Prime Minister and I Episode 4 Recap

I’m positively over-the-moon with how wonderful Prime Minister and I continues to be. An hour whips by and I have a giant grin plastered on my face the entire time. The ancillary stuff like plotting uncle and brooding aide and lovelorn chief of staff is sprinkled lightly to keep the action moving, but the drama understands its central purpose which is to bring the random but perfect pairing of Prime Minister Kwon Yul and his contract wife Nam Da Jung closer together. It’s a testament to fantastic writing that I can laugh and cry within minutes and not feel manipulated. Da Jung’s love for her sick dad and her generosity and determination, all of that Kwon Yul can see and feel. Our leading man isn’t falling from hate into love like those typical rom-com set ups, he’s falling from not knowing anything about a girl to seeing who she is bit by bit and appreciating it. He can see her beauty inside and out and that’s not some syrupy description because Da Jung is just that wonderful.ย Lee Bum Soo and Yoona continue to have snap-crackle-and-pop chemistry even before the milk is added to the cereal, making me actually wonder how I’m going to handle a genuine romantic scene coming up without fainting dead away from the pent up anticipation being released all at once.

Da Jung already respects Yul and clearly sees he’s an attractive man, which makes this pas de deux between them so much better because its done with perfect mutual awareness. They each give as good as they take, and they also never hesitate to stop and talk over their issues to a truce sealed with a smile. The directing continues to be top-notch with the action fast and furious but without any awkward jumps and plenty of soft slow moments that allow for some OTP sweetness. I want to see more of the kids because I think all three have interesting personalities and issues and it’ll be heartfelt trying to watch this new family try to navigate a young step-mom while the fake married pair try to forge a loving marriage to the kids and the rest of the world. I think the loving marriage act is easy for them, they do get along and its easy for them to understand each other. The problem is keeping it all “fake”, because already we see Yul a leeeeetle bit jealous when In Ho pays attention to Da Jung. I can’t wait to see him a whole lot more jealous and maybe kissing his wife a lot in public. This drama is officially the bees knees and my newest crack! With a promising jump in ratings for episode 3, I’m hoping this drama actually gains traction because it’s too charming to pass up. And the thought that all this sizzling romantic potential gets equal ratings with a turd like its predecessor drama kills me so I’m rooting for this rom-com to actually prove this genre can be done right and bring in the viewers.

Episode 4 recap:

Yul tells Da Jung that she’s going to have to marry him. If she refuses, I volunteer Prime Minister-nim. Da Jung asks if he’s being serious and Yul says he’s accepted her contract marriage proposal. Da Jung wants to know why the change of heart and confesses the truth that she asked for the contract marriage because of her dad. He knows that her dad doesn’t have much time left which leads to Da Jung not wanting him to marry her because he pities her.

She tells him to forget it, she asked him to marry her in the spur of the moment. Now she just wants to spend more time with her dad. Yul cuts her off and explains he wants it for his own political responsibilities. Da Jung can get married for her dad and he can get married for his own reasons. And despite not knowing why, his Man Se really likes her. Isn’t this enough reason to get married? Da Jung doesn’t know but Yul reminds her to decide quickly because they don’t have much time.

Yul sits in his office and flashes back to his meeting with the president. He told the president he was breaking up with Da Jung soon but the president says he heard they were getting married. The president didn’t want to interfere with Yul’s personal life but this is going to get awkward.

Hye Joo and In Ho come in to report that news has been released of the upcoming wedding and all gifts are to be declined. Hye Joo doesn’t understand why he’s getting married and Yul points out it was already a mistake with the dating news. Yul doesn’t know if its the right decision but he thinks its the best decision right now for everyone. For him and his political career and for that woman. Hye Joo reminds him that he said he wouldn’t do anything insincere as a politician. That is why Yul knows he’ll probably pay a price for today’s decision but he has no choice since he is between a rock and a hard place.

In Ho and Hye Joo leave his office and In Ho apologizes for creating the fake dating news in the first place. Hye Joo tells him to do a good job going forward so Yul doesn’t have to make hard decisions in the future. In Ho asks if she’s okay and Hye Joo says she is fine since it’s just a contract marriage. She in turn asks In Ho how he’s feeling, seeing in his eyes that he seems to care a little too much about Da Jung. In Ho doesn’t answer and she walks away with understanding about how In Ho feels towards Da Jung.

Da Jung hands wedding invitations to her Scandal News family and warns them no cameras are allowed. They ask if she’s signed a contract (meaning a pre-nuptial agreement) since all rich folks sign one these days about how to split the kids and alimony. Da Jung thinks back to Yul saying they will share a bed and then things happen afterwards that he doesn’t need to explain. She rushes out and chides herself for forgetting the most important thing. She needs to sign a contract.

