The OTP Goes From Wedding Night to Farewell Hugs in Empress Ki

Well, that was one short honeymoon period even by sageuk standards. The latest stills from Empress Ki show the OTP of Wang Yoo and Seung Nyang having a farewell hug. Not sure how far and long the farewell is going to be but it’s definitely not giving the lovebirds any breather after their lightning speed proposal, engagement, and then wedding night from episode 20. Hilariously I wonder if this drama is trying to speed up the narrative and since we all know Seung Nyang marries Ta Hwan and becomes his Empress at some point. Is the point of the boating to cement the romance and connection between Wang Yoo and Seung Nyang quickly so that she can move onto Ta Hwan for whatever reason? And will the drama still go down the novel plot line of Seung Nyang and Wang Yoo having a baby together before she ends up married to Ta Hwan? I’m sure my questions will get clarified in the next few episodes but I’m hoping the pace remains as brisk as the last two episodes. I’m loving the recent Seung Nyang story line to pieces from all angles. Her attire is the best I’ve seen all drama long.

She’s back to dressing rather androgynous which suits her personality, but now her hair is this lovely pulled back waterfall that shows off her cheekbones and piercing eyes. Her hair also has the perfect half ponytail to show off Wang Yoo’s engagement hair pin to its full advantage. I also love how Seung Nyang gets back her own agency which has been missing since she entered the Yuan palace. She gets to make her own choices again – she chooses to reject Ta Hwan’s advances, she chooses to accept Wang Yoo’s proposal, and she chooses to consummate their relationship. She chooses to get back on a horse and shoot her arrows and protect her man and countryman all in fell swoop. She’s back to being the Seung Nyang from the early parts of the drama except now with more conviction and purpose in life. While I think Ta Hwan is a dithering lovesick fool and Wang Yoo is a rather boring upright leader, neither of whom are really all that interesting as characters, it’s Seung Nyang whose raison d’etre is the purpose of this entire drama and I’m thrilled she’s finally coming back to the forefront of all the action again. I also hope she gets more nookie with her hubby before she leaves him for the other dude. It’s a damn shame to have such a hot guy and not get in as much action as she can in the meantime.


The OTP Goes From Wedding Night to Farewell Hugs in Empress Ki — 9 Comments

  1. I’m up to Episode 12 so am really happy that I have several more episodes to go before having to wait for the weekly dripfeed. Love this sageuk!

  2. Oh no, too soon!

    I still wonder if they will show SN as what the history says about her. There are a lot of things that could be brought up. I Just don’t know if they are planning to go for the political ambitions at this stage. Or if they ever planned to bring her brother to the picture. Anyways, I’m enjoying all the romance here ( I mean who wouldn’t! you have a hot king on the right and handsome emperor on the lift! can saguek be any better).

    I can feel the rush but not the confusing one. It’s only too quick for the reason that we wanna enjoy this ship sailing, but writing wise I find it digestible and logically running. Well, only hoping things we go more intense.

  3. Why are they defined as married? Because they shared one night? Did I overlook any clues? Like the couply nightgowns that appeared magically. I’m pretty sure just having sex doesn’t mean marriage even in the old times.

    I didn’t ask this in the last post, because I hadn’t seen the subs then, but now I have and I didn’t see any references to an actual, valid marriage. *iz confused*

    • Yeah sex doesn’t mean marriage but didn’t he proposed to her, she accepted and they got married? the hairpin is the clue. I didn’t put high expectations about proposing with a ring. It’s Yuan Dynasty and they are not a free man and woman living on their own land.

    • Marriage is, after all, just an ideology. It’s a promise between two people, and I think that we have it here. He proposed to her and gave her a token; she accepted it and wore it openly. It’s a bit like in Princess’s Man. I’ve seen a lot of dramas set in ancient times (not necessarily Korean ones) and during less than peaceful periods, such as the case here, the protagonists don’t always have the leisure to have a “proper” wedding ceremony. They just make the promise between themselves, with Heaven and Earth as witnesses. Of course, we didn’t see it here either, but I think you can get my idea 😉

      • Thank you for your explanation, I guess I have to watch some more saeguks to know the procedure.

  4. I hope to see the beginning of SN rise to be empress and not running after her “jeona.” That means she needs to spend more time with the Yuan emperor. I am not liking the love triangle but I guess the writer threw it in to capture the Korean audience. I would like to see SN be more ambitious and calculating because you have to be to rise to power.

  5. Since it is Empress Ki, like you said I want to see how she rise to that position .Not going after the Goryeo king or just be a follower. I guess it would mean , she has to be with the Emperor.I’m getting tired of her saying j Jeona all the time.

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