Vic Zhou Wins Best Actor at the 2013 Golden Bell Awards in a Star-studded Ceremony

What is that you said? I can’t hear you over the ear splitting screaming still coming out of my mouth for the last 24 hours, give or take a few. I thought I had long since stopped caring whether deserving actors win awards or getting pissed over undeserving actors snatching a statuette. It’s a popularity context and a crap shoot, so its easier to sit back and just watch and move on. That being said, Vic Zhou getting majorly shafted in 2009 for the Best Actor Golden Bell Award for his role in Black & White by his very own buddy co-star Mark Zhao in the same drama still stings. I like Mark, make no mistake about it, but he did not deserve it and won only for his daddy’s power play lobbying. Zai Zai then went into a prolonged funk over it and their friendship never recovered, though things are apparently on the up and up since Zai Zai is currently filming the sequel to the hit rom-com Don’t Go Breaking My Heart with Mark’s real life girlfriend Gao Yuan Yuan. Zai Zai flew back to Taiwan last week from China during a break in filming to attend this past Friday’s Golden Bell Awards, and my beautiful man went home with the award this time for his performance in the cross-straits production period war drama Coming Home. Everyone and their mothers knew this awards was less for his performance there (which was fantastic if a bit too depressing) and more righting a wrong for B&W. Doesn’t matter, all I know is that Zai Zai was handed the award by presenters Sonia Sui and Bolin Chen and he was beaming with joy. So was everyone else, the audience was thrilled and that included his fellow nominees. Best part was Zai Zai’s biggest competition in the Best Actor category veteran actor Long Shao Hua ended up taking home his own Best Actor statue in the TV movie category where he was also nominated. It appeared this year was all about spreading the wealth and I’m happy for all the winners. The fashion walk of stars was also surprisingly gorgeous with only a few questionable dresses. Check it out below! Sadly Nikki Hsieh didn’t end up taking home the Best Actress award for her performance as a deaf-mute in Die Sterntaler, but she’s still young and will have many more opportunities ahead of her.

The 2013 Golden Bell Awards was Zai Zai’s night and he never looked happier. The suit is just okay, but the guy wearing it makes it look good.

An Xing Ya, she’s the Taiwan Jo Yeo Jung, except without acting ability. I think the dress is different but I don’t like the pattern on flesh colored mesh because the mesh part is so obvious.

Bolin Chen, love it all, even the facial hair. Best dressed male at the event, his tux fit perfectly.

Sonia Sui, anytime Sonia doesn’t cry or accidentally show her cootchie at the Golden Bell Awards is a good fashion outing for her. The dress is different and Sonia can wear it, but I haven’t figured out if I like it or not. Probably never will.

Leroy Yang and his lil co-star Le Le from the hit sitcom Two Fathers. Could they be any cuter? Little Le Le’s entire outfit is such a win, I’m jealous I’m not 7 years old so that I can wear it myself.

Stop trying to Vogue, Amber Kuo! You’re never going to be anything other than the cute type.

Ahhhh, much better. Her dress makes her look like a really old present, but the length rescues it a bit.

Liu Yi Hao and Li Wei Wei, these two walk the red carpet perfectly complementing each other. Win!

This, one the other hand, is the opposite of complementing. Janel Tsai looks scary, like she wants to start eating kids and kicking kittens with her harsh makeup, and James Wen looks all fuddy-duddy. These two are models before being actors, what gives on the fashion and make up fail?

Nikki Hsieh. I lub this girl and I love the red dress, the color looks great on her. The hair and make up is also lovely. Only thing missing is bringing Chris Wu as a date so I can imagine Terry and Da Hua’s night out. Heh.

Lene Lai. I can’t deny her figure is to-die-for, but the dress looks like a cross between a wedding dress and a performance dress where the outer layer can be ripped off on stage.

Selena Jen. She picked a great color in the bright blue satin to stand out from the sea of dresses, plus its always a relief to see her continuing with her recovery.

Two out of three Dream GirlsTia Li and Puff Guo. Their acting ability aside, they are both really beautiful and I think their dresses, hair, accessories, and make up was hands down the best of all the ladies at the event. And between the two of them, I give the slight edge to Puff.