Da Jung goes to Yul to draft up a contract for their contract marriage. They need it to avoid misunderstandings and to create personal time for each other. Da Jung reads from her draft: (1) no skinship except in public, (2) each has their own room for personal space, (3) no violence or cursing, (4) sincerity towards each other’s family members. Yul listens to her and nods but then tears it up. The lawyer in him says that a contract can’t be written like this and needs to be formalized.

Yul sits as Da Jung types up their new contract. Party A is Kwon Yul and Party B is Da Jung. She asks why she is Party B and he says she brought up the contract marriage first. They both take a drink and look equally annoyed with each other. Ha, they are already using couple mugs! I also love the Mission Impossible music going on.

Yul says the term of the marriage is for the term of his office but can be adjusted based on circumstances. Da Jung’s duty as a wife is to allow skinship in public. We see Yul and Da Jung being all perfect in public and then he chides her for not checking between her teeth and her hair being all mussed up in private. As they are arguing about her outfit the driver walks by and Yul smoothly pulls Da Jung in for a hug acting the part of the besotted husband. He nods at the driver who wisely takes his leave while smiling happily at the lovebirds. I love that driver!

Yul says that separate rooms is fine but in dangerous situations they have to share a room. We see the bodyguards walking them back and they hug and enter their bedroom together, only to push apart once inside. He says that no matter what, Party B cannot touch Party A in private.

We see Da Jung being ridden like a horsey by Man Se while Na Ra and Woo Ri come out and ask ahjumma for dinner because they are hungry. Da Jung asks why all these items are about a wife’s duties, what about the husband’s duties? Yul adds the husband duties which are “Party A needs to trust Party B.” That is all. Da Jung says that can’t be all since she has so much to do and he has nothing! What if he starts to develop an interest in her and wants to take advantage of her?

Yul turns and says that will never happen because he’s not crazy. And if he were to go crazy, it still won’t happen. Yul wonders if she wants him to have strange thoughts about her? Da Jung says no way! Yul prints out the contract and tells her to ink her fingerprint on it then. Da Jung walks out of the room holding the signed contract and thinks she ought to be worried and concerned about this.

Joon Ki is reading at home while his wife Yoon Hee rails about how the marriage is really happening and that wench will vault over her head to a higher position. Joon Ki wonders why she went to pickle kimchee and got in a fight. Joon Ki chides her for bringing all the political wives with her for her own activities. He leaves the room to go sleep in the study while Yoon Hee apologizes and says it was all her fault. Joon Ki stands in the study and cackles about how Kwon Yul dares to get married. He plans to give him a present prior to the wedding.

Da Jung is looking at rings with Ruri the idol star and she snaps a selca. She’s recognized as the future wife of the Prime Minister. Da Jung sees the price tag on the ring and runs out. Yul looks at his copy of the contract and mutters about how he got himself into this situation. He puts the contract in his desk and walks out. Yul senses someone watching him but when he looks up there is no one there.

In Ho comes by and reports that the plan to revise the budget has been rejected in the Ministry of Finance and Minister of Finance Park Joon Ki has told everyone to continue with the original budget. Yul calls Joon Ki to meet with him about revising the budget to move more money to the social security department budget. Joon Ki says every item of the budget has been vetted and there is no room for revision. Yul suggests that he’ll find it. Yul says if the budget isn’t revised he won’t submit it to the Legislature for approval. Joon Ki understands and congratulates him on getting married. He points out Yul doesn’t seen very happy getting married this time whereas when he married Na Young he was really happy.

After Joon Ki leaves, Yul sits at his desk and looks at his old wedding rings with Na Young and flashes back to putting the ring on her finger when they got married. He puts the rings back inside his desk when Hye Joo comes in to announce that Da Jung is arriving soon.

The Kwon family stands outside to wait for the arrival of Da Jung and her father. Woo Ri asks if they have to call that ahjumma “Mom” and Yul thinks about it before saying its not necessary. Da Jung arrives with her dad and Yul greets her dad very respectfully. Dad is impressed with his son-in-law and Yul introduces his retinue and three kids. The three kids are very respectful and introduce themselves

Dad’s dementia rears its head and he thinks the kids are Da Jung’s and can’t even remember their names correctly after just hearing it. Later In Ho gets confirmation from the driver that Da Jung’s dad has dementia and he picked him up at the hospital. Hye Joo comes by and In Ho asks if she knew that Da Jung’s dad is sick? Hye Joo knows and heard he doesn’t have much time left.

