Lee Min Ho Holds Seoul Encore Concert and Rehearses for Performance on CCTV 2014 Lunar New Year Gala

Since wrapping Heirs last December Lee Min Ho has been nothing but busy dabbling with other activities in his entertainment career. Last week he held an encore concert in Seoul for his Korean fans, and by encore I mean it’s a continuation of his concert tour last May when he released his first mini-album. I actually thought some of his songs were cute in an inoffensive way, he’s not a good singer but neither is he terrible nor pretentious about it. Some of his songs probably would have fit in nicely with the Heirs OST actually. Pictures have been released of the encore concert and once again I’m cringing at the shiny suit or long coat look on him. My eyes hurt less after he changed into the leather jacket casual sunglasses look. After wrapping the encore Seoul concert Lee Min Ho jetted off to China for the not-so-secret rehearsal of the 2014 CCTV Lunar New Year Gala (China Central Television 中国中央电视台春节联欢晚会). All the major Chinese networks have their own Lunar New Year celebration programs but none is as widely watched as the original granddaddy that is the CCTV Lunar New Year Gala. It currently is watched by 700 million viewers and is in fact the single program with the largest audience of any entertainment show in the world. Lee Min Ho would be the first ever Korean entertainer on that show and he plans to sing the theme song from Meteor Garden the Taiwan version of Hana Yori Dango adaptation which has a connection since Lee Min Ho starred in Boys Before Flowers which is the K-drama adaptation of HanaDan. I’m not sure if Lee Min Ho is singing the Chinese language original version called 情非得已 “Can’t Help Falling in Love With You” performed by Harlem Yu or the Korean version sung by singer Kim Yeon Woo. The full performance roster for the CCTV Gala hasn’t been revealed yet so the leak with Lee Min Ho’s participation is unofficial but true since his side has admitted it. Dude, if I had to perform knowing 700 million people will be watching my knees would have buckled and I would need to be carted off the stage. Good luck to Lee Min Ho!


Lee Min Ho Holds Seoul Encore Concert and Rehearses for Performance on CCTV 2014 Lunar New Year Gala — 26 Comments

  1. My first thought is that “Maybe it wasn’t the Heirs fashion stylist who was bad…maybe it’s LMH’s personal stylist who should be fired” *face palms*

    • Absolutely. His stylist and her obsession with pink pants a bit too short and a bit too tight nearly ruined my city hunter experience. But heirs gets the award reminded me of joo ji hoon in goong.

  2. WOW! Performing at CCTV New Year Gala! That’s every artist’s dream. Daebak!
    I was underestimating when people said he is really huge in China. I guess it’s true lol

  3. Actually, his wardrobe is the one interesting and unique thing about him, I’ve been thinking. If he fires his stylist and wears more expected clothes, then with his rather ordinary (in terms of a celebrity, of course) looks and average talent as an actor, what will make him stand out other than his deft turn at fanservice? In all other respects, he is so inoffensive ( now with the official approval of the Chinese government) he needs his clothes to be something even slightly edgy.

    • He has somehow become the white bread of K-actors. “Inoffensive” is the perfect word. I don’t know how that happened? His Gu Jun Pyo was everything raw and rough and intensely real.

    • i never thought of it like that and never had anything to justify his wardrobe. but you make sense. if you think about it, if ha had worn expected clothes past few years there is nothing to set him apart from being average.it’s hard imagine a 28 year old guy regularly wearing those outfits without giving it a thought right. and his fan service bound to make fans stomach curl somewhere along the line, he cant do that all his career. so his stylist and the clothes which are a pain for so many reasons will be there for a long time.

    • @gfgf im with you 100% never did an actor get what he is getting ! He has over 10 million on fb too ! I think he is a mania and I hope he gets the best And im sure if it werent lee min ho fans that were watching heirs ! Ratings would have never ever ever reached 20 ! Lets face it !

  4. IRL, LMH lives “He Who Wears the Crown Bears the Weight.”
    It must be stifling, and stressful to be so adored. There aren’t that many other people who can relate.

    We saw how JGS has handled it.
    Lee Jun-ki went through a similar BLAST of popularity over the years, and it is so sad to hear his interviews as he sounded so lonely.

    I hope LMH can rely on people close to him to keep him even-keeled through all the fuss. Who can you trust to be honest?

