Wrap Party Pictures from Marry Him If You Dare and All Signs Point to Shin-Mi Rae Ending Upon Re-watch

Yes, I must be micheoseo to re-watch any part of the last episode again. I confess that by the end of episode 16 of Marry Him If You Dare (Mirae’s Choice), I was literally holding onto my sanity by a thin thread. I finished my recap watching the episode once and put it away. Today I went back and re-watched the last 5 minutes in excruciating detail and I’m going to flip on my first impression that the ending veered towards suggesting a Se Joo-Mi Rae future in the present time line. I think everything about the ending and epilogue suggest the present is still Shin-Mi Rae, both practically and emotionally the only conclusion that validates this drama journey. I still am baffled that the Korean audiences preferred Se Joo. If it was Yong Hwa fans I’d get that, but general drama viewers as well makes me feel acutely the cultural gap that would lead domestic viewers to like the nice uncomplicated rich guy v. prickly complex self-made guy. For all of Shin’s getting off on the wrong foot with Mi Rae, I totally think she was equally at fault and it was two fiery people colliding in interesting ways.

Anyways, back to the ending, Mi Rae’s voiceover was the giant clue so my recap didn’t specifically translate the two nouns she used to describe the two different Christmas miracles. I’ve gone back to correct it in the recap and now I’ll explain why it seals the deal that she picks Shin. Mi Rae says “친구” (chingoo) which means friend when she says “a friend who left coming back”, and then she says “연인” (yeon-in) which means lover for “hearing from a lover one has not heard from in a long time”. I saw it on Viki translated as “soulmate” which isn’t precise but does capture that she refers to it as more than a friend. That makes it clear what Se Joo and Shin means in her heart – since Se Joo is the one who has been in the US, he is the friend from far away coming back, whereas Shin hasn’t kept in touch with her during the entire time of his debt and lawsuit so he’s the lover that she’s reconnecting with since we saw that his lawsuit was just resolved. And Mi Rae’s last line of dialogue further seals the Shin choice for me when she says “This is the happiest Christmas of my life” – of the two guys only Shin has a connection to Mi Rae wanting to spend the best Christmas ever with a lover. It comes from the episode where she wanted to spend it with Shin and have dinner and she was so excited but he heard the horrible future and thus decided to push her away. Whereas she and Se Joo filmed the Christmas program doing fun friend things. I hope my analysis took away some of the bitterness of this drama because once I figured it out it made me feel much much better.

The epilogue is of course future Mi Rae back with her future Shin, but the pictures in the box also lean towards present Mi Rae picking Shin since she put in there in reverse order pictures of Gun from baby until he grew up. The thing future Mi Rae wanted the most was to see her Gun grow up. Forget how present Mi Rae can send a time capsule to future Mi Rae, the point is her present to future Mi Rae was to let her know that she and Shin raise their Gun to adulthood.

Since I’m feeling much happier knowing all the clues point to Shin-Mi Rae, looking at the cast going to and attending the wrap party is a much sweeter moment of appreciating their hard work and wishing them a better project selection the next time around.


Wrap Party Pictures from Marry Him If You Dare and All Signs Point to Shin-Mi Rae Ending Upon Re-watch — 71 Comments

  1. I always get a jolt whenever there are such wide cultural differences like Korean audiences preferring SJ to KS. Then I to remember, oh yeah, these are KOREAN dramas. 🙂

  2. That actually makes me think better of them going on different paths after they spoke to each other. Even though she joked about dating again (a clear hint she’s not engaged to Seju like Shin thought) and did say maybe for the future, that walking away from each other still bugged me.

    But you could look at it as not final, but the two going their separate ways for the last three years (it also explains to her smile, which looks like a smile of someone happy to see someone after a long time) figuring out their own lives until they met again at the bookstore and finally get their Christmas together.

    The cast all look great. I’m sure they are thrilled this ordeal is over.