Yul and Da Jung sit with Dad and he’s upset about marrying his precious daughter to a man who already has three kids. Even if Dad has no money and refined manner but he raised Da Jung lovingly after she lost her mom. He starts crying and warns Yul to take care of Da Jung or else. Yul apologizes and thanks him – he knows that he has a lot of faults but he is grateful that Dad is giving him Da Jung. He can’t guarantee their life won’t have difficulties but as long as they are husband and wife, he will never let Da Jung cry and be sad because of him. Dad nods happily to hear this. Da Jung turns to look at Yul.

Da Jung sits with Man Se who says he won’t call Da Jung mom and will keep calling her ahjumma until she folds hundreds of paper frogs and boxes for him. Woo Ri and Na Ra walk out with Woo Ri taking the lead that he doesn’t know how Da Jung got Man Se all squared away but she’s not going to ever win them over and be their mom. Na Ra adds that they won’t treat her like mom so don’t expect it.

Yul comes out and Na Ra and Woo Ri revert to being super polite kids. Even Man Se scratches his head at his siblings two-faced nature. Yul says he is sure that his kids are raised well and very polite. After he leaves, Da Jung mutters that Yul has no clue what kind of kids he’s raised.

In Ho reports to Yul about the Ministry of Finance allowing a huge budget for a port center that is being spearheaded by Joon Ki’s father-in-law. If that budget is removed and moved over to the social security department then it would be enough. Yul orders In Ho to go find out more. In Ho adds that Da Jung’s dad called and Yul says he’ll call back soon. In Ho didn’t know that Da Jung’s dad was so sick and Yul feels even more upset because of that as well. If he wasn’t sick, he wouldn’t have agreed to this marriage so easily. Yul already had a marriage and kids, Da Jung’s dad would be much happier if Da Jung married an upstanding young man without baggage like In Ho. Nooooo, you are the one Da Jung needs! In Ho says nothing.

Hye Joo accompanies Da Jung to try on wedding dresses and deems a strapless one to be too crass. Da Jung thinks it looks nice and Hye Joo doesn’t care what Da Jung likes. She needs to look refined for the role she’s playing. Shut up Hye Joo, no one cares about what you think.

Da Jung is called to see a furious Yul and he shows her a picture posted online of her looking at expensive rings with Ruri. He’s upset that she went to look at expensive rings and asks if she thinks this is a game. Da Jung says she just went to look at it so what is wrong with that? Yul asks if she wants stuff like this even if this is a contract marriage? Da Jung stands up for herself and says there is nothing wrong with wanting stuff like this because she’s just a woman getting married. What is wrong with looking at rings and bridal dresses?

Yul scoffs that she is thinking that she’s Cinderella? Da Jung throws it back at him and asks if he’s ever seen a Cinderella like her? Her prince gets mad at her all the time for no reason, and his servants are constantly picking at her. I love you Da Jung, tell it like it is to him! Has he seen a Cinderella as disliked as she is? Yul points out she suggested the contract marriage but Da Jung reminds him that she doesn’t want it as much as he doesn’t want it either.

Yul says that he wouldn’t have agreed to marry her if he knew what an absurd woman she was. Da Jung calls him on it and says they don’t need to get married then. Since he’s the big ole Prime Minister he can do whatever he wants. Yul asks if she wants to call off the marriage and Da Jung says what’s so hard about that. Yul is called away to a meeting and he orders Da Jung to stay put because he needs to talk to her afterwards. Da Jung huffs out of his office to go wait for him. Na Ra peeks behind the wall and is ready to punk Da Jung for daring to show up here.

Da Jung goes to the bathroom and mocks Yul’s tone in the mirror with “this is an order, do you hear?” Da Jung isn’t scared and she’s going to resolve things today as well. Da Jung washes her hands and finds her hands glued together with Na Ra cackling in her room that she showed Da Jung the power of super glue today. Yul is meeting with an environmental professor about pollution in the stream that is killing fish. Yul decides he needs to go visit that polluted area and tells In Ho to ready a helicopter.

Da Jung is soaking her hands in warm water and Na Ra comes by to crow about her success. The nanny brings more water but Da Jung asks for help otherwise she needs to go to the hospital. The nanny forces her hands apart and Da Jung hilariously screams her happiness at having her hands freed.

Yul comes by later and Da Jung complains about him making her wait for so long. He tells her that he needs to wash his hands first and will be right back. Da Jung remembers too late about the super glue and runs into the bathroom to stop him. She ends up with her left hand glued on the palm of his left hand. LOL forever!

Da Jung and Yul have to soak their hands in water while Yul demands to know which of his three kids did this but Da Jung doesn’t out Na Ra. He says this is all Da Jung’s fault but she would have rather not gone to warn him and now he would have his hands glued together in a prayer position all by himself. Yul wants their hands separated but Da Jung tells him to wait for 30 minutes. Yul can’t delay his next appointment otherwise he’ll have to cancel the meeting with the US diplomat tonight. Yul gets up and drags Da Jung with him.