Vic Zhou Wins Best Actor at the 2013 Golden Bell Awards in a Star-studded Ceremony — 41 Comments

  1. I can barely type this because I am recovering from jumping up and down with glee since I saw the news on your twitter account (hours ago–so now I am getting a little sick from all the jumping–great cardio though). He looks fantastic. He LOOKS FANTASTIC!! Oh, did I say HE LOOKS FANTASTIC!?!?! What is it about this man that makes me turn into a 12-year old girl? I could look at him kissing that trophy all day. Yup just might do that. (off to get a snack–need to reload after the workout–and just munch and stare.)

    • On the topic of kissing, holy shit his kissing scene in Wish to See You Again …… DAYUM. Such a contrast to some of the chaste kissing I’ve been watching in K-dramas. Bring on the kissing!

  2. OMG! FINALLY! That was looooong overdue! I’m so extremely happy and thrilled for Vic Zhou! And he really does look radiant! XD Thanks for sharing the news!

  3. My god!!! It’s really a long-due win and I’m so happy for him!! He used to seem moody and in a state of depression a few years back but now he seems genuinely beaming with happiness, winning is just like an add-on to his happy state. I think maybe his love life, career and mind state is currently stable. I watched his interview earlier this year and It really seems he’ve grown to be a great guy with improved conversational-skills. Haha.

    Too bad for Mo Zi Yi but I’m sure he will have more chance next time.

    • I love his interviews – he is always really witty and charming, unlike when you read news from the media about him where it always makes him seem really withdrawn. And omfg, his giggles and fits of laughter and humour is just too cute.

  4. Congrats to Vic!!!

    But the suit really bother me, as much as the STATUS had been rightfully his for a long time, that suit is really not.
    After seeing Lee DongGun for a few weeks in a suit, I have been subliminally reminded that THIS IS HOW YOU WEAR A SUIT as Kim SHIn flies over my head.

    But Bolen looks GORGEOUS….

  5. Vic Zhou looks great except his tailor needs to be shot! He is swimming in his suit and his pants are too long….Bolin’s suit is the best tailored.

  6. Wowzers. Didn’t know Vic and Mark had a fall out because of an award (!?!). Maybe I was living under a rock or something. I dont wanna judge but that’s a little too small a reason to lose a friend. Or maybe they do take it too seriously. Anyway – good for Vic. Not in love with his acting but he’s the best out of the bunch – so very deserving.

    I lurveee Puff’s whole attire and look. She looks like a princess with that hair. So much love. LYH and LWW look ahmazing! Sooo cute together. Bolin looks hot and sexy but my god I do not dig that facial hair. He’s the best in Taiwan (in my opinion) to carry it off – yet I still prefer my Li Da Ren.

    • Zaizai have said it too many times ago, that although he and mark shared a good relationship during B&W filming, they were never really FRIENDS to begin with. So with what those pesky reporters saying that they had a fall out is basically stupid. As they weren’t “friends” to begin with. And to be consistent, 4 years after, with zaizai’s win this time, of course the media did not forget about this falling out thingy and asked whether he and mark could be friends again. And zaizai simply responded that to him “friendship goes beyond having good relationship during filming. It involves continuous contact with each other even after the filming has long ended. And for that matter, they really do not have contact with one another”. Zaizai has always been like this, his introvert personality makes it difficult for him to easily make friends.

  7. After Black and White it was obvious to viewers that Vic’s character had the most impact throughout the drama. His acting has improve tremendously and it definitely show in Black and White. I’m still surprise how Mark Chao had won for Golden Bell Awards. I’m happy he finally won, but really is the award and indication of Best Actor? After the incident with Mark, I think the awards are given to ones with the most connection not real talent.

    • But at least, zaizai won even if he almost had zero connection and does not actually care with the play of power that’s happening to the industry he belonged. Goes to show that this time, it was his talent that is worth the award and not anything else.

  8. I have to say he deserves it. And also that he has the best pair of eyebrows in the Asian entertainment industry. And Bolin…so cute. Have to say I become a big fan after In Time With You! Love them both!

  9. I never quite understood the OUTRAGE over him not winning the award back then. It was my first time seeing him act and I personally was not too impressed as I found him to be overacting a lot.

  10. I was so happy for Vic…but his suit still looks terrible.

    I never finished watching 2 Fathers…I should probably.