  3. Koala you are my “She-Ra” when it comes to giving honest opinion on a show or event. 95% of the time you write exactly what I’m thinking. I never ever comment on your site but this time around I had to just to let you know…You were on like donkey kong….Love ya from a rabid fan of your site

  4. miss @koala insisting the mirae shin otp even made own analysis,when the original otp of this drama is supposed to be park seju and na mirae.

      • Original story way back when was Seju (though he was a different character) and Mirae’s character supposedly. Says YH fangirls. This person is always making weird comments though so they might mean something else…

    • @SUNSHINE – you now CAP your name instead of the content. Good improvement! LOL… I guess you are Yonghwa’s fan if not the writer? When did the second lead ever get the girl in the history of K-drama?

      • @candycane When Park Shi Hoo (before the scandal) plays the second lead.

        Second lead getting the girl can happen but there needs to be tons of chemistry (enough to bury the main guy) and a nice logical sequence of events leading up to it. Here its just…

    • @sunshine why don’t you tell us your own analysis if you think the otp is sejoo-mirae? this drama told us from the beginning that it is shin-mirae from the beginning. i don’t care about the original script. it was to obvious that shin and mirae are the otp. how long have you spend your life with korean drama? even someone who never watched korean drama can easily tell that they are meant to be together.

      congratulation! your broken capslock has been repaired!

      • it’s according to korean media i’ll give you the link if this site is capableof it,or you can read the comment of @hallley on MHIYD episode 16 recap of this site.

      • yes i’ve read it. i know this drama should has a lot of dating scenes of mirae and sejoo. but it was before this drama aired.

        you can ask to people all around the world who watch this drama. we only saw mirae-shin as the otp. no sejoo-mirae. blame on the writer or everyone who changed it into something that you hate.

        if you want sejoo end up with mirae why don’t you remake this drama? you could be the writer.

        you are the one who can not accept the reality that all evidences point to shin-mirae.

        you talk in the wrong place. please just leave a comment in JYH forum and you will get what you want because all people there think the same as you.

      • Seju was mistreated by the writer. He was made a clingy and therefore obnoxious character, that didn’t understand the word NO. That’s stalkerish and disgusting.

        I guess, that Western/international audience has a problem with men behaving like that. Following some netizen comments on this topic it appears Koreans want to feel loved, it isn’t necessary to love by oneself and therefore Seju was so popular. That is a very alien concept to a Western person.

        Koreans otoh have no problems with women not choosing how their life will go. Latest example is Heirs. *SPOILER* In the last scene LMH and WB fight and LMH declares, that WB can have the girl. WUT?! That’s a behaviour a Western audience would never ever accept.

      • Lol why are you blaming koala, blame the writer. She’s the one who fucked over Se Joo’s character again and again.

      sorry to brust your bubble but to most of the international fans who don’t care about YH getting the girl it’s obviously Shin/Mirae
      and sorry YH didn’t have that sizzling chemistry with YEH to break the role like park shi hoo did!
      our taste is different from yours, to us Shin as a character with many flaws but he appeals to us more than a clinchy character who can’t understand the word “NO”

      and I don’t care about the original script even if it was YH the male lead LDG appeals to me way more, his chemistry with YEH is over the charts

      plus that’s her blog she can write whatever she wants!

  5. koala cant move on yet from this drama. me too. i watched the last part of ep 16 again. trying to find clue, a little tiny clue. i believe it was kim shin. but you convince me more that it was truly him. i am happy now, i think i could sleep well tonight. don’t care what people think about who end up with mirae. for me it always shin from the beginning.
    anyway koala, last night i re-read your posts about MHIYD before it was aired. full of anticipation. i feel the same too. now it was over. after passed the rollercoaster episodes. but i am happy. thanks to you koala.
    i am waiting for their next project as well. and waiting for your another drama recap too. 🙂

  6. I’ll take your conclusion as the end of this drama…because like you said in last post..this drama about Mirae choice to challenge herself to follow her heart bravely or take the easy way find a rich chaebol. And she choose to follow her heart…although it’s take too long to make a decision, not to mention how many heart broken and a man became a fool because oh her.

