The Happy Cast of Empress Ki Show Off their Camaraderie on MBC’s Section TV and in BTS Stills

MBC has done a good job promoting Empress Ki prior to its airing and continues to keep up the pace as the drama heads towards wrapping up the first third of its long run. I thought it deflected the “complete historical inaccuracy” complaint (which was valid) by splashing across all its materials that this was a fictional take on the live and love of Empress Ki. It helps that she’s not as well-known or often-dramatized figure as Jang Heebin (Jang Ok Jung), or else the Korean audiences have become more forgiving, because EK has garnered high ratings and remained relatively unscathed by criticism of historical whitewashing. This past week MBC’s own Section TV program visited the set of EK and aired a fun segment interviewing the leads and showed what a happy filming environment was going on behind-the-scenes despite all the fighting going on in the drama. A few highlights – when asked who was the mood maker on section, Baek Jin Hee said it as unequivocally Joo Jin Mo, Ji Chang Wook adorably said that he was getting ready to cry and cry if Seung Nyang leaves Ta Hwan and goes to Wang Yoo, and Baek Jin Hee who plays the bratty Tanashiri pouted that she too wanted two men to love her onscreen and fight over her. The production released lots of new BTS stills that show how pretty the set and costumes are, as well as the chemistry-laden cast hanging out after filming the very intense banquet scene in episode 14. Come to think of it, that was the first scene where the entire cast of the drama was together.

Ta Hwan the Yuan Emperor, Tanashiri his Yuan Empress, the Dowager Empress, Seung Nyang who is a servant girl to the Emperor, Wang Yoo making his triumphant arrival at the capital having defeated the Turks, gruff General Baek An and his smart nephew Tal Tal, grasping Goryeo royal uncle Wang Go, Prime Minister Yeon Chul (aka El Temur) and his two sons Dang Kise and Top Jahae, along with Wang Yoo’s loyal men Bang Shin Woo, Park Boo Hwa, and Choi Moo Sang. I think only Yeom Byung Soo isn’t around. Thank god this banquet didn’t turn into a Hong Men Yen (鴻門宴 Feast at Hong Gate) and was instead rather a drool fest over Wang Yoo. I thought all the rest of the guys were probably seething if not secretly rolling their eyes. Episode 14 really was back to being fun with more action and I do find myself missing the energy of the early episodes. Ha Ji Won and Joo Jin Mo are still rock solid doing their thing with whatever they are asked to do onscreen, but Ji Chang Wook continues to impress me with how he perfectly captures the whining and wheedling and little boy petulance and insecurity of Ta Hwan. He’s so good that I want to smack him and make him grow a backbone first before he tries to win the love of a woman. He needs to love himself, figure out his plan in life, and then go win Seung Nyang’s heart. His fixation on her is what annoys me to death, but performance-wise Ji Chang Wook is nailing it with all his looks and pouts. I’ve found two new MVs, one for each shipping pair, and both are fantastic so enjoy!

I need more Tal Tal in this drama and I hope his screen time increases because Jin Yi Han is rocking this role and more Jin Yi Han equals more better IMO. Of the two MVs below, I actually like the Ta Hwan-Seung Nyang one set. It’s rocking with the energy and reminds of the more action-packed times.

Wang Yoo-Seung Nyang MV:

[tudou id=”VFW1WEbFL8Y” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Ta Hwan-Seung Nyang MV:

[youku id=”XNjQ3NTg3MDQ4.html” w=”625″ h=”445″]


The Happy Cast of Empress Ki Show Off their Camaraderie on MBC’s Section TV and in BTS Stills — 29 Comments

  1. Thank you for being more impartial in this post 🙂 Tal tal reminds me of legolas(I think that is the name of the elf) from the hobbit.

    • LOL, I realized JCW is so cute as TH that I can only handle him when his character isn’t talking bc when he opens his mouth to it’s to whine. In MVs he’s totally eye candy and in the BTS stills I just want to squish him. TH the character is still a giant wanker though.

  2. JCW is killing it as Ta Hwan, even if i don’t necessarily ship him with Seung Nyang. I see him as an adorable puppy that is harmless, so it’s hard to feel anything more than annoyance. I do like his character better on his own when SN makes him stronger, but the whining all day doesn’t really do it for me. I think as an emperor there’s so much more he could be focusing on instead of SN.
    I saw alot of potential in JCW in baek dong soo so i knew i would one day fully appreciate his performance, which i do now. I only hope to see him in a role in the future where i can actually root for the guy.
    I love how in all the BTS JCW and his servant are like a couple.

    I also love how everyone gushing over Wang Yoo when he came to the palace with TH all annoyed. Honey, i just hope you learn what a man really is and step up to the plate so i can love you more.

  3. Happy cast=equals good show. I love the bts with HJW and JCW during the foot massaging scene. JCW is so playful, wiggling his big toe like it was a thumbs up and HJW cracking up at his antics. I would say that JCW is a scene-stealer in this drama and gain a few new fans when it’s done. Also, El Temur has handsome kids especially the younger son, forgot his name.

  4. I love Jin Yi Han’s voice, I think it is deep and manly. I wish he would speak more on screen. Maybe it is his reserved self that makes him mysterious and his collected, calm demeanour which makes him smart and sexy all the way. Of all the side characters I love his character the best. I am looking forward to his scenes. Of course, I think Ji Chang Wook is a work of art in his role as the Emperor, so are all the leads and also the actor who plays Tan Ki Se, with his evil gaze and facial expressions which he quickly changes.

  5. I love watching Empress Ki . It has everything-well balance especially the comedy part. I loved the morning bed bath scene most of all.I couldn’t stop laughing.I think it’s the funniest of all that I have seen so far.I couldn’t make up my mind which ship to jump.I love them both although TH seems to have more of romantic scene or off the chart chemistry with SY. Fighting Empress Ki.Can’t wait for Monday to come even though it’s early morning here in Ca. to watch the live streaming.

  6. Ji Chang Wook is now one of the most wanted actor and also Ji Hi Yan he was so manly even with his long hair ..,the casting and the story is great tumbs up to Ha JiWon she is the best actionstar ever..,,EMPRESS KI not failed us to EMPRESS us; -D

  7. I’m on 49 ep now and it’s soooo… Well, yes I LOVE this drama and actors and story it’s all just amazing. I have two favourites here.. Guys, prepare to kill me for what I’m going to say!xd So, it’s Tal Tal and… even more than him I loved Dangkise.. so sad that he died. He was really hot(so CRAZY) and even though cruel he was somewhat cute and I actually felt for him.
    It seems like I’m only one in the world who likes and ships Dangkise lol.. I want him bottoming for Yeom Byungsoo and I know it sounds crazy xd but there were some moments between them I couldn’t miss. Maybe I imagined this, but the tenderness with which Byungsoo touches him it’s ohhh I love it^^ but maybe the reason is that Dangkise is visibly smaller than others in their company? But he is their commander and that makes it even more hot cause still in one situation one of them helps him then in another situation someone other and it creates a feeling that everyone in their team actually secretly likes him… okay looks like I’m too obsessed lol I wonder if anyone here likes BL/yaoi? xd

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