A Sad Moment on the Bridge is Coming in Empress Ki Episode 16

This one is for all you Ta Hwan-Seung Nyang shippers. The latest stills are out for episode 16 of Empress Ki and it’s just too pretty not to share. I sometimes forget that Ta Hwan has suffered a lot in his life, mainly because he whines about his travails and also because the other leads have suffered different but just as devastating blows in their own lives. I see him as a kid in an adult world, and it’s a dangerous one where heads roll and even an Emperor is not above being led to his own death and a King can be dethroned easily. Some might see him as sympathetic, and compared to the villains he’s just a pawn and an unwitting and unwilling one at that, so clearly he doesn’t deserve animus. The problem is that the other two leads are behaving like adults without the luxury of acting out like Ta Hwan, so I have no patience for him. In these latest stills, Ta Hwan and sitting back-to-back with Seung Nyang on a bridge and she has her hands covering her ears. It’s just a lovely snapshot of two very pretty people and I won’t hazard to guess what’s going on. Much as I think Seung Nyang only has feelings for Wang Yoo and that’s not going to change anytime soon (or ever), for the sake of this drama I actually want her to like Ta Hwan as well. Otherwise it’ll just be the drama trolling all the Ji Chang Wook and Ta Hwan fans with stills of him and Seung Nyang but it’s always a feint and she’s never interested back. That just brings a horrible bad taste to my mouth remember how KBS kept dangling stills every week of second male lead Jung Yong Hwa with Yoon Eun Hye and in Marry Him If You Dare she never once liked his character back. Either go for it or don’t, there shouldn’t be any in-between. I thought episode 15 was awesome and laughed out loud many times, mostly at Tanashiri and the faces she makes. Girl is a veritable landmine of comedy of the “da fuck?” variety, especially when it comes to Ta Hwan trying to recite a poem. That scene is priceless.


A Sad Moment on the Bridge is Coming in Empress Ki Episode 16 — 20 Comments

  1. Not caught up with this week’s episodes yet, but I agree with you on everything about Ta Hwan. I really like him, mostly due to JCW admirable performance which give the character more depth and nuance than it was probably written; in the hand of a lesser actor, I’d probably FF his scenes.
    But still, as a character, sometimes I really do not have patience for him. I suspect that in a shorter drama, I would have been fine with him. Maybe if this were another drama and that TH was promoted as the one she loves in the first 5 min, I would have rooted for him no matter what, because let’s face it, dramaland has its fair share of bratty and immature princes as well.
    I guess my point is that I’m bummed that he was written that way, because if he’d stepped up and man-up, I can see her gradually respect him as a ruler. She, more than anyone else, would have seen his growth and evolution. And even if her feelings towards him is not love, I can see myself be torn between the two ships. It would have made a compelling dilemma: would it be better if she was with the man she truly loves (and who loves her back) against all odds? Or wouldn’t it be better if she stayed with a respectable man who is equally competent as a ruler, and who loves her as much, if the feelings she has for him is mutual respect even if it’s not love? Instead, we can get neither scenario, because here she clearly loves WY. I’m team WY all the way, but I wouldn’t have said no to an equally contender to spice things up.

  2. I do wish th will grow a stronger backbone but what I like about him the most compared to an and wy is his sweet disposition. Although he has a goal for revenge, he doesnt let it take over his life from enjoying the sweet moments of life and can have many hearty laughs and it is definitely breaking sn shell haha

  3. Again risking a comment lol! I really really like TH as a character. I do see why some doesn’t though, and the arguments I’ve read are pretty legit. The thing is, everyone has different tastes and I just admire people who try and see both sides instead a hanging onto one and blindly hating the other. I used to love AM94 but the shipper wars just got to me so bad I dropped it because the enjoyment just evaporated. I like how mostly everyone who watches this show is mature enough. Or until now at least.

    The stills look marvelous. I’m such a TH-SN shipper so this makes me sooo excited. I love the simplicity of it all and hopefully this is a more quiet between them because there hasn’t been many of those. This show has a long long way to go so I’m not sure I believe any spoilers about the ending. I remember GoF had similar spoilers before the drama started and they turned out useless. I hope whoever ends up with SN is worthy of her. And I believe TH has a lot more episodes to be that person 😛

  4. I think that SN has more fun with TH. She can be herself and laugh and argue with him. From the first episode, we know that SN will give in to TH’s charms and become his concubine and then empress. I can’t wait to see those scenes. We are only 1/4 done so TH has a lot of growing up to do.

    • *Picks up K-drama Encyclopedia, dusts off cover, turns to page 356*
      “No. Unless one is the soulmate and the other is the lover, though the former is just a euphemism for unleashing the ‘friend zone.’ Source: BOF, and every K-drama ever.”

    • LMFAO @anonymous

      And in the real world – of course. I definitely think it’s possible for a person to love two people at once, and even love them equally. But since this is K-drama and all… Nope lol. If she falls for TH then she’ll most likely not be in love with WY any longer. Or something. But I don’t think they’ll ever go for the – she loves them both equally – route. Only cz I think they wouldn’t want people calling her all sorts of names; which knowing the kneitizens, it’s pretty likely.