    About the K-viewers choose Sejoo over KS, it’s not about cultural…but about someone choice, wish, and don’t forget about age. Claiming all the viewers as YH fans is belittling YEH and LDG fandom…isn’t it? And how we know all YH fans want him to get MR?

    From the K-nets respons we can see most of them are young female who wished to have a chaebol as a lover, they don’t see MR doesn’t love him, doesn’t care how she keep lying to SJ until the end that she already knew SJ is a chaebol from the start, don’t see the point KS suffering because he want MR to be happy, and don’t forget he do that because FMR asked him to. And think the more a man made confessions, the more he loves someone, THIS…only people who are matured can see something is wrong, but for teenage girl..it’s wonderful.

    • Thanks for explaining to me the allure of SJ. You did a great job and now I understand even though that is wholly beyond how I would view picking a guy. My reference to YH fans liking SJ is simply because as a character he’s not very attractive hence I couldn’t figure out how viewers could prefer him over Shin other than because they like YH playing him. You explained that to me and now I get why his character might appeal to some viewers.

      I’ve seen a pretty even divide of YH fans wanting him to get MR or YK, no shade I think his fandom easily would have their own preference of which leading lady character they like for SJ.

      • LOL..you can’t assume all YH fans like SJ character, especially the last 4 eps. You can see how the writer made him like a fool…and that’s why he’s the 2nd lead.

      • I like se joo character as a vj, but when he’s a chaebol, uugghh.
        the writer ruin his character since 4 last ep.

    • Exactly. In the end it’s all designed to be vicarious. Chaebol? Sign me up. And I also think that there’s some weird reverse Oedipal trend going on in Korea right now. It seems like young and immature guys are all the rage over there, or so the entertainment industry would have us believe. I don’t get it, but hey, I’m not Korean.

    • I agree , there’s no other explanation why the JYH’s fans wanted sejoo/mirae ending eventhough she didn’t love sejoo ,and sejoo didn’t really love mirae like shin loved her .Don’t forget the yellow toy car = Mirae .

    • This.
      I love Se Joo, so the way the writer wrote him on the last for episodes of this drama pissed me off. The writer murdered his character. It was so different from the Se Joo who showed respect to Yoo Kyung at the udon shop.

    • Some people were talking about a korean article that was released as to why the audience responded more positevely to Sejoo (it just talks about the character not the actor), some of the translations were posted on twitter but I still can’t find the article or anyone that has the full translations but the bits I got was that people liked that he was the only characyer that was affected or swayed by FMR (or destiny) that even if they kept telling him otherwise he kept control of his present and his decisions. I guess over there they saw it as a virtue while here I just saw it as he was being clingy as hell lol. Again these were knly bits mentione a few twitter posts and I was hoping NB would post it but nope.

      Anywho, I will go with Koala’s interpretation of this ending, it does actually make me feel better about the hours I wasted watching this lol

  7. I also did the same thing..keep repeating last part..but gun is the name of her nephew, from oppa. But she considered him also as her baby, thas why oppa said if you (mirae)like this, other people will think he is your baby.
    And for ending i think it goes more to se joo because when mira said “friend and lover ” thecamera pointed to se joo..i guess this is win win solution from the writer….the future mira with kimshin while present mirae with se joo.

    • When Mi Rae said friend coming back it was separate from lover reconnecting. She was referring to two different persons. It’s spoken grammatical structure with the pause. Think Eats, Shoots and Leaves vs. Eats Shoots and Leaves. I also meant the baby in the epilogue is the same Gun as FMR and FKS’s baby Gun, but his name may or may not be Gun in the present timeline. We don’t know since it’s a silent scene. It’s the same baby actor used in the flashbacks to Gun though. The point it that baby is to show FMR that in the present MR timeline she had a baby boy w KS that they raised to adulthood.

  8. It DOES make me feel better.. Thank you very much, Ms. Koala!

    These two weeks, I cannot bear to watch the last two episodes after the See Joo proposing scene, for fearing that I may go berserk. Especially after knowing that so-called open-ending in Ep 16.

