 🙂

  3. Sigh…the hair…I have convinced myself that he will come back to being the JGS I love when he cuts off his hair, almost like untying some magical curse…lol….I realize now that this may never happen till he enlists

    • no no no he will cut his hair for sure . he told his fans at the fan meeting that he would . if he were never to cut it why would he tells his fans that he will . i’m guessing that he will cut it when the drama star filming which is in a few days only . but god !? i have to say that he is looking damn gorgeous in this pics !>_<!, and he made me fall in love with him all over again ,despite the long hair which if he kept this look in the drama , i wouldnt mind at all 🙂

  4. JKS looks amazingly handsome, though he hasn’t cut his hair yet. IU looks so adorably cute. I start to ship them. PRETTY MAN fighting !!!!

  5. Loved him.disliking him.Despite all this,I was excited about photo shoot,thinking that I will see a clean cut JKS with new hairstyle…well,ya…Nth changed.IU.I have always loved her.All the best.

  6. Perhaps it’s just me, but the apparent age gap between the two characters is creeping me out a bit. Maybe this doesn’t come out so much in the manhwa, but here, seeing JGS dressed to the nines, looking like a full-grown man, and IU pulling the innocent schoolgirl look (down to her colourful prints and socks) is kind of disturbing. Especially if they’re meant to romance each other.

  7. Oh I was waiting for this post because I was so surprised by how well it turned out. There is also a Han Chan Young article that gives some interesting background info on the drama plot.

  8. I really do not see any chemistry going on… She looks like a little kid next to him! She’s so much shorter than him and dressed in these untasteful clothes (including those awful socks) doesn’t help either. Who the heck dressed her up like that?!

  9. Short or long hair, i think JKS looks good. Glad to see actor Jang back.

    IU is pretty with long hair but she looks cute with short hair. She is supposed to have bad fashion sense so i can understand why they give her such weird clothes.

    I am surprised they actually look good together. This is a very typical manhwa story, nothing too intelligent or unexpected but if they can do it right, it will still be interesting to watch. I am looking forward to how the scriptwriter will write and make changes to the source material. From what i heard, she has never written a drama despite her movies doing very well.

  10. Premiering post-Secret? I’m not sure the ratings cushion will hold, since the slot will be left wide open to Heirs, unless Pretty Man turns out to be really good. But a Jang Geun-seok vs Park Shin-hye ratings battle? Bring it, I say!

  11. So tired of his long hair, I think his unwillingness to cut it actually hinders people form believing his characters and people just end up seeing JGS playing JGS (even if that’s not case).

    Love IU’s haircut she looks too cute, will keep tabs on this drama for her and Lee Jangwoo ^^

  12. I don’t understand why a woman wants to wear socks with high heels. It seems weird n nerdy, or is it a new trend or something?

  13. They look good together, as i imagined.
    I can see this show as being a fun(not necessarily good) show to watch. The concept is ridiculous in my opinion, but it is based on manhwa, and in my opinion so far most manhwa adaptions were fun to watch even if some sucked balls. Group 8, which brought us goong, boys before flowers, and playful kiss were all ones that wasn’t too hard to watch.

  14. I’m definitely not into his long hair but at least he looks like a guy. Unlike the Nate posts where next to IU, I can’t tell who’s the heroine.

    Secret’s rating have been climbing high by the day and heirs have been stuck under 12 until before Thursday, so unless it takes a significant lead, I say Pretty man has every chance to start off with a high. Don’t think audiences are into high school or medical dramas at the moment. On the other hand, romantic comedies have been pretty successful with IHYV and TMS boasting some of the ratings high this year. So I wouldn’t bet my money against this – even if it’s definitely not a show I’m looking forward to.

    • Not sure if its the genre that people are in the mood for, more that it’s the luck of the draw.
      Good Doctor got above 20% ratings, whereas Medical Top Team is flopping in ratings.
      IHYV and Master’s Sun all got above 20%, so you would think they’re in the mood for rom-coms. Except melodrama Secret is mostly dominating even if it hasn’t reached the 20%.
      Ratings is an interesting one, in that there is really no general pattern.
      It’s all in the story,characters,actors,actresses. Whichever drama sticks out amongt others. I’m guessing they’re tired of seeing the same ol same ol.

  15. JGS is a excellent actor, he has the potential. Waiting now to see if the plot and writing is good. Heir is seriously overrated, all the famous idols in the drama is only pulling in mediocre ratings. It’s fun to watch but easy to forget.

  16. hahhaa his hair is longer than her’s !! i never saw this guy hot other than in you are beautiful and he looked gay in all others but ironicaly so manly in those shots then gay in the last one !! hahahaha i remebre seeing a photo of him with painted nails of different colors hahahhaha

    • Can u plz stop with your Ignorance . Gosh! Many Idols have their nails painted . Lee hong ki of F.T.Island himself wrote a Book on the nail art fashion , does that make him gay ?
      Having long hair n androgynous looks doesn’t make someone Gay .
      Jus coz Matt Bomer looks manly enough, does that stop him from being gay ?

      I jus don’t get to understand y do ppl judge a person based on External appearance -_-
      It’s all about the emotions one has , it has nothing to do with clothes or long hair.

      • Yup agree with you. And there are Koreans who talk & have girly gestures/mannerism but they are married with kids.