    • I feel like there is a part of LMH that remains separate from his entire existence as an actor, and it’s that part of him which keeps him sane. JGS lives being popular and loved, soaks it up. LSG has this desire for approval and “I did it” drive. LMH seems above it all, almost robotic in his continued working but his heart isn’t viscerally in it. That makes he think he can handle the highs and lows well because it doesn’t keep him up at night. Who knows?

      • aww this is sad. now i’m remembering him saying i’m kim tan , kim tan is me.who knew he might have meant it too literally. i sincerely hope not. *shudders.

      • I don’t think so. You are underestimating them. LJK especially was known even with people who have no interest with kdrama/movies (myself included at the time, first Korean movie I ever watched) because of The king and the Clown.

        If you are talking China, he’s probably the top, but even now there are a lot of more trendy and popular actors than LMH in Korea. Kim Woo Bin seems to get most of the hype from Heirs overall. LMH went through similar popularity after BoF and then fell off again until now. It’ll be interesting to see how his next projects do.

      • You betray your youth and your myopic understanding by making such a clueless assertion. I won’t even get into the “nobody has come close to being as popular” statement since it’s not worth explaining to someone who would say such a thing. Just know that Lee Min Ho himself clearly understands his popularity is built on Hallyu being paved by his predecessors and lots of his sunbaes have cracked the China and Greater Asia market for him. And no, Lee Jun Ki’s height of popularity was insane and it’s just the lack of social media being as widespread now that doesn’t capture it. Without FB, twitter, Weibo, Baidu, etc., doesn’t mean the fandom didn’t exist. Being a LMH fan, be aware that your attitude only gives the fandom a bad name. What’s wrong with being happy that your guy is really popular right now and worked hard to get there? And there is no reason to say EVER – trust me when I say some day another Korean star will be bigger than LMH is right now, and it’s not a big deal when that happens. 长江后浪推前浪 right?

      • So far the most followed non-chinese (korean) actor in weibo is Jang Geun Suk with 16 million+ followers.

      • @melissa
        Even if i say anything you will will be blinded for your love with LJK lol… When has LJK participated in CCTV festival? I admit he was huge in Korea though but his looks were only loved by teenage girls. And JGS’s fans like to bring up 16 million Weibo followers lol..LMH has more than 17 million now and is on to break 20 million with ease. Kim woo bin? Lol.. only non heir fans are talking about him if you know anything. Nobody in China would even had watched Heirs for him. Lee min ho doesn’t just have one hit in China, he first has BOF, then MEGA HIT City Hunter and now The Heirs which made him known even to old people and non niche K hallyu fans there. Also to reply to the person who said his seniors paved way for him lol, actually Lee min ho is now paving and opening a huge market in China for even his senior actors whereas it had never been thought as possible for a Korean actor to be able to be this popular before. Even when casually reading your post you sound really tense when writing ‘went through similar popularity after BoK and then fell off again’, that just proves once again that people like you want him to fall so bad, don’t you? The only similarity to ‘BoF’ popularity now was in ‘Korea’, stop deluding yourself into thinking this popularity is ever going to achieved again or had ever been achieved.

      • @gfgf… LOL! LJK joins weibo the mid of 2012 but he already get 12 + millions of followers! LMH open a weibo account on 2011, right?? Haha…

    • @gfgf Popularity is like a Bubble Mate you never know when it burts out especially in the world of showbizz where thousands of artists everyday enter the industry. LMH might be popular but who cares , he hasn’t yet got the Good actor image like JGS or LJK did. Riding high on popularity might fetch u some awards and programs but they wouldn’t last long. No more arguments like a crazy fangirl like u. You don’t have to tell us who is more popular lol , i have been into kdrama land for quite a few years and know which actor stands where. stop sounding like LMH is any god he joined weibo even before JGS but untill recently he couldn’t pass the number of his followers only after the Hype of heirs – A drama which is not even worth remembering LOL

  5. I am so proud of him. Hope he can handle the weight well. Hope he rest well after the new year gala and be prepared for his movie.

  6. @gfgf Here comes the LMH Delusional crazy fanatic….PSY has the most number of followers for a korean on weibo. But does he anybody care about him now ? Nooo. Just chill. You need to understand that each of them have their own crazy wen it comes to popularity try comparing LMH to Won Bin or the very recent Kim soo hyun koreans themselves will laugh at you and clearly not many koreans care about the popularity of their artists internationally , it’s all about money making for artists and their companies. Plus LMH is not even a good actor for that matter. Maybe for fans he is but to the general viewers he’s not….he’s very basic tbh

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