    Kudos for the cast & crew for their hard work, even with the drama having so low rating and the plot going downhill.

  9. i stopped watching about ep 11 but when i was skimming through ep 14 the time cop said the moment FMR came here their futures changed so FMR going back won’t do anything but i guess i’m going to buy the time capsule portion given the assumption that what you bury 25 years ago can still be there if no one touches it lol

  10. Koala, I love how you proved Shin and Mirae got together in the end. This makes me feel so much better. You know, I was feeling so angry I couldn’t even bear to watch the last two episodes. But reading what you said, I think I can now. Here’s a big big hug from me to you.

  11. This is why i love you, Ms. Koala. When you watch a drama, you write a lot about it, not just recaps. You write posts about upcoming episode’s preview, stills; you write appreciation posts, about your favourite otp, etc,etc. Unlike Dramabeans, you know, no matter how much they love a drama, they just write recaps, nothing more.
    So i want to say Thank You.

  12. Thanks for correcting your interpretation of the ending. Your corrected explanation above is the same thing I got from the ending that was presented. On top of that it is also the ending that deems most logical if we were to consider the drama as a whole. There was no way for feelings for Sejoo to develop during the time jump. I think Mirae would have chosen to remain single had she not chosen Shin as shown by the calmness of her demeanor in the epilogue. And if we analyze from all the events that transpired, events seem to have an inevitability whether in her present time line or in the alternate parallel one. We can teach our minds what to think, but our hearts will only beat one way.

    I hope YEH and LDG get better projects in the future. The only thing that was keeping me interested was watching them act. Thanks again, Koala!

  13. I find the korean viewers reaction towards Shin’s character is weird (if it’s true). There are so many male lead character who are worse than Kim Shin, yet they adored that character. Is it a new trend in korean because they are already tired for an arrogant, jerk male lead character? Or the male lead is unpopular for some? I don’t know…

    But even that I find Kim Shin refreshing. An ordinary people who has a bright future and has own principle. He doesn’t rely on his family’s background to live or super power ability (highest IQ) way more realistic than several male lead in korean drama if not chaebol or has extraordiary ability aka they are too perfect to be true..

    • Maybe it was FMR saying he was a bad husband and a terrible person who caused Mirae all sorts of pain and killed someone? And that was repeated over and over again until we found out the truth near the end. Kdrama watchers loves jerkasses, but fangirls love them because they change into better people because love. But when we met Shin he wasn’t a nice guy and in the future he only got worse (said FMR). So I can see why they didn’t like him/ship him with Mirae.

      He should have been a super nice guy to start with to maybe contrast what FMR was saying about him or the audience should have been given a chance to like him before FMR said he was a murderer… might have helped.

      • Also Shin was the only character who was constantly berated all the time about his personality. Nobody got on Mirae, Seju or even YK for their faults, but Shin’s were always pointed out and even his positives (integrity, honesty and being highly principled for a few) were seen as negative.

      • Melissa

        It seems like it’s asking too much to have male leads that are strong and principle. Nope, we want someone who turns into amorphous goo when he catches sight of our totally unloveable/undesirable heroine! Because that means we have a shot with a sap like that too! *barf*

        I like my guys like I like my girls – go getters who don’t grovel for anything or anybody. That’s why I’ll defend Shin till the cows come come, lol.

    • I can finally see why they don’t like Kim Shin at all… Really, It’s all Future Mirae’s fault who declare all Kim Shin’s flaws (And Kim Shin doesn’t even behave like a real jerk like FMR paint him form earlier episode. It’s all FMR sentiment, right? It’s funny) that makes him looked bad not only for the char in the drama, but also for audience. And yet they said they were planning to make Kim SHin – Mirae’s couple…. headeache…

      But still IMO it’s not the main problem audience lost interest. How many real audience who were watching MHID are k-netizen ? It’s not young female, it’s the ajumma who control the remote..

