The End is Here: Adorable Cast of Prime Minister and I Pose with the Final Script

I’m fully aware of the writing blips in the last few episodes of Prime Minister and I but I still love this drama to pieces. The return of the first wife was planned from the beginning so it doesn’t feel like railroading, and ultimately Da Jung’s noble idiocy won’t have any lasting repercussions since no one buys her crock of bullshit. She could have told Yul the truth, explained that she wanted to leave because she didn’t feel right staying when the kids mom is back, and then discuss her rationale with Yul. It then becomes a really thorny problem for them to work through together, but with different points of view because she thinks Na Young should come back in all respects while Yul can accept her as the kids mother but his his wife. The problem is that she is clinging onto a lie to get her point across and that is neither Da Jung’s normal personality nor is it the mature and thoughtful way to deal with a problem. Expressing her reservations and concerns directly is the right way, lying through her teeth to get to the same end goal is not. There is no two way around it. Nonetheless this drama is still all sorts of fantastic not withstanding a run in with noble idiocy.

The start was fast-paced humor and heart all rolled into one, the falling in love process was sincere and creative, the emotional breakthroughs were wonderfully expressed and realistically arrived at. How can I forget all of that with a brief detour right now, especially since I’m certain it’s going to be a happy ending. There is no two ways around it because the only other ending is Yul getting back together with Na Young and he’s has already made it clear to everyone that hell would freeze over before that would happen. It’s just getting Da Jung to really listen to Yul and stop insisting her way is the right way. I have full and complete faith that Yul will solve all his other problems both creatively and in a satisfying way, be it how to re-integrate Na Young into the kids lives, how to officially divorce her weak and loser ass, and how to resign his Prime Minister position but still have a meaningful political career where he gets to accomplish good for the public. I’m sad the drama is ending in hours and still remember the stirring excitement this drama delivered immediately in episode 1. KBS released stills for all the main cast members shown holding the final script and it’s a relief to see everyone happy and not about to keel over in exhaustion. I loved this cast to pieces, each and every actor and actress, and so many characters really touched my heart.

Lee Bum Soo and Yoona were of course absolute perfection in their roles and their chemistry is unique and potent. Chae Jung Ahn finally plays an awesome character in her career repertoire littered with playing truly lame bitchy female failures (love how the frog makes an appearance in her arms) Yoon Si Yoon did more with In Ho than was written in the script, and the real Ryu Jin is hilarious (his posing above is LOL) and nothing like his Joon Ki. The kids were precious and formed a formidable trio as cupids to bring their dad closer to the strange adorable ahjumma who barged into their life. I better be writing a glowing happy recap in twelve hours, you hear me PM? Make it so.


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  1. Aww….they are adorable….gonna miss them a lot….really loved PMAI…it was simple and awesome show….just one request: please give us a kiss between Yul and Da Jung 🙂

  2. share your exact same thought.. counting hours, really hoping it’s happy ending story, if it’s so, I plan to rewatch this beloved PMAI & start to smile from ear to ear all over again.

    • I’m thinking to have live streaming for the last episode, never do this again since last episode of Nice Guy, must watch otherwise my curiosity won’t let me have a good sleep

  3. Again, thanks for all your hard work in doing recap and analysis about this drama. I do love the story and like everyone else I would love to see our OTP happy. The kids are adorable especially the boy who played Manse.

  4. Park Na Young’s picture is not on this post, so that means she won’t get husband back, right? Just want to make double sure, otherwise, this would be the first time that a 100th-lead actress would get the guy? You can tell I am paranoid after the last couple of episodes.

  5. But it is possible that Nam Da Jung did not lie and that she told the truth that she felt scared of the prospect of having a real marriage suddenly – of being Kwon Yul’s wife and his children’s mother.

    And it is also possible that Nam Da Jung did not lie and it is the truth when she decided that she needed time and space alone to think about her life.

    And it is really culturally unacceptable for Nam Da Jung to be with Kwon Yul and his children when the Kwon family decides to reject Park Na Young back into their lives as wife and mother. Kwon Yul and his children’ decision to do that (rejection) has to happen without Nam Da Jung in the picture.

  6. HAHHAAA…expected of Ryu Jin, he is such a funny man (: Love the whole cast to bits and their characters, well except for PNY.

  7. Everytime I read a post about the final episode of PMAI, it puts me near tears. T.T Even if it does have a happy ending, I think I’ll be still crying coz it’s a rare thing to have a drama like this. Sigh. Thank you Mrs Koala coz you’re the one who made me fall in love with PMAI..

