KBS Holds Early Drama Press Event for Age of Feeling as the Cast Heads to China for Filming

I’m pleasantly surprised by how good the cast of the upcoming period K-drama Age of Feeling (Inspiring Generation or Generation of Youth) looks in character. KBS trotted out the sprawling cast yesterday for a drama promotional press conference, which is about 5 weeks too early compared to normal pre-premiere drama press conference schedules. This early launch of promotion for this drama is probably a good idea, what with all the prior news of AoF losing its November timeslot to Pretty Boy (Bel Ami) and getting pushed back into January. Doesn’t hurt to dangle some goodies before the media and start luring in potential viewers. This drama is casting a pretty penny to film since it involves extensive location shoots in China and the main cast is headed there this week for the filming. I was already planning to check it out but now I’m probably going to watch it even if it sucks since Kim Jae Wook just joined at the last minute. Sticking one pretty boy with another pretty boy in lead Kim Hyun Joong is exponentially upping the pretty count. There have been lots of casting shuffles due to the schedule change so check out the pretty pictures of the cast in costume while I run through the final casting call: Kim Hyun Joong (Playful Kiss) as freedom fighter Shin Jung Tae, Im Soo Hyang (IRIS 2) is Gaya his love interest, Jin Se Yeon (Gaksital) took over the songstress role of Yoon Ok Ryeon from Kim So Eun, Kim Jae Wook (Who Are You) is Ok Ryeon’s first love rich boy Kim Soo Ok, relative newbie Bae Noo Ri (The Moon Embraces the Sun) plays Jung Tae’s first love Yang Yang a Chinese girl, hot dudes Han Jung Soo (Arang and the Magistrate), Song Jae Rim (Two Weeks), and Yoon Hyun Min (Cruel City) are also in this drama to add to the hot guys count, and finally a bevy of character actors such as elders Kim Gab Soo (Cinderella Unni) and Choi Il Hwa (City Hall) not to mention tough guy Jung Ho Bin (Swallow the Sun) and Park Chul Min (Baby-faced Beauty) complete the line up. I’ve yet to find a K-drama set in this 1930’s that I’ve liked the story and acting but I’ll keep an open mind and hope to be pleasantly surprised.


KBS Holds Early Drama Press Event for Age of Feeling as the Cast Heads to China for Filming — 18 Comments

  1. Meh…..only person I really cared about in this cast has dropped out and among all the pretties, the only ones that are going to be decent in the acting department are Han Jung Soo and Kim Jae Wook, and neither of them are leads…i ‘be found both leading ladies to be mediocre or average in their previous projects… Guess I won’t be checking this one out

  2. Aw man the cast ensemble looks like a bad Halloween joke or something, but I’m happy for them that production of this show is underway. It sounds interesting, even if I’m interested in no one (okay, Kim Jae Wook but I’ve long stopped watching something just cos my favorite is in it… :I)

  3. Im pretty sure this has been said a ton of times before,
    but it’s amazing how different kim hyun joong looks like now compared to his BOF days.

    • He’s had (another) nose job after Playful Kiss. It’s painfully obvious how bigger it is, maybe to look more manly. Hey it worked, he looks great, I don’t know why some of his fans keep denying it. He also had a nose job before BoF, he admitted that with the reason of a car accident botching his nose.

      • To poop,

        KHJ only admitted having a nose job once only that was the interview he did with Kang Ho dong. He never admitted to having multiple nose job. You are creating your own story. Your opinion sounds like your name.

    • @dragon lady
      mmkay, you just proved my point about his fangirls being in denial. Literally almost everybody that’s not a fan noticed the change in his appearance. Anyway he wouldn’t admit to another nose job would he, so I’m just going keep my opinion out there and let the before and after pictures speak for themselves.Having PS ain’t bad, especially if the outcome turns out great.

      • To poop

        KHJ fans are not in denial. KHJ admitted it and we respect him for his honesty. Unlike other actors who are lying about it and their fans are in denial.

      • Aigoo he had a nose job , not a face job hahahah!!! it’s not a big problem . I wish he improves his performance too worry about a nose job

  4. Kim Hyun Joong’s hairstylist should be shot for this… I don’t know how I should call it… haircut. >.>

    And WTH Kim Jae Wook is 2nd lead next to Kim Hyun Joong!?! How much I hate drama industry in Korea.

  5. I kinda prefer it when the cast just shows up in nice formal wear rather than in character, but this is that one exception I think. Because I don’t know what to expect from this drama, the least they can give us is a bit of a peek as to how the cast will be dressed.

    I like all their attires, but what is up with that yellow backdrop. Maybe its a mid 1900s look but wow it makes my eyes sore. KHJ’s hair is WTF, and he looks… different really. I’ve said this in a previous comment. Maybe its the jawline or something else but he just doesn’t look like he used to. I so prefer his BOF and PK days. I personally loved Gastikal so I’m hoping this is atleast half as good.

  6. Well this could be a good drama to enjoy on weekends , I don’t have great expectations since I was completely disappointed by the MHYD’s writer . Il watch and enjoy this proyect without expecting great things .Kim hyun joong’s haircut is Ok since is a period k-drama and if this haircut help him to play and improve his characterization who cares, he is a pretty boy now I’d like he becomes a good actOr.

  7. Kim Jae-wook in second lead territory again? Sigh. He’ll get a leading role soon, right?

    Unfortunately even KJW can’t get me to watch this…it just feels like a potential trainwreck. Hopefully I’m wrong.

  8. Only thing kept me interested in this drama was Kim So Eun! Kim Hyun Joongs ugly hairstyle isn’t gonna pull me in to watch this.. i wish Kim Jae Wook was the lead ;(

  9. The plot sounds interesting and they have both Kim Jae Wook and Kim Hyun Joong! I’m all in :)) Agree that Kim Jae Wook should finally get a lead role. And I like both KHJ’s looks in his BOF day and now. He has different styles but still very warm smiles 🙂

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