SETTV Holds Year End Drama Awards and the In A Good Way Cuties Attend as Presenters

I wish I could unsee this but it’s seared into my brain now that Lego Lee can clearly self-uglify to the point where I wanted to stage an intervention. This weekend SETTV held its own drama awards to fete its big ratings dramas and popular actors and actresses from 2013. Because In A Good Way just started airing the drama and its cast isn’t up for any awards but the leads Lego Lee and Kirsten Jen (as well as Jack Yao who plays Ri Qi) attended the award as presenters. It’s pretty cute that they presented Best Kiss because I like to think SETTV did it on purpose to foreshadow their liking winning it next year. One can hope, and one can also assume that omnipotent Liu Chuan is also a master kisser. Sadly Liu Chuan’s real life alter-ego Lego Lee is not omnipotent and today showed up in a fashion fail outfit straight out of his grandpa’s closet and swiping his pomade jar. Apparently Lego was going for a retro look since his drama IAGW is set in the 1990’s, but his retro went way back to the Mad Men era or even the Roaring Twenties of The Great Gatsby days. I think it looks horrible on him and demand my cool sweet Liu Chuan back! Lego is always adorable and if I take off the ill-fitting suit and re-do the hair then its all good, not to mention I think he’s not wearing socks with his loafers and that is such a contagious disease from Korea. Kirsten made up for Lego’s sartorial fail in a young fresh black strapless short dress with her hair chicly slung to the side. The award was mostly attended by the male contingent, with Aaron Yan raking in the most awards though his Just You co-star Puff Guo didn’t attend, neither George Hu nor Annie Chen from Love Around could make it but they took home a win each, Lin Yo Wei from Two Fathers was there along with Chris Wang from Love Family, and Yao Yuan Hao from Deja Vu made an appearance. Roy Qiu and James Wen also popped by as presenters and I wouldn’t be surprised to see either or both back with an SETTV drama next year. I say the network is pretty happy with its showing this year, and as a drama fan the arrival of IAGW on its schedule is the most satisfying thing all year in TW-dramas.


SETTV Holds Year End Drama Awards and the In A Good Way Cuties Attend as Presenters — 10 Comments

  1. I think he had a quarrel with his stylist, hahaha! I really couldn’t stand his hairstyle, the suit doesn’t bother me that much. Kirsten is so pretty. Hmm… hopefully IAGW win some awards next year

    • In my mind, I just pasted in your avatar in place of his face in all of the pictures so I do not see the hair. And you all know how I feel about the sockless trend. I’d would have rather he wore his yellow socks that I praised him for than to go sockless.

  2. Lego, what did you say or do to offend your stylist? From head to toe, everything was a mess. The hair, ill-fitting clothes and even down to the socks or lack off, are competing to deduct cool points from you, good thing you’ve stacked up the cool points the past couple of weeks. Good thing Kirsten was there to save the day for our RongYi couple. She looks elegant, young, beautiful and obviously tall. I think Kirsten is amongst a handful of actresses, who despite being really tall looks way younger, coz sometimes tall females have the tendency to look mature.


  3. Does anyone know what happened to the drama Roy Qiu made last summer? It had something to do with a winery. If it aired, I never heard anything about it.

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