        If they will watch JGS interviews & hear him talk for me he is definitely a man! Though he may look pretty like a girl.

      • Thank you! I was just about to ay the same thing!

        Please, hibz (and some others), stop with your ignorance!!!

        Just because someone has a long hair or a different sense of fashion, that doesn’t make him gay!

        I also don’t appreciate the fact that many people are like ‘OMG, if JKS would cut his hair, he’s be so much hotter… OMG, he is so weird with this mop on his head… OMG!’

        What the heck is up with that?!?! You either like him or not. What the heck his hair style has to do with anything. It’s not only his looks that make him what he is. It’s more about his great persona/friendliness and acting/singing chops. He can dress up and make his hair one way and you’ll love him but then he can dress another way and let his hair go and you’ll hate him? WTF?!?! That is very superficial way of thinking!

        Although, I have to admit that he sometimes goes overboard with his fashion and hair style but that certainly is not gonna make me think different, nor less, of him…

        Actually, as opposed to may, I prefer JKS with his hair long because it makes him quite unique!

        None the less, he is very handsome one way or another and what makes him that way are his abilities and his unbound way of thinking, his free will and behavior.

  17. If Jang Geuk just got a bit buff, not even all the way, just not stick skinny, he could be hotter. His voice alone gets me though. But if he buff up like Kim Hyun Joong or w.e he’d be hot.

  18. IU so lovely!!! I haven’t watched her in You’re the Best Lee Son Shin but as an idol I love her! She’s sassy and cute, so down to earth! And Jang Geun Suk despite being lately kinda Diva, he’s a great actor, an amazing kisser and has chemistry with all his female leads (MGY is still my fav.)
    I’m judging just by the posters but I think they’re going to have great chemistry, which is the most important thing to me.

  19. Jang Geun Suk & IU both of you are looking soooooooo preeeeeetty. I’ve become more excited now… oh gosh please please come November 20. And i have this feeling that this drama may seems typical but it may turn out uniquely unusual.

  20. First thing that came to mind; what’s with those awful clothes on IU, particularly the socks? Then I read that she had no fashion sense in the drama so I guess these stills are ok. I think IU looks more attractive with long hair. They do look cute together, but no matter how much I like IU and love JGS acting, I am keeping myself at bay until I hear good things about this drama. Trim the locks for a change JGS.

  21. Everytime I have anticipated JGS’s dramas with great expectation because he truly is a very talented actor. His past two dramas have disappointed me, mostly the plots, not his acting. After seeing these pictures, I will eagerly wait for this new drama. Hopefully it will turn out good. This seems to be all of our wishes here! Fighting!! And I hope Miss Koala will write recap of this drama as I really enjoy reading her blog. Thank you.

  22. I just hope this drama works for him. Let it be his comeback drama. It will be hard for him (personally, I think) to take on another acting role if this drama doesn’t do well in the ratings department. I wish people still miss IU after watching her 50-episode LSS not too long ago.

    Here’s for decent ratings. Of course just second to Heirs at least, with two-digit ratings.

    • Yes agree with you. After seeing you are my pet where is sit under the lead actress with open leg. Is the curse that the Asia country believe for him. Hope this is the lucky lady that will bring him back to YAB days of glory.

  23. When he is good, he is very very good.
    As K said in her article, he is able to shed his own strange persona and get into character.

    We rely on the writer and the directer to make sure that character is interesting and believable and sympathetic on paper, then JGS can do well.

    The My Pet debacle had nothing good for him to do in it. I heard HE was good in Love Rain, but the show wasn’t. Was it really that bad, folks?

    • Honestly JGS was the savior of Love Rain. His acting is the sole reason why ppl could Atleast complete the drama but still the plot is too slow and boring yet JGS shines and he made it possible to bring out great chemistry between him and Yoona.

      Talented artist , I must say . A good script is all he needs at the moment , his acting skills are never questionable.

    • Love Rain was indeed quite slow but I loved the chemistry between him and Yoona. They were definitely the best part of the show.

      As for the acting, most cast was ok but he was great as ever and Yoona pleasantly surprised, as well. She improved a lot and was quite good.

      And Dale, for a good chemistry to work you always need input from both sides. It wasn’t just JKS that brought it out. It was both of them.

      • i think the chemistry will be good if both are very good actors or at least one of them is really good which will bring the best out from another. i think the reason why keun suk always make a good chemistry with his co-actors are because he’s really good and he can bring the best out frm his partners.as i see frm his drama BTS..he always try to break the ice around others and get along really well..he try to creates a comfortable atmosphere in the filming site..and of course frequent discussion and practice also necessary. among his drama..i think the best on-screen chemistry he has is with MGY..not to mention PSY is the best chemistry he has ON and OFF screen. i hope IU is good. BM fighting!!!

  24. JKS must make it this time round. The way I look at it, I hope no more Hot kiss but more hugging should be good enough.
    While ‘Heirs’ is at the tail end, hope he can get some decent ratings to give him more encouragement and confident.
    Good luck !!!

  25. is her character supposed to look so young? she looks like his 12 year old sister! I’ll be checking this out from sheer curiosity.

  26. What I dont understand is how youre not even more popular than you are now.  Youre just so intelligent.  You know so much about this subject, made me think about it from so many different angles.  Its like people arent interested unless it has something to do with Lady Gaga!  Your stuffs great.  Keep it up!

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