Mike He Exempt From Military Service and Attends Salon Opening with Lin Chi Ling and Bolin Chen

In a low-key and unsurprising development, Mike He celebrated his birthday recently and revealed that he’s been exempt from Taiwan’s mandatory military service, making him the last of the group of male idol stars including Joe Cheng, Ethan Ruan, and Ming Dao who delayed their service until the very end of the age limit. While the other three all served their 12-months time and were discharged last year, Mike is being exempt for a lower back medical condition which has been deemed by the enlistment bureau as a legitimate exemption. That hasn’t stopped the naysayers from harping about his “avoidance of service” especially since Mike is an avid basketball player and was recently seen playing one-on-one with his good friend actor Lin Yo Wei. At this point I don’t care anymore other than ask Mike to please pick better projects. His movies and dramas since Sunny Happiness have all been such unmitigated turds. Last week Mike attended a salon opening with Lin Chi Ling and Bolin Chen as the three of them are co-investors in a trendy new hair salon in Taipei. It’s cute they coordinated their outfits beforehand and the theme appeared to be bo-ho rocker chic, I think? Bolin currently has a box office winning comedy movie Campus Confidential with Ivy Chen and his next project should be lining up soon. Word has Mike heading to China after Chinese New Year to film his first period drama. And Lin Chi Ling has been dogged with romance questions for years since she’s so eligible and also getting up there in age. This time she rather subtly acknowledged the long running rumors of her and Jerry Yan. Apparently Jerry was a guest at the recent May Day concert and he sang a love song which he dedicated to “someone special” called “Yes or No?” – when Lin Chi Ling was told about what Jerry did, she blushed and said he was someone important and she’ll go watch the song performance after she gets home.


Mike He Exempt From Military Service and Attends Salon Opening with Lin Chi Ling and Bolin Chen — 9 Comments

  1. Oh wow! I thought Jerry was so over LCL ages ago. He’s still dating her maybe?

    I’m conflicted on what I feel on Mike’s exemption. I do think everyone must go to military – star or not. He does have a medical reason which is legit, but then he does things that possibly refutes the whole claim. I guess I’ll resort to hoping he picks some good projects. For me, I haven’t liked mike in anything since DBY. And that was ages ago! Hated SH – it was one of the most dead and boring show I’ve seen.

  2. Always thought Mike He was overrated, couldn’t act and never tried harder if his life depended on it. He seemed always just posing for each scene. His BFF Joe Cheng and Ethan Ruen are soooo much better and worked hard at their crafts.

    What’s the deal with Jerry Yan, is he in a funk????

  3. I like Mike but think he is overrated too. He depends on his pretty boy looks to carry him in his movies and dramas. Not a good actor. Joe Cheng is a little better. Ethan Ruan is very stiff in his acting too. Some say he look like Ming Dao, no way, no how. Ming Dao is the king of drama because that boy can act. He sings well too, is handsome and don’t rely on his good looks to get him through his dramas.

    Mike disappointed me. I always thought he would find a way to avoid military service, and he proved me right. With that kind of lower back injury, he should not be playing basketball, or doing brokeback activity.

  4. whatever you said, i still love mike and i like his acting hes a few actor who can cry but still look gorgeous, i think he can act well.

    i love you mike he

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