Yul and Da Jung walk to the helicopter and he’s complaining about her not moving fast enough but their hands are together so his bodyguards think they are showing their love for everyone to see. Yul climbs into the helicopter and Da Jung falls on top of his lap as she gets in and he has to shove her off. In Ho gets in after them and takes another look at their joined hands.

Joon Ki gets a text and looks concerned that Yul is headed to the area with the pollution. His staffer reports that there has no been strange activity in the Prime Minister’s residence likely due to preparations for the upcoming wedding. Joon Ki mutters to himself about whether Yul wants to keep their war going?

In the helicopter ride, Yul’s phone rings but he can’t reach it with his right hand so asks Da Jung to grab it for him. She does and In Ho sneaks another pained look towards them. The call is from Hye Joo but Yul can’t hear very well with the loud rotor blades so he pulls the phone to the side and pulls Da Jung closer to him. He tells Hye Joo that he will call her back and ends the call. The phone drops and both of them lean in to pick it up and bump heads. They start arguing so In Ho picks it up and hands it back to Da Jung. Yul orders her to put it back in his suit pocket and she does. Hye Joo sits in her office and wonders why Da Jung is with Yul right now.

The helicopter lands and In Ho gets out first. Yul says he’ll get out and Da Jung can follow. Yul gets out and Da Jung pauses before stepping out with their hands together which looks like he’s being a gentleman and helping her out. She trips as she exits and falls into his arms. Yul asks if the glue solution is here to separate them.

Joon Ki runs into Hye Joo and snarks about how the PM is making them revise their budget since they have to work late while he’s off preparing for his wedding. Hye Joo says Yul is at a non-official event today and not wasting time. Joon Ki asks if Hye Joo isn’t upset that Yul is marrying that woman? Hye Joo says she doesn’t care at all.

Da Jung watches Yul work and remarks to In Ho that it’s hard being the PM to have to work outside even on such a cold day. In Ho tells her to endure a bit and they can leave soon. Da Jung says she’s fine. In Ho apologizes to Da Jung wishing she told him earlier about her dad. Da Jung is fine and it’s just a misunderstanding. In Ho asks if she can forget the mean things he said. Da Jung says of course but teases that she’ll get him back for it. In Ho reveals he heard what she said earlier to Yul about calling the wedding off. Is she serious? Da Jung sighs and admits she’s not sure. She wants to run away but this is likely not the right way.

In Ho initially thought the wedding was ridiculous but now that he thinks about it he doesn’t think it’s that bad. He smiles and tells her to make the decision she thinks is right and he’ll support her choice.

Yul wades into the river to grab some dead fish and walks out with it in his hands. He asks if this is the first time its happened and hears there are dead fish every day. He orders his staff to check the water quality every day and report for the next week. He calls Da Jung over and dumps the dead fish in her hands. Since she rode the helicopter, that’s spending the money of the citizens and she needs to put in some work. Da Jung takes the fish and screeches adorably.

Da Jung goes to see Yul and reports that she’s collected samples of the dead fish, the soil, and the water. Is this enough payment for the helicopter ride? Yul wants to continue their unfinished conversation and asks if she still wants to call off the wedding? Da Jung admits she is scared and the ring is just an excuse. In truth she’s scared and frightened. Marrying for her dad is a good reason but the position of Prime Minister’s wife is too daunting and she doesn’t know if she can do it. So she picked a reason to run away.

Da Jung knows Yul won’t understand her feelings right now. Yul says he does understand, each time he ran for office and took on a new greater position he wanted to run away because he was scared. But being scared is not an excuse for running away. They turns and stare at each other. Da Jung asks if its okay she doesn’t do a good job as long as she doesn’t run away? She promises to work hard and do her best. She can’t promise it’ll be good but she’ll give it her all.

Yul smiles and says not running away is already half there. And if she wants to give it her whole effort, that’s even better. Da Jung smiles and holds out her hand for a shake. Yul wanted to say the same thing and he takes her hand and they shake on it.

It’s wedding day and Da Jung steps out of the car in her wedding dress and she’s such a vision that In Ho is totally gobsmacked when he sees her. Hye Joo is with Yul as they greet guests arriving at the wedding.

Da Jung waits in the room with In Ho keeping her company. Da Jung asks if she looks strange but In Ho assures her that she is very beautiful and it’s just a little awkward for her to appear before him looking like this. Da Jung fiddles with her hair and gets her veil stuck on her tiara so In Ho kneels down to help adjust it.

Yul walks in and registers this scene, with In Ho giving him a side glance before standing up to leave. I really don’t get In Ho at all. Yul smiles and walks towards Da Jung to remind her of provisions 2 and 3 in the contract. Da Jung remembers those as her wifely duties and Yul reminds her it includes behaving with proper decorum. Thank god he was the one who walked in but what if another person saw it? Da Jung thinks it’s okay since In Ho is just his aide. Yul reminds her to beware of other men’s actions towards her.

