Rainie Yang’s Famous Co-stars Joseph Chang and Mike He Appear at Marc Jacobs Events in Taipei

I haven’t seen either of these hot namjas in awhile, and it’s rather serendipitous that they both have a Rainie Yang shared connection and happened to show up the same brand event at different spots on the same week. I guess I’m trying to say – it’s totally not random at all to do a joint post on Joseph Chang and Mike He! Joseph was a Taiwanese movie actor first and foremost, rarely venturing to television, but we all got lucky when he decided to do an idol drama with idol drama queen Rainie Yang. That was back in 2011 and their Drunken to Love You remains an entertaining and fluffy bit of nothingness anchored by a truly amazing male lead acted by the even more amazing Joseph Chang. I like to think Rainie hasn’t found as compelling male lead, hence her drama land absence for the last two years since DTLY. For the last two years, Joseph has been extremely busy in the movie world, doing three back-to-back movies in Girlfriend Boyfriend with Gwui Lun Mei, The Stolen Years with Bai Bai He, and the most recent being the well-received horror novel Soul co-starring legendary heavyweight actor Wang Yu. Doesn’t sound like Joseph has any drama plans in the future, not when he’s movie leading man roles never stop and dramas are increasingly sucky. Mike He, on the other hand, has been doing a mix of dramas and movies except I happen to be interested in none of them. I haven’t liked a Mike project since my beloved Sunny Happiness with Janine Chang, but he’ll also always have a soft spot with me for all those dramas he did with Rainie such as Devil Beside You and Why Why Love. Mike and Joseph both attended separate Marc Jacobs events in Taipei this past week (Joseph did the main line Marc Jacobs while Mike was at the Marc by Marc Jacobs event) so it’s a good time as any to check them out and see if both are still as handsome as ever. The answer would be: yup!


Rainie Yang’s Famous Co-stars Joseph Chang and Mike He Appear at Marc Jacobs Events in Taipei — 9 Comments

  1. I feel like I haven’t seen Mike in forever!! Exactly like you said, none of his newer stuff really appeals to me but I have loved the guy since DBY and WWL days.

  2. Oh heck yes, Joseph Chang! Oh heck no, he has shaved! This übertalented actor is so ruggedly and insanely hawt.

    Mike He still has this youthful side to him à la Roy Qiu.

    Thank you for the treat! 🙂

  3. I’m so looking forward to Mike and Ady’s new drama – whenever that will air. I feel like I don’t know much about T and C entertainment enough to even know when a drama airs. But I’ll surely hear it in twitter/tumblr or something.

    Not a fan of Joseph whatsoever. But then again, I’ve only ever seen him in DTLY and that show made zero sense. I do hope rainie comes back to drama land soon though. I miss the time when she did those idol dramas one after the other. A lot of people kept complaining of her doing the same type of roles (including me). But I’d rather that than none at all.

  4. During the DTLU, Rainie was rumored with Joseph n she was clearing herself tht they were just frens n right besides Mike hee in an event.

  5. Mike He has too much makeup on. And did that last pic really have him doing the kpop idol stupid move of thumb on lip? Sigh….
    As always Joseph Chang is love

  6. Dear Koala,

    Any flimsy excuses that you come up with to show us gorgeous pictures of Joseph Chang will ALWAYS be appreciated.

    Thank you!


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