      I think the real problem is more about the drama is almost pointless there is no real story to begin with.. We are waiting for major interesting development but it seems the writers is more interested in developing another sub sub plot that are not the main issues… Too focus on Mirae – Kim Shin – Se Ju love triangle which is POINTLESS and not add much substance! the writers and producer is wrong to interpret k-netizen as the whole korean viewers opinion.

  14. Thank you Ms Koala, it was such a relief that MR picked KS in the end. I adore this couple. I luv YEH and LDG. They looked so good together. Hope to see them in another project again.

  15. Knets has an unhealthy obsession with chaebols. I realized that it doesn’t matter if the lead character is an ass. As long as he’s a chaebol, they’ll let him get away with anything. If only Kim Shin had a birth secret, you’d be sure the ending wouldn’t be this vague.

  16. Thank you Koala for coming back to the ending and allowing us to see your process. I saw the ending very much the way you wrote above and was sad that you HAD seen it so differently. You and I are so often on the same page so I was surprised at how divergent we were on this point. But now I feel better. Thank you for taking the time to share with us your thoughts. This show may have been heavily flawed but it lingers with you and it makes you think which I have to say I kinda dig. I also appreciated that the writer was showing such wonderful female characters that go through such growth on THEIR own without the need for a man to get them there. I am often frustrated by Kdramas seeing a woman securing a man as the end game in life – there is so much more and this writer dared to show it. Yes! I feel we missed out on what was a beautiful romance between Shin and Mi Rae in the past but lets face it that marriage sounds like it turned to hell and neither one was capable of getting them out of it (until one went to drastic lengths to make it never happen). I am happy that the Mi Rae and the Shin we have at the end of the present are both stronger people that will not let life beat them up the way it had in the past. LDG was wonderful in this. Criminally underused towards the end but each scene he made work in small and brilliant ways. The scene out on the terrace where they talk but with a great physical and emotional distance between them and when she walks in he has to cover his face to keep from crying just KILLED me. I really hope he does not take another 5 years to act in a drama – he is deserves a great career. I adore JYH and was happy to see that his acting is getting better all the time. I hated what the writer made his character into in the later half of this show. NO means NO. But I am happy to think that he finally got a clue and he stayed friends with MR and maybe even FINALLY saw how amazing SY was. See this is the upside to such an open ended show I can imagine whatever I want.

    Again Thank you Koala for all your fun (and hard) work.

  17. Koala, thanks for you recaps and the explanation on the grammatical structure of what Mirae said.
    I very much interpreted a Shin-Mirae ending as well, which made me happy despite not loving the drama but I have to say I liked it more than The Heirs and find it qualitatively better as well.

    Like you, I was frustrated by the lack of overt romance but when FMR told Shin everything AND still there is no PDA between Shin and Mirae, I kind of switch gear and looked at rhe drsma in a new light.

    Notwithstanding the parallel universes, perhaps it’s good that Shin and Mirae did not begin their relationship at all, at least not till that they have both changed and developed into someone able to handle what the ominous future holds for each of them, which they did. Shin held on to his principles in the end but no longer blindly so amd Mirae grew in confidence of herself.

    After FMR left and having resolved all their personal issues, Shin and Mirae are now able to start on thd right footing and fibally abld to have a goox futurd together. The happy ending is so subtle just like how this whole drama is… the epitome of subtlety to the point of excruciating.

  18. thanks so much for this article. i rewatched it too n based on the baby pictures n others pictures…i believe it’s shin too. i love YEH n LDG. n like everyone else…it was sad that there was not much romance…also i think YEH n LDG deserved a better written drama. i’m thankful that their acting is so good. also thanks for the insight about future lady seeing the baby grow into an adult. that totally makes sense. also the adult picture looked like shin when he was standing wearing all black. i thought it was a younger version of shin. also the baby totally with the eyes looked like shin. but most of all it made sense when u said that the pictures were to show future lady that their baby shin’s baby…grew up. that was awesome. thanks

  19. Ms Koala, thank you for sharing your thoughts. We both came to the same Shin-Mirae conclusion. I feel that they were really meant for each other. YEH has always been my fave actress. LDG stole my heart in this drama not only with his look but I am really impressed by his great performance. He displayed such fine acting in his comeback project. I am beginning to like him. I look forward to all his future projects perhaps another drama or movie with YEH with more romance. It is my dream.