Yul asks where her dad is and hears that her editor and Heechul went to pick him up. He’s upset that she called those folks here and warns her that Scandal News better not be publishing stuff about her in the future. Yul is about to leave when he takes a box out of his pocket and fairly chucks it at Da Jung looking very sheepish. She wonders how he had time to pick out wedding rings and he claims to have bought it on the internet. Ha! Da Jung is upset someone would buy wedding rings online and Yul asks if she doesn’t like it. Da Jung says they need a wedding ring so this will do. Yul then picks at Da Jung for picking such a lacy confection of a wedding dress and won’t any white dress do?

Da Jung is about to say any white dress when she realizes something and asks if she can’t change into a hanbok? Turns out Da Jung’s dad’s dementia is triggered by the color white. His late wife was a chef so now when he sees a woman in white he thinks she is his dead wife. Editor and Heechul hear this from the doctor and say poor Da Jung, but then they wonder what will happen since Da Jung is wearing a white wedding dress.

Da Jung’s dad mistakes Da Jung for his late wife and even pushes Yul away for standing too close to his wife. Da Jung cries and asks her dad to wake up, she’s Da Jung! How can he forget her? She’s getting married for him so what to do if he doesn’t recognize her right now? Yul and In Ho watch sadly. Yul asks the doctor why he’s deteriorated so fast and the doctor says the excitement riled him up. She says he can’t attend the ceremony in this current condition. In Ho asks Yul what to do? All the guests are waiting and the wedding isn’t starting on time. Na Ra is super happy if the wedding is called off.

In Ho tells Yul that they need to start the wedding but he can see Da Jung is not ready. He asks In Ho for five more minutes. In Ho takes a quick look at Da Jung before leaving. Yul asks to speak with Da Jung and she composes herself and says they need to go because the guests are waiting. As they head out, Yul sees the first snow come down and they stop to look at the falling snow. Da Jung remembers her dad’s wish to walk her down the aisle and starts crying again. She makes a wish that she’s getting married today to fulfill her dad’s wish and since its the first snow then her wish needs to come true.

Da Jung’s dad sees the first snow and remembers that his Da Jung loves the first snow and that triggers him to awaken. Yul hands Da Jung his hankerchief and asks if she’s cried enough. He smiles as she blows her nose and asks if she’s ready now. As they turn to leave, Da Jung’s dad walks out and he’s ready to walk her down the aisle. Father-daughter hug as Yul looks on warmly.

The wedding begins with Yul walking in first then Da Jung being walked down the aisle by her father. Da Jung’s dad solemnly hands his daughter to Yul who takes Da Jung’s hand in his. Dad asks his son-in-law to please take care of his Da Jung and Yul says yes.

They get married and turn to took at each other. Initially Da Jung is very solemn but then she finally breaks into a smile towards Yul.

Joon Ki is at a bar drinking alone when Hye Joo joins him and asks why he called her out. Joon Ki wanted to see her but didn’t expect her to really come. Hye Joo turns to leave and he grabs her arm. He called her out to comfort her but turns out he is the one who needs comforting. He’s remembering his sister Na Young right now. Hye Joo calls him sunbae and says she is here as his hoobae from college. Joon Ki steps away and his phone rings with a text and Hye Joo reads it.

Yul and Da Jung are sitting far apart on the sofa in his bedroom and he tells her that he told reporters that the honeymoon has been postponed. Da Jung’s dad calls Yul to remind him to quickly give him grandchildren. Yul takes off his suit jacket and tells Da Jung she can leave now. Da Jung is confused, she thought this is her room and he would sleep in the study? Yul says no way and Da Jung says they can’t sleep in the same room. Both of them claim the contract did not specify which person gets the bedroom.

Da Jung decides sprawl on the bed and refuse to move as she stakes her claim. Ahhhhh I love her so much! Yul laughs at her behaving like a dogged reporter who won’t leave until she gets a story. Da Jung gets off the bed and presses Yul against the wall and throws his words back at him that they can share a bed and things will happen afterwards. She gets Yul all flustered and he folds and leaves the room. Da Jung gives herself a victory for this tussle.

Yul’s phone rings and Da Jung answers it. Yul is in his room pacing about how he got kicked out of his room and he can’t live like this. He decides to revise the contract. Hye Joo tells Da Jung that there is a spy in the mansion and not to trust anyone. She runs out to find Yul to tell him this but Yul sees her and immediately talks about revising the contract.