  5. LMAO, @anon – Well, that was the perfect answer. I’m still torn. While WY has “SMEXY BEAST” tattooed on his forehead, TH is an innocent, goof-ball who wouldn’t harm a fly (which is typical 2nd lead stuff usually) I’m making myself insane.
    Thanks – great picture! 🙂

  6. Oh god I just watched this scene in ep 16 and it it just LOOOOOVVVEEE all over. I have been following empress ki a couple of weeks after it aired despite having doubts about it being 50-ep long but my god, I have not regretted it since. This show just shoots me with all the pretty and the adorable JCW/TH and runs away with my heart.
    Admittedly, I do agree with you koala that TH needs to hurry up and make progress manning up (although ep 17 looks like it is shaking up on that front a little). I mean it has been ten whole episodes since TH has been emperor now and really, he hasn’t done anything at all despite saying he wants revenge dammit.
    But even so, I am a TH-SN shipper all the way. Even if SN always dreams about her jeonha, I think after ep 16 things might be shaping up in favour of TH (or maybe I’m just being delusional). Gahhhh, TH you are A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!!! Don’t cry!I don’t even watch empress ki with subs because I don’ have the patience to wait but I understood enough to be crying along with TH and urgh, I’m sorry WY, I know my head tells me you are the better guy but my heart is with TH. I just wish TH’s character development was faster.
    Anyways, you guys above me talking about soulmates and lovers, that is actually interesting and though I did watch BOF, I never applied that to Empress Ki. But if you think of it like that, then I would say WY-SN are soulmates (because TH-SN are definatly not soulmates LOL), which leaves SN-TH as lovers? But another way of looking at it, which occurred to me a few eps ago, was that the love triangle was sort of like the Hunger Games (don’t bash me please). Because Katniss-Gale are like WY-SN, they are warriors and action. But Katniss-Peeta is reminiscent of TH-SN, because its alpha female and the more submitting male pairing. And really, what the problem was for me was that SN and WY are so much the same, and what SN really needs is a “daffodeil” AKA TH. That is what makes their dynamic so great. And like The Hunger Games, but Katniss-Peeta had to learn to survive in the arena, and SN-TH also had to adapt in the palace as maid and puppet-emperor.
    So there ya have it. My analysis of the central love triangle.
    Thanks for the post, koala!

  7. Now that SeungNiang has witnessed how mean and scary that nasty, old and wrinkly “bishop” was to Emperor TH at ep. 16, maybe she would have to take-over the “educating” TH as she did when she was a “boy” teaching him courage… And falling-in love with TH… ^^ This is the 2nd drama with 50+ episodes that we’ve been watching religiously since “Giant” with the great Lee Beom Soo. Just love both…

  8. Empress Ki is an enjoyable drama for the moment though male leads characters could have been written better imo…One is way too perfect, to the point it’s irritating and the other is downright embarrassing at times. If it was not for Ji Chang Wook’s stellar performance (and hotness ;)), his character would annoyed me like no tomorrow.

    Still, I’m a TH/SN shipper because I’m one who think TH will change for the better in the long run, thanks to SN’s support, he’ll be able to overcome his cowardice (mainly due to his young age)and fight for his throne. WY and TH are very much alike when you think about it, they both lost their thrones and are powerless at the moment. Many are criticizing TH for his foolishness and inaction but what can he possibly do other than that? One wrong move/gesture from his part not only means his death but can also jeopardize others’ lives as well. Moreover he has no one to trust unlike WY who has trustworthy companions/friends to help him in his journey. Would WY be any better than TH without his loyal companions??? I don’t think so, he would probably brood over his fate like a sore loser.

    The way writers are depicting WY as almighty and flawless is rubbing me the wrong way…I like for my characters to be flawed, here unfortunately, he’s beyond unrealistic making him utterly boring as a character. In episode 16, he almost spent the whole episode training, training(fanservice anyone?)and pushing away SN (hey boy, she’s strong enough to protect herself, she’s been a warrior almost all her life, have both male leads forgotten that their lives have been saved countless times by her? *rolleyes*).

    TH’s character only lack wit and courage but at least, he has human characterictics, you can relate to him…that’s why though he’s whiny and spoilt, I like him better than the king. Though I can’t deny JCW’s portraying of the emperor is playing a big role in my choice, yeah the guy is simply terrific (he managed to turn a character downright unbearable into someone you want to root, that’s not easy task if you ask me). Overshadowing even veterans actors. Empress Ki without him would be awfully dull.

    Still, I can’t wait for TH,WY and SY to take down the evil El Temur and his followers. El Temur’s downfall is coming, finally…

  9. I think we’ve forgotten TH’s age when he inherited the throne. He was just 18 years old then, pampered and coddled all his life, suddenly banished from his home with an order to be assassinated. Whew! That must have been a mind-boggling experience. In this drama, he did not have anyone to protect him. He did not have anyone to trust, except for his valet and two bodyguards, but that was when he was already back in his homeland. He was untrained in politics, so it was easy-picking for all those greedy and ambitious people.

    I do wonder why the character was written as illiterate. Was it just pretense?

    Anyway I am with the TH/SN ship. JCW is a blast!

  10. We’re not even halfway yet on this drama @ 16/50 episodes, it keeps getting interesting; though noticeably the story is a kind of fusion bet QueenSeonDeok & Moon Embracing the Sun. Right from the start I have been solidly shipping for the OTP of TH-SN; seeing it now, it’s not disappointing, really working so fine, the chemistry bet JCW & HJW is superb for me, you’ll yearn and anticipate on it every episode. JJM is of course an experienced, masculine & heroic actor in here; but equally or maybe surpassingly JCW is doing great in his acting here, I dont know if he’s just such an eye-candy, but turning a weakling-childish Emperor role into something sexy, exciting, and appealing, Ji Chang Wook is so suited, really doing perfect here!

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