  20. Even I dislike the writer..this drama can speaks for many women married men that violent/into drug or like KS…that wishing for another chances redo their life. I prefer the open ending since MR’s heart still belongs to KS even she doesn’t wants to break SJ’s heart!!! Thank you Okoala nice job.

    • Yes, agreed with you, and if they watched it carefully, not just give comments, they would learn from Ahjumma, a marriage needs effort from both, she admitted that she’s in fault too. The important thing is make a choice and do it, don’t hurt another person just for our own happiness, it’s so selfish 🙂

  21. First time reader and commenter here just making an observation.

    I am pleasantly surprised by the number of comments here in support of the Shin and Mi Rae pairing as I was under impression that the majority of net fans were were bent more in the direction of MR and SJ.
    Maybe I just hang around in the wrong places. 😛

    But it’s nice to see that others see what I see. 😀

    • yep. Not sure about Knets, but I think Seju/Mirae lost a lot of fans internationally with the clinginess and the whole she doesn’t like him thing.

  22. It had to be Shin Mi Rae in the end otherwise Jo Guk would have been mad! 😀
    *feeling like watching City Hall again*. Le sigh.

    Thank you Mrs Koala for providing us with a satisfying closure.

  23. Well I’m still disappointed, with the awful writer , with the coward nondescript ending she built to look good with sejoo fans and kim shim fans, both sides have the enough evidences to proclaim themselves winners respect who choose mirae . I hope YEH and LDG get better proyects, where they can show off their skills and viewers give them the recognition they deserve.Obviously they are great actors but unfortunately this is not enough they need a good writer to help them with a solid script , this drama had great potencial buy a disastrous writer. And a agency or production that didn’t help in the least, they were just idly watching as the ship was sinking.

  24. Although I am late in posting, I still want to share my thought that Koala made my evening, lol. I have the same conclusion as to the cliffhanger of Na Mirae, I believe it was Shin whom she finally settled with and had a baby because they both turned the events from the past and made their relationship worked happily ever after. Thanks for all posts regarding Na Mirae and till we meet again.

  25. Thank you Koala. Your analysis also made me feel better about the ending. It was sorr of a closure for me knowing that it is still Mi-Rae and Shin. I hope LDG and YEH get great projects after this drama.

  26. I needed to hear confirmation that it was a MiRae/Kim Shin ending, so thanks! But am I the only one who is disappointed that there was no SeJoo/YooKyung wrap-up? I mean, he originally fell in love with her and she loved him in spite of future MiRae’s efforts to secure him for herself. ANd YooKyung was made out to be such a likable second female lead that I really thought he would fall for her at some point. I am really shocked this didn’t happen.

    • YESSSSS I WAS SO DISSAPOINTED WITH THAT TOOOOO UGGHHHH everything about this ending was a mess… i hated her character in the begining but after a while (and im saying a longgg while,like episode 9) i really wanted him to fall for her!!! because i felt so bad for and understand her,watching her fall in love and then getting rejected,then him sealing the deal for her that “hey,this is it,i really dont like u,so there’s no chance for an “us” and watching her fall apart and then him fall apart,its like “dude,shes right there! give her a chance already!!” they were kinda perfect so that he doesnt stay alone and i pitied her sooo much after seeing her living circumstances and her mom’s condition,i wanted to cry and say”se joo PLEASE!!! GIVE HER A CHANCE!! it sucked that they didnt SHOW him ending with her,but i believe they have a chance that they did. remember,they were both going to U.S. for there dreams,they couldve fallen in love and he just came back at the end to buy mirae’s book and live happily ever after with Yookyung ,while mirae stould happily ever after with kimshin. i believe that,because he(se joo) WAS getting a soft spot for her(Yookyung) after seeing how much she liked him and how poor she lived,he started to actually CARE for her and smile at her allot more,so i believe they ended together.he just had a soft spot for mirae and wanted to buy her book because she was his first love.he wanted to see her sucess :)THAT IS ALL.