Da Jung sees his bodyguards arrive and tries desperately to shush him but Yul is blathering on and on about revising the contract and thinks she just doesn’t want to do it. Finally Da Jung has no choice but to kiss him to shut his lips. Oh Da Jung, how you balance being able to quickly think up a solution while also getting some kissing on your hot husband makes me adore you infinitely more.

Thoughts of Mine:

Kiss! A real kiss! Not a “sucking the air out of each other” hot wet kiss, but there is plenty of time for that later so I’ll take this one so early in the game and run with it. If the writer understood what romantic goldmine she’s sitting on with Yoona and Lee Bum Soo, then there better be more kisses, preferably a few per episodes. I mean, they have to keep up pretenses in public, right? Even within the household they are convincing everyone of their real marriage. Some fake moaning coming from their bedroom would also be a nice touch. Those two bodyguards are going to invest in ear phones, while the adorable driver is fairly getting ready to go buy a baby car seat for the Prime Minister mobile. What I love love love about this particular contract marriage is that it’s so grounded in acceptance and understanding from both Da Jung and Yul. They each want it, and they are each going to give it their all. Forget the contract, Yul took Da Jung’s hand from her dad and said he would take care of her. Knowing Yul, he means it. He wouldn’t go into this contract marriage with the intention of divorcing Da Jung. He’ll let her go if she wants to, but he’s in it for the long haul even if he doesn’t say it or explicitly acknowledge it. I think he wants to treat her like he treats his family, taking care of the people he cares for but without investing in his own deeper feelings. He’s closed himself off and Da Jung’s brightness and warmth is exactly what will start opening him up.

I was dying with laughter during the entire glued hands sequence, both when Da Jung glued her hands together and absolutely giggling with glee when Da Jung glued her hand to Yul’s. Thank you Kwon Na Ra, for singlehandedly using her evil creativity to force more skinship between her appa and Da Jung. The comedy in this drama is exactly the kind that works so beautifully in a wacky set up rom-com like this, it’s physical comedy that never goes on too long or is too excessive. Da Jung’s happiness when the nanny split her hands apart was ROFL, the scene when Yul needed Da Jung to grab the phone and put it back in his suit jacket, how he dumped the dead fish in her hands and she screeched. They are doing things together which is the basis of understanding how two people could fall in love down the road. I’m so ready for In Ho to show hand though, because much as I love Yoon Si Yoon he is currently wasted here and annoying how he’s kinda the third wheel and making side glances at Da Jung all the time. If he started to like her only after the whole dating news bit, then that’s a bit fast for my liking not to mention it’s going to head nowhere now that Da Jung is Mrs. Kwon Yul. I like to see In Ho do more than plan activities for the PM and shoot puppy looks at Da Jung. I don’t care about Hye Joo at all and she can continue to have a stick up her arse and repress her feelings for Yul. The only good thing about her is that she cares for Yul too much to ever do anything to harm him politically or personally. At least I hope so.

I was flailing like a sobbing fish during all the Da Jung-daddy scenes in this episode, starting from when Dad came to meet his future son-in-law all the way to the wedding. And of course the drama throws in the humor that feels so natural, such as Daddy calling son-in-law on the wedding night and reminding him to produce a grandchild. I’m genuinely touched by the loving father-daughter relationship between Da Jung and her dad, the backstory isn’t told to us but the feelings they convey are so heartfelt that I don’t need to see them being a functional family to know they are one even if Da Jung doesn’t have a mom. In fact, everything about Da Jung is so functional and her job as a tabloid reporter isn’t even milked for laughs like she’s doing this to scrape by or she can’t get a better job. Her co-workers clearly care about her and the Scandal News team is like a little dysfunctional but adorable family. Now Da Jung is going to add Yul’s dysfunctional family to her care and I just know she’s going to infuse her warmth into that family and start getting the kids to open up. They don’t need to love her (though Man Se already does), just accept that she’s not the enemy and might actually be of use to bring their dad out of his too-controlled shell. Already Da Jung has rattled his nerves what with her brazen way of throwing his own words back at him and sending him scurrying from their bedroom. I can’t believe already she’s getting the upper hand with him, but I foresee lots of give and take until the two of them can’t take it anymore and admit to an undeniable attraction that will surely set our screens on fire.

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Prime Minister and I Episode 4 Recap — 36 Comments

  1. I’ve just read your prologue- and you’re right on. I do hope the ratings will jump. Not being I am ratings mad but also because the last politically rom com had poor ratings. And it was also good.

    But BOY, episode 4 continues to be better. I’ve just watched it, heck if I can wait for subs. The preview for ep 5 just about killed me. I won’t spoil it here.

    But really, have the applaud the writer for writing such sane, logical, grown up characters. I didn’t expect them to have a real sort of relationship. Not the bedroom hanky panky girls. I mean the OTP continues to converse with each other and their lines actually sounds real. Like what a couple would say rather than some idiotic K drama lines.

