Seung Nyang is all Badass Again in Empress Ki with an Upcoming Proposal and Kiss from Wang Yoo

Episode 19 of Empress Ki was interesting. I’m not sure what to think other than one ship appears to have sunk rather precipitously, though I never could understand how it was even sailing in the first place. The return of Seung Nyang to her Goryeo countrymen also brought back the freedom for her to speak her mind and boy did it feel good to see her tell Ta Hwan off. Before she did that he tried to force a few kisses on her that she ducked though I would have thrown in a few punches as well. Seung Nyang finally told Ta Hwan that his actions which led to the death of General Ki Ja Oh, which Ta Hwan already knew and seems to believe could be assuaged by giving money to the guy’s family, is something she can never forgive him for because General Ki is her dad and not just her commanding officer. It was gratifying to see Ta Hwan finally absorbing the weight that so much of his actions have consequences he needs to live with. That is true of all the characters in this drama which is why his particular brand of whining and general self-pitying is so grating. For those who claim his character is more interesting because he has room for growth, I’m not sure starting from rock bottom is a good sign but more importantly I still see no growth and we’re a third into the drama. The latest stills for episode 20 show Seung Nyang completely back to her old self as evidence by her wielding her bow and arrow with intensity and effortlessness. I also love that she’s wearing a girly hair pin in her locks, said hair pin a gift from Wang Yoo as seen in the preview when he asks her to become his Queen if and when they return to Goryeo. Oh, and he’s going to kiss her too, which answers my gripes about this drama having too much pining and not enough actual romancing. The Baidu EK bar is already going crazy speculating as to whether episode 20 will have any boating with the majority of Ta Hwan shipping raging about the possibility. LOL, bring on the boating is all I can say. Ta Hwan has a harem, why begrudge Seung Nyang some hot Goryeo King loving before she sacrifices herself to join his Yuan harem. The girl loves her King!


Seung Nyang is all Badass Again in Empress Ki with an Upcoming Proposal and Kiss from Wang Yoo — 6 Comments

  1. You are allow to your own opinion but you are bashing Th again with things that you are pulling out of the air again. TH’s actions did not lead to the death of Sn Dad. Sn does not know that and Th takes responsibility for something that he shouldn’t really need to. He made a decision that in the end brought greater good to Sn, WY, and in time the Yuan and Goreyo nation as a whole.

    Have you being watching the last several episodes completely, the whole series even or have you being skipping scenes? I can’t see how someone can objectively say that Th has not grown as a person. It started with him jumping off the cliff, risking his life and stealing medicine for Sn, being proactive in the past few episodes to take ET down. Wy, on the otherhand, his growth has being limited. He is more accepting of allowing Sn (a girl) to take part of his dangerous mission again. That’s the only growth I seen in him. Also a third is a third…there are 30 more episodes at least for all characters growth.

    You have gripes about the limited romancing in this show…that’s the point made by certain people…Sn and Wy cannot genuinely be in a full blown epic romance. There was little to zilch scenes that lead to it. The writers failed to sell it.

    Loving the pictures.

    • @Lela, I was beginning to observe that too. I feel Ms.Koala is being bias in her writing in favor of WY due to her obsession w/ JJM. Maybe Ms.K is an Ahjumma; w/ due respect to JJM & Ms.K, but WY’s character as a romantic figure is so unrelatable, I dont understand him and I cant feel him,period. I dont get why SN is so crazy over WY,or are we supposed to be in time warp for 200pounds beauty here???

      • @lela and Kristine: LOL 😀

        I guess I’m an Ahjumma too because I fail to see TH’s growth so far, alhough I certainly hope there will be some of it in the nearest future because I pretty much like this guy. Still, my inner Ahjumma prefers JJM 😉

  2. I’m glad they were able to express their true feelings for each other in a gesture of passionate kissing. I was quite sad for the Emperor who expresses his heartfelt LOVE for SUNYANG.

  3. Th showed tremendous growth and leaderhip in this episode. I watched it raw but it seems he took down El Temur. Recall, that he was a puppet emperor and surrounded by enemies who were trying to kill him. In order to survive, he had to play some political games. TH is trying to prove to SN that he is worthy of her love and respect.

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