  27. Hi Ms. Koala, after reading your analysis on the ending. I am still unsure as there are a few details that didn’t make sense should Mirae ended with KS. Maybe you can better clarify it for me.

    Firstly, in the last episode, why did Mirae not protest going to the lunch meeting with her oppa and Miranda, Seejoo to discuss wedding plans if she was not planning on marrying him in the first place?

    Also, why didn’t she agree to break up with Seejoo when Miranda asked her too, even though it meant that Miranda was going to banned KS from the broadcasting world? Why did she answered that” money and power can’t move one’s person heart or feelings”? That was a declaration that she has feeling for Seejoo.

    Thirdly, why did she asked Seejoo to give the ring back to her if he has feelings for her after she has made herself worthy of him at the dinner that she made specially for him. She could easily told him that she wanted to break up instead of giving his hope that she wanted to better herself for him and that she would be able to be someone that can also do something in return for him? I mean it doesn’t make sense to say those words if she was not wanting to be with him in the future. It felt as though she felt Seejoo was too good for Mirae and she was wanted to make him happy.

    In the final episode, when she was talking to her new employer regarding making the program on the humidifier, she also commented how the employer reminded her of someone who has been helping her a lot- referring to Seejoo.

    If she was still interested in KS, why not date him during the 3 years as they were in the same country and she was free if she had broken up with Seejoo. Why waste 3 years when they were not that young in age anyway? I mean saying that one is not meeting another because the guy has a debt is no excuse. If you love someone, you will not care less about money.

    Lastly, Mirae had a happy and surpise look at the end of the scene. It was as if she was pleasantly happy to meet someone she was not expecting. Maybe that was the reason Seejoo returned a day earlier than planned without her knowing of his return. He wanted to surprise her at the book store instead of heading home when his secretary suggested upon his pick up from the airport.

    It would be great if you can explain above as those were the reasons I concluded that it was Mirae- Seejoo.

    Thanks 🙂

    • OOOOOOHhhhhhhhh you make a good argument. I think it can best be summed up with “lazy writing”.

      Or, this is how i think of it. I think she did have feelings for Se Joo as well, and that she did break up with him, but just used better words. I think she was thinking of marrying him and that’s why she met with grandma, and that’s why she also didn’t coompleltey break up with him at the end. I think she just wanted time to build her career, and time to let the guys do what they had to do. I agree with your analysis though to a point.

      No way Mi Rae would have just not dated Shin just becasue of money. She told him too, it was also becasue he hurt her.

  28. omggg u had the same EXACT analysis as me!!! SO glad that u said that,cuz it just sealed my wanted prediction of the ending even more so,so now i definitely think the ending HAD AN ENDING(especially the ending i was thinking of). now i feel a little better AHH *breathes out sigh of relief* THANK GOD someone suggested this page to me,u put me at ease hahaha. i think that she ended with shin but the produer/writer just left it an open ending because allot of american/(now i know korean too)fans wanted her to end with se joo(because we all love yonghwa xD) and he didnt want anyone mad at him,so he left his original purpose in order for no one to end up dissapointed at the fact that she didnt end up with se joo(idiot writer/producer or both) ,but he made us ALL mad lol,(except for those insane,crazy idiots who loved the ending,those of which,i will never understand…)

    ill admit,once i saw there was news that yonghwa was going to be in a drama (FINALLY AFTER LIKE MILLIONS OF YEARS SINCE HEARTSTRINGS!!!) and i heard he was going to do it with YOON EUN HYE(!) of course,being a die hard fan of gorgeous yonghwa <3 and cnblue AND yoon eun hye who is like,queen of kissing in dramas and always has the best roles(ive watched probably everyone of her dramas)i was rooting so hard for yonghwa and yoon hye:

    a)because ive been such a fan of him since heartstrings and youre beautiful,and when i looked into wiki to see if he had any other dramas as the lead and saw nothing except for those two,i wanted to shoot myself. LOL so when i was waiting for him foreverrrrr to come out with something else and the plot seemed so good,i didnt want him to be second lead again getting rejected as the handsome beautiful nice guy getting the boot,(youre beautiful), no matter HOW handsome lee dong gun is(and believe me, he was HANDSOME,i saw him for the 1st time here and he is just… him and yonghwa are like twins hes like an older version of yong!!!!)

    b)because yonghwa hasnt acted in soo long,it wouldnt be likely that he'd star as a lead in anything else anytime soon,plus his chemistry at first with yoon was amazing!!!

    c)i wanted an interesting twist since kdrama plots always are very predictable,(but i love them anyways!!) this is why i loved dream high 1 and 2,even though the endings werent quite great in closure and both were somewhat open(i HATE OPEN ENDING WITH A PASSION),but both girls ended with opposite of who u thought she would be with.

    BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT: -when i saw how GORGEOUS lee dong gun was- i mean when i saw how much of a great person he is,and how much attraction and chemistry they had together,how destined they were to be together,i fell in love with him and wanted her and kim shin to end up together OH SO BAD!!! i mean, they truly had love,and the writer didnt even give us a chance to see it!! oh how badly i wanted them to kiss!!!! (another thing that sucked about this drama)
    he loved her,she loved him,and how they were suffering,omggg when kim shin started to cry and hold himself by covering his eyes with his hand I JUST WANTED TO DIE. i never thought i would have seen that side of him,that he changed so much.and when he was holding back tears when mirae found out he was just faking the cold shoulder he gave to her after finding out their fate and approached him,i was like THATS IT!! i wanted them to be together since the moment their chemistry sparked.

    at very most you gave me a hope that they did because when i saw the ending to this series,i wanted to burst out crying in anger over open end confusion and wasted time for such a crappy end and flip my laptop over.also the cast pics really made me feel better thanks xD PLEASE REPLY!! XD

  29. logically based on everything there is in the end, it’s obviously Kim Shin and Na Mi Rae no doubt.
    on another note, Mirae already said it clear to Se Joo that she wished that he could find someone soon in the dinner-at-home scene and her keeping the ring is clearly out of courtesy and friendship.
    this time the charming second lead ddn’t get the girl. only PSH has done it twice as the charming leading lady usurper while being second lead. hoping for his comeback.
    LDG, more power and hoping to see you in a better drama soon.

  30. I found the ending completely confusing and stupid i think that the original ending was supposed to be mirae and shin but then the koreans didn’t want her with shin so the stupid writer came up with this crappy confusing open ending thay should have went with the original ending

  31. I am not Korean, but I too wanted her to be with Se Joo. Let me explain. He is hotter, nicer, richer, saved her life, has been nothing but cool, and isn’t even a little bit a douche bag.

    I think your analysis of the ending is absolutley coreect though. And that for sure makes it a way better story.

    Wasn’t the best drama I have ever seen. ( not one kissing scene, wtf) but it was pretty good. I watched it twice and it hit me in the feels.

  32. Hai i just finished watching final ep today..
    I think she has married seo je..remember when she wanted to return the ring.. She said to seo je to return the ring to her if he still has the heart for her later on..
    Its not kim shim because the old kim shim came and met young kim shim and mentioned ” his wife is dead” and ” he miss that name na mire”.. Hahaa thats my ending wishes

  33. It was Seo Joo that Mirae saw..clue: They entered the same revolving door..hehe…KM entered from the other side… the blocking and narration give the strongest hints. It was a happy ending for Seo Joo and Mirae!

  34. Now, 2018 and i just finished this kdrama. In the end, i just only hope than Mi Rae will choose Se Joo. He try and put the best effort to win Mi Rae heart….?

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