When Puff Met Heechul: Filming Commences for We Got Married: Global Edition Season 2

Thanks to the media savvy folks at MBC, the second season of We Got Married: Global Edition kicked off its filming on January 15th and immediately we get a first look at the interesting coupling of popular Korean boyband Super Junior member Kim Heechul and up-and-coming Taiwanese girl group Dream Girls member Puff Guo (Guo Xue Fu). The TW-media already leaked the casting last week but Puff tried to play coy even this week with postings about how she wasn’t even aware she was participating on the show. Riiiiight. On January 14th, Puff jetted off to South Korea and immediately headed for the picturesque Nami Island to start filming. Her onscreen hubby Heechul was already there preparing for their first meeting and I’m dying to see what he crafted to welcome her. WGM might be scripted but Heechul is so delightfully 4D and completely unmanageable that I’m putting my money on most of what we will see to be impromptu stuff. One of the pictures showing Heechul with a rose in his mouth already has me chuckling. Puff has been sporting her orange-red hair since she wrapped the idol drama Just You with Aaron Yan in early November, a transformation she wears very well and looks great for all the promotional events and material on the just released first full length Dream Girls album Beautiful Headline. It’s adorable to see Heechul sporting a darker red tinted look to evoke an immediate couple’s image in this stills. I think this time the production has to drag Aaron Yan in for a cameo if possible. It was already side-splittingly hilarious in the TaecyeonGui Gui coupling when at the housewarming party all the 2PM members kept yelling “Who is Aaron Yan?!?” after watching a scene from the drama where Aaron and Gui Gui kissed. It is serendipitous that the only two TW-actress co-stars who have had dating rumors with Aaron end up being on We Got Married: Global Edition. Maybe next time around it’ll be a Korean actress with Aaron. Heh.

They are adorable together. Let’s see if they have a chance to out-cute Taecyeon and Gui Gui.


When Puff Met Heechul: Filming Commences for We Got Married: Global Edition Season 2 — 14 Comments

  1. Hmmm…I kind of have mixed feelings on Puff due to her Weibo shade towards Gui Gui…

    However I am here for Heechul…how I wish he’d been out of public service when Hongki was filming

  2. Hahahaha…completely agreed with Ms. Koala here! The next We Got Married Global Edition Season 3 will be a great idea Aaron with Korean actress…I’ll be the front row to watch that 🙂

  3. Heechul is a quirky guy, so I’m sure he’ll make it entertaining. I’m liking the hair.. Red wine hair lol

    Puff Guo is the other girl from one of Roy’s dramas..? I might check out this season.

    • Yes, Puff was the second female lead we all loved to hate from Miss Rose. She was the lead in the so sweet it would make your teeth fall out Just You with Aaron Yan. Not a compelling show, but one that you could not stop watching because they were so adorable in it (Think live action care bears).

  4. I’m so watching this! I’ve been waiting for ages for Heechul to participate in WGM and I’m really looking forward to it A LOT. yay! Heechul is delightfully strange so I’m really excited about his participation and the way he’ll derail all of the WGM scripts they prepare for him, hee hee hee

  5. HMmmmmm I haven’t seen WGM since the original cast. Loved loved those couples. Where can I see the new shows with subs? Thanks 😉

    Totally unrelated or maybe? But I wish Prime Minister would go on forever for reals but he’s married… Le sigh… Like a WGM bec their chemistry is unexpected but loving them as OTP 🙂

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