    Bolin…looking fab dear

    I didn’t like Nikki’s dress because of the top…and the (I think) Charlotte Olympia shoes were a bit off

    I agree with most of the rest…that green/mesh thing was a no

  11. OMG koala I want to join your 24 hour scream and trotwood’s jumping up and down! So happy for him. I’m so giddy now because I feel so proud of him. Watched those F4 boys grow up from their MG days, so it feels like he is family, my own lil dongseng. Before Li Da Ren, I always wanted my very own Hua Ze Lei! But definitely he has come a long way from HZL, and to think that becoming an actor was one of those freaky coincidences for Vic! And is it me, or he’s just getting handsomer as he gets older? Its true his suit isn’t the best but his smile is too dazzling, I can’t see the suit very well anyway!

  12. I’m glad he finally won, but on the other hand I think he’s a bit tainted over how much of a sore loser he was over the loss. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose – that’s the nature of the game.

    Can’t unsee unfortunately.

    • I didn’t t think he was a sore loser but was probably really disappointed. The whole sore loser thing was definitely sensationalised by the media – think about it, it was the perfect angle for them to take coming from the win to get more people reading. Being a Vic fan and following his interviews, I feel that he is introverted and has low self esteem so he really internalised his disappointment and was probably more critical towards himself than towards Mark or whatnot.

      • Well, those who view him as the sore loser during the 2009 GBA are actually the ones WHO KNOW LESS OR NOTHING OF WHAT TRULY HAPPENED BEYOND THE CAMERAS. Because a lot of those inside the industry know the darkness the clouded 2009 GBA. And it was only until now that some of them finally had the courage to speak up and SAY HOW CERTAIN SOMEONE ENDED UP BAGGING THAT AWARD.Doing such a thing makes him and his father look too desperate for such an award. Yet all this time, it’s zaizai whom some people used to believe as desperate. Really, ironic.

      • @ Kaizen I don’t feel passionately about either of them (Mark or Vic) and, to be honest, I don’t really care about behind the scenes drama. But that’s life, some things you win, and some things you lose. I think he could have handled it better.

        @ lychii04 Perhaps graceless is a better term than sore loser? He does strike me as a quiet, introverted guy though, so maybe it was just that.

        I certainly don’t care enough to get het up about it though – although apparently enough to make a comment or two!

      • yeah. So I guess I should understand your lack of knowledge and understanding of what happened since you’ve outrightly said that you don’t care anyway. But then, artists are also people. And I guess anyone done something like that by the people he/she trusted the most would feel betrayed too. For Zai, it’s not about winning or losing, it’s more about the trust that was lost(not to mark but to the director).

  13. All Mark did in B&W was scream. Can’t BELIEVE he took it that year. Vic did great with his role in B&W, even though his character could’ve been more worked on for better growth. I hope Vic agrees to a B&W movie!!

  14. This literally just made my morning! I was jumping up and down screaming “Fck yes!!” non stop haha. I’m so glad Vic’s getting the recognition he deserves, as he’s continuously strive to improve his acting repertoire rather than relying on his looks and playing into the whole idol drama market – which I really respect. Also, personally I don’t think the award was only about righting the wrongs but because of his stellar performance in Home. I honesty love that he took a risk with that drama and the amount of effort he put into it. I’m glad that he is “my bias” in the sense that I do see so much growth and the fact that I can easily follow his filmography and not find too many rotten eggs (perhaps way more gems) unlike my K-drama favs who sometimes really just make me ugh with their drama choices.

    Wow that was an essay haha. Just so proud of ZZ…. Though I wish he had a better outfit for his glorious moment. He looks too… business-y here for me.

  15. yessss congrats vic! it’d be great if they could put aside their issues aside, and they weren’t bad as a duo for B&W.

    zai zai is reminding me of jang dong gun here.

  16. I am just so ecstatic, happy, joyful, on top of the world, all the best adjectives to describe Vic Zhou’s winning the 48th Golden Bell Award. Congratulations,to my ONLY fave actor in the whole of the entertainment industry. You DESERVE it!!! without a question from all quarters, without a blemish of power behind it, nor a taint of malicious backing. You really come clean and very, very much worthy of the recognition and accolades. So very UNLIKE during the B&W era.

    For this I salute you, Vic!!! You are GOOD inside and out. So pure and untainted from the politics of the entertainment world.

    Thanks Koala for supporting all these years, a rare breed of an actor, our BELOVED Zhou Yu Min.

  17. Sorry but I think Vic Zhou overacted in B and W. I felt nothing great about his performance. Crying over the award in 2009 is too pretentious in my view

  18. Everything would have been perfect if it was Ariel handing the award to him. Dayum! Why is this girl in London now when we need her?

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