Just You Wraps Up This Week with a Double Wedding Happily Ever After

It’s the rare Taiwan idol drama that doesn’t end in a wedding. I don’t mean just having a happily ever after, TW-dramas are awesome in always wrapping it up in a big bow in the form of a wedding. It might sound trite but goodness these dramas are always the exact same thing just repackaged differently so why bother even ending in an original way. Just You (Just Want to Make You Fall in Love with Me) has been one of those dramas that has thrown in every kitchen sink element and still I don’t remember what happened seconds after watching it. I still hung around and watched it all while it aired, which either says I have too much free time (NO) or there was something rather entertaining about all this incompetence (YES). Aaron Yan and Puff Guo had a solid first outing together, and for her it was a validation that she could be the female lead. SETTV loves to recycle popular onscreen pairings so don’t be surprised to see Aaron and Puff headlining a Sunday night prime time SETTV drama soon. I really liked them together, but I think their characters and the chemistry helped a lot. Aaron as the uptight boss, Puff as the spirited gung-ho employee, the living together and working together hijinks. It was all so easily stacked together to let an hour a week fly by. I would have enjoyed it much more had the drama not introduced the horrible second female lead, character and actress, who is one of the worst actresses ever to act. Though conversely second male lead Dean sorta made up for it by being supremely awesome all the way through. The drama wraps up this week with a double wedding in the works. LOL, I totally forget the other work place couple was technically still hanging around and will need their happily ever after now that the Boss has taken down the no dating at work rule. I think Puff looks adorable, with the short dress a great choice to match her character’s personality, not to mention Puff’s short hair. I think her wedding hairstyle is darling, though I would have loved it if the production changed up Aaron’s ginormous airplane hanger forehead bangs. Mid-way through the drama it started to get out of control and then sometimes I would sit back wonder how much hairspray it took to keep it at that 90 degree angle jutting out. JY turned out to be an inoffensive trifle that seemed to bring fun to audience and cast members alike. That counts as a win in my book.


Just You Wraps Up This Week with a Double Wedding Happily Ever After — 19 Comments

  1. I read from Facebook fan page that the two wedding couples do not include Aaron & Puff, but include Aaron’s screen parents. Aaron & Puff are the best man and bridesmaid supposedly. Though I would be delighted if they turned out to be getting married after all. All will be revealed tomorrow. Indeed this is the cutest Taiwanese screen pairing! I will look forward to the recycled pairing!

    • Yes this is true to the max ! Since I saw other stills in comments ovr at viki that showed his mother in a wedding gown ! That totally explains why she is holding the RINGS koala ! One thing that slipped out of your knowledge sister !

  2. Aww Aaron and Puff are love! They’re so cute together and I really like their easy going chemistry. No intensity but then again, I seriously don’t remember any T-drama couple having intensity even half as much as K-drama couples do. Which for me is refreshing really. I hope SETTV gives them another drama that is better story wise.

    I agree about Jia Yu being such a bad actress. But my goodness Qi Yi’s parents are so so bad, I’d call Jia Yu decent! The moments when I’m supposed to be tearing up or at least feeling bad, I end up rolling my eyes and wanting it to be over already. They are just not tolerable – at least to me.

    Also… Everyone is so damn pretty in this show. I’ve never seen an ensemble cast where every single person is just… Gorgeous lol.

  3. This is the one show I am watching now, and I realize that I can watch this show becaue it does not require anything of me. there really was no angst. I was never concerned that the OTP would not get together. I even enjoyed the really bad second female lead because I decided to watch it on viki.com and got to read all the comments throughout where other viewers yelled every time she came on the screen (like T-drama version of Mystery Science Theater). I am glad Captain Koala brought up Dean. He isn’t just one of the best second male leads ever but also one of the best friends ever. I love romance and bromance. I am going to sad to watch the last episode because I need something that just makes me feel good and doesn’t have any calories.

  4. I enjoy this drama. It is fun to watch and the Arron/Puff pairing really works. A character like Puff in this drama is one I hope to see in KDrama one day. Gung-Ho, loyal, and brave in a non confrontation manner. Love her character.

  5. Awwwwwww haha this drama was just so cute I almost feel bad for giving up on it (almost lol). I always meant to catch up but I’m just watching way too many dramas right now. I also kinda wanted to check out The Pursuit of Happiness but just haven’t gotten to it.

  6. This drama is very cute, very fun to watch and makes me happy:)
    And the main couple, they are so adorable. Hope they do make a drama together again.:D

  7. absolutely agree that this is one of the best taiwanese drama! I think it’s not because of the storyline because it’s just mainstream, but aaron and puff have such a great chemistry. I just love it every time they appear together. Although sometimes I found puff’s voice is a bit annoying, she’s still cute with her way of portraying the character. I always wonder when this will end since it aired episode 20 last week but after knowing it’ll wrap up this week, Im kinda sad. Please make another idol drama for this couple!

  8. It’s just an easy watch and makes me smile every Saturday morning . It’s a win in my book.

    Oh yeah that female 2nd lead. Gosh she should quit acting.Even the the worst K actors are better than her. Is she famous or what?

  9. This drama is like comfort food. Aaron and Puff together on my screen always bring a smile to my face and give me a warm and fuzzy feeling. I will miss the show when it ends this week. 🙁

  10. This drama just rocks the cheesy which is a total win in my book! Just You made me giggle and squeal a lot! I’m so looking forward to their future drama pairing.
    Now about the second lead actress, you’re right, the drama was going fine until the horrible acting of the second lead actress (I don’t even want to call her one) appeared. She should be banned from acting period. Horrible acting is an understatement to describe whatever she was doing because it’s worse than that. If she was only at least as good as Puff’s “Vivian” in Miss Rose the drama would have been far better.

  11. Redicoules characters, no story (or at least a story which could have been told in a two-hour-movie) and an extra unbelievable setup (what kind of an office is this? nobody is working!). Most of the time I can’t understand the motivation of most of the characters. Why do they do what they do? As nearly everybody has pointed out, this drama has huge flaws. Still I watched all episodes and will watch the last one too. The OTP is sooooooooo cute! Nevertheless, I admit, the fast forward button is my friend.

  12. I will be sad when this is over. I have loved every cheesy moment. Wait. I take that back. I loathe that second lead girl. I mean, really, really loathe her. Probably more than any other second lead girl. Ever.

    As for our adorable OTP and of course, Dean, I will be sad to see them go. Here’s hoping Aaron and Puff get recycled together quickly!

  13. Apparently, this show does give me a very relaxing mood after watching it as it is not so darn serious like Secret love by Ji Sung . Aaron Yan used to look very “natural” but recently, his “plastic surgery effect” and the makeup makes him look like a cyborg or a walking mannequin. No offence to Aaron yan’s fan. I like him….too.

  14. LMAO! Totally agreed with you. I liked it better when the second main girl didn’t show up in this show. I’m just like what is the whole point of your character again?… To screw everyone and be a dumb chick lol… I wished they could have introduced her wayyyyy laterrrr!

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