    It was so good, the acting is fantastic. And I really, seriously, love the super glue moments. Never did I think we would get skinship like this.

    This time, when Na Jeong backed Kwon Yul into a corner- my heart was fluttering like crazy. Those 2 really rock the romance and chemistry. Yoona has never seemed so grown up and vibrant. Kwon Yul is just the man. He is SO HOT!!! And sexy.

    Have. To. Stop. Gushing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. This drama is so refreshing to watch! Fun&joy all the time! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Who is In Ho? What’s his motive? Is he the PM’s unknown son?

  3. Awww… I already ship them hard, and can’t wait. Hope they keep clearing their misunderstandings fast like this.

    About winning over the kids, the daughter won’t be really hard thing to do, since DJ knows her idol lol, but the oldest son will be hard, he is the one that must remember his mom the best and hold dear memories…

    I hope IH back off. I’m already annoyed. I hate when second man feel superior and entitled than the main guy.

  4. I already see fans going crazy wondering the name of the future baby of our beloved OTP. Based on Yul’s nomenclature, some suggestions include “Dae Bak”, “Man Man Se” and “Hwaiting”. LOLOLOLOLOL. I love how this drama turns fans on in all the right creative ways.

  5. I loved her wedding dress so freaking much,she looked like a princess. So stunning and i loved dapper Prime Minister too.Can`t wait for ep5 next week.

  6. This really is drama crack. I had been holding out but darn it… LBS keeps sucking me back into this drama. He is smoking hot in this drama. I was holding out hoping to marathon it. But as my interest in EK has diminished 100 fold for now, I couldn’t help but sneak a peak at this. Lbs totally is nailing this and Yoona is simply lovely in her role.

    The best thing for this drama is keep the spies coming lol… Esp in the mansion. ๐Ÿ™‚ that will keep our OTP on their toes for sure. The ending scenes were great. I like that the two of them seem pretty rational. Director kang has something up his sleeve but not sure what yet.

    I too was really touched by the father daughter scenes. Very nicely done. Also kwok yul’s involvement too. Plus I am sure he has some pain from his wife’s death that he probably hasn’t dealt with yet either. So I think there will be a chance for these two to really bond with each other in the future.

  7. If PMAI is a steak, then it is WELL DONE. Really just a perfect sense of BALANCE. Monday & Tuesday nights never fails to make me giggle & laugh like CRAZEEEE, then a little pull with my hearstrings and i’m in TEARS!!!!! Yoona continues to AMAZE me with her attack on this role. Can’t wait for next week’s episodes.

  8. About In Ho: in the character chart that was released there was an arrow from his character to the Prime Minister saying “Revenge”. It was also revealed that his family was somehow involved in the accident where the Prime Minister’s wife died. Plus in his first scene, when he leaves the office after he gets the job, the look in his eyes is kind of scary. Ever since then, his character (for me) is a little mysterious. There is another motive than patriotism for him to work for the Prime Minister. It should be interesting (hopefully) to explore that a little more in the episodes to come.

    • lol, i guessed that in the first episode. if so, in ho is quite predictable.
      I feel like hes the “spy” working for evil brother-in-law.

      • agree agree. In ho must be the spy, there is actually no one else suspicious. I wonder what he will do to the PM considering his feeling for DJ.

      • The interesting might be that, if he takes the Prime Minister down, he either takes Dajung with him (PM) down, would hurt her emotionally in some way or all his chances with her are gone with the wind. He obviously cares about her, so he would not want any of the above. This story-line still would be quite predictable in a drama-context, but would give him some layers.

  9. What is wonderful about this drama is that each episode gets better.I laughed and I cried when i watched this episode. Yet that didn’t feel odd. Of course not everything is logical in this drama, with gaps in the story excused in place of the fast moving pace. I mean what happened to the wedding kiss, zip and we went straight to the bedroom. Lol not that I would complain about that.

    LBS HAS BEEN ABSOLUTELY ON POINT WITH HIS ACTING. I mean when I look at his face, it just screams prime minister at you. He is just so charismatic. LBS is just top notch in his field.

    I am also absolutely taken by Yoona’s acting in this episode. Her crying when her dad didn’t recognize her, damn I had tears in my eye. I think she is doing a fantastic job balancing the emotional and the crazy sides of dajung. However, biggest credit goes to writer nims. I love it when Dajung doesn’t back down and throws back the cinderella talk at Kwon Yul. A woman who knows and fights for her principal is so sexy. Lastly, and I must say this. She looks absolutely beautiful in that wedding dress. When she stepped out of the car, I was like In Ho. My jaws were like….. God this drama is turning out to be so so so so much better than I expected. I hope cast and crew continues to amuse us to the end.Ep 5 looks like a hoot! Can’t wait for next Monday!

    Oops just saw the rating, lower than yesterday but it’s a good number compared to week 1. I think it will do well in rebroadcast this week. I’m confident that it will continue to make small progress in ratings. I can see the change and pace in netizen comments which is a good sign.

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    Thank you for the recap. Please continue to next episode

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    Big fat splashy tears falling out during the snow and father/daughter wedding scene. I loved the whole dynamic of a father giving his daughter to a son who has a daughter. Yul doesn’t know it yet, but he will be crying when he hands NaRa over some day.

    You know how they have to freeze and look at each other a lot – like at the end of the last epsisode, when their hands were stuck to each other on the couch and during the wedding?
    How can it be so good? How can so much meaning pass between them? How come I never want them to stop? LBS has entire paragraphs written on his face, and Yoona is so freaking lovely looking back at him. It is the trifecta of good writing, directing and acting.

    The background music is super pretty. Especially the piano pieces.
    One was played earlier when the PM was flashing back to his talk with the Pres. There was a beautiful lilting piano one we heard while the PM was looking at the rings which morphed into Carol of the Bells, then out again. So nice to hear something simple like that.

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    Incidentally, the script is written by 2 (out of 3) screenwriters who wrote Winter Sonata, which explains the snappy pace and strong writing.

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  15. In Ho start to see Da Jung as an interesting person since early so I thought it was pretty convincing that he is starting to slowly fall in love with her, isn’t it? But it is true that it is going no where since she is the PM wife now. I wonder why he sort of encourage her at that island though saying that he thinks it is not too bad. Maybe this is only the way he can see her more often? Everything that In Ho is saying now got my radar pinging since we don’t really know he is on which side.

    I am actually shipping the two leads but when I saw how In Ho fix Da Jung veil for her and the preview for next episode, I kinda feel sad for In Ho. Maybe it is just Yoon Si Yoon.

    Monday seems so far away…

  16. When I watch this drama, I keep looking on the time, just wishes “Please don’t end so fast” but still, 1 hour is so fast to come.. so I have to wait a day/a week for next episode.

    • Ohmygoodness! I do the same thing! I keep looking at the time on the screen to check how many more minutes until it finishes. Ah, this drama’s so good.

  17. I loved this episode. Especially the scene where they both admitted their insecurities at the heath and the scene when they were watching the snow fall before heading into the sanctuary. I really liked that this is a contract marriage between two adults who are (mostly) level-headed and honest with what theyexpect from each other. I really like the contact marriage set up in dramas, but so many of the characters in contract marriages were really immature and clueless (think Goong, Full House) etc.

    Prime Minister and I is shaping up really nicely. Yoona was a big question mark for me heading into the drama, but I love her character here and she is really charming in this role. I am really looking forward to the next six weeks!:)

  18. โ€œPrime Minister And I” is like a Neapolitan Ice Cream. And I LOVE IT. It’s addictive and manages to combine perfectly the three: The funny, the heartwarming and the bittersweet feeling.
    I laugh and smile with this drama. But it also sells me the story, it’s really sad. A widow, 3 motherless child, a hardworking daughter with a terminally ill father, the long time girl in love and the young boy falling while watches the other party falling in love. It touched me.
    Ahhhh can’t wait for next week, because this is getting more and more interesting. Da Jung has to win Woo Ri and Na Ra. Kwon Yul and Da Jung romance starting, the love triangle heating and more fast coming, fast going problems.
    But I’m having problems because I love Yoona and Lee Bum Soo chemistry, but I can’t ignore her chemistry with Yoon Si Yoon. I’m going to focus on Kwon Yul and Da Jung because their so cute and funny together. But another project with Yoona and Yoon Si Yoon won’t hurt.

  19. I love the part where yul said to dj and minister wife “how can future PM wife act like this?”… Its so sweet.. His line when he try to give the ring to dj… How he accept when dj vomit on his face and her using his napkin blowing her nose… Its indicate that he actually has started to open his heart to her… And i like the fact that dj is not a usual drama heroin that play weak.. The reaction is so natural… Cant wait for next monday!!!

    • how many people have vomitted on your face? It is yukky but true that usually that is a very small list of folks and they are the ones closest to you/ I really saw that scene as a key milestone.

  20. wild speculation, but I expect that Hye Joo will betray the Prime Minister in cohoots with the brother-in-law. Hye Joo will have some internal logic that she is doing it for his own good, that PM should really be married to her, and that even if she burns him, it will come out ok. But that is just her jealousy twisting her up inside.

    Will Hye Joo be the subtle behind the scenes poking at DaJung or will it come out in some public way like a leak to the press or before the National Assembly? I’m not sure yet. But I see Hye Joo being the trouble maker here.

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