  8. Hear hear to the “writing a happy glowing recap”.
    And as our PM would say – “that’s an order!”

    I rewatched ep14 and 15 and seriously – how romantic is it to be wooed by your hot sexy husband!

  9. @ockoala yup,chingu,I’m betting on a happy ending,too….I even named Manse’s new little sister from his beloved ahjumma..her name is Coreanne( a tribute to Korea)we have to,after all,follow her siblings’ names….* AHEM,LBS ,You really do owe me a kiss….since Salaryman!

  10. I know I am not a good person, but a happy ending to me will NOT be complete unless we get a good scene where Woo Ri gets to tell his mother off. I am talking a good screaming, bitter put down as he clings to his little brother and sister and bitterly tells his mom what he thinks of her god awful betrayal. I want her falling to her knees in front of those wonderful children in hair ripping anguish, and Woo Ri dragging them off refusing to let them talk to her or see her. Perhaps with Man Se turning back and saying, innocently over his shoulder “You don’t look like a mother to me” to twist the knife in a little more. I hope she at least stews for the entire episode and perhaps gets to see them only after we have a shot of another wedding with our OTP. Okay, rant over.

  11. I looove this drama! Oh, can we see a passionate kiss then a jump after a year with our cute OTP baby, please? I don’t think that’s too much to ask really, writer-nim! I would be the happiest Larkspur evah!

  12. Can’t believe I’m this excited to watch the ending of a rom-com that I’m actually counting the hours!!! 🙂 The last 3 episodes almost done me in. i so loooove this drama! Definitely watching live streaming tonight even if I won’t be able to understand a single word! I’ll just enjoy every minute of the finale while reading Soompi forum posts…I’m sure someone will do a live recap.

  13. awww…I don’t wanna cry but I’m sure gonna miss this drama and its adorable cast! TT_TT

    PMAI made me love Lee Bum Soo more! I hope I get to see him in rom-coms more often and not only in action or heavy dramas. Of course, I’ll always be a Yoona/SNSD fangirl! She just needs to choose good dramas/characters to portray like Nam Da Jeong in the future coz it suits and fits her perfectly well. Oh, Kwon Man Se!!! Our cute little guy, who gets pouty knowing his ajhumma chose to sleep with his dad rather than him..keke!

    Guess, all things must come to an end..I’m expecting so much for this drama and I hope it won’t disappoint! PMAI fighting! 🙂

  14. In just a few hours, PMAI will be saying goodbye to us romance lovers… i can honestly say now that this drama did make these past two months very exciting especially Mondays and Tuesdays. LBS/Yoohna ur the most romantic pair for me… This adjumma is wishing for another drama from u…

  15. just finished watching it without understand at all, so is it open ending? dajung back ? seems she interview him again. dohhh clueless hardly wait for ms.koala’s final recap. i cant believe how empty my monday and tuesday will be 🙁

  16. But before she left da jung said she’ll be back if she can hold his hand again. Therefore they became a couple again. A realistic ending and better than kids and weddings. Back to being in love without any condition and requirements.

    • notice jungki has a baby so at least she will be back more than a year. how could you leave your hot mellow hubby like that? it”s hard to understand. arggh

      • Somewhat open ended… I enjoy the drama until the confession of Yulthe rest not so much the end I feel like I had a flat tire… 🙂 although I perfectly understand. Now that Yul is divorce and running for re election I think him and DJ can start over this time the right way now he can give her flowers watch movie and grocery shopping etc after the handshake… It would have been nice even for a montage to see the process and end it with the Kwon family in the dinning table eating ramyum but then let’s just leave that to our imagination. I’m joy disappointed since I’m already expecting this okay I’ll be honest half disappointed. Thank you!

  17. You know what ? I just watch the raw version (final episode), but the ending was just so disappointed .. It annoyed me to death !!! I didn’t know the language, I watch it cause I was so curious about the ending. No Warm and comforting hug, No Sweet Kiss (I just let my imagination running wild). Hope there will be Prime Minister and I 2, DJ ended up together with KY, but the main story is about Wuri, Nara and Man Se. Wu Ri has become an awesome hunk he he .. (just my imagination)

    • Big sigh. I just lost all desire to watch the ending. Really, am I going to gain anything from watching it that we haven’t seen by the previous episode? Why do Korean TV writers deflate their endings so frequently?

  18. What a disappointment… i’ve waited until the wee hour in the morning just to watch the ending… it sucked and really pissed me off. PMAI NOW WILL BE AMONG THOSE KDRAMAS THAT I ADORED AND CHERISHED YET HATED… Patiently waiting for another drama that will make my heart thump thump and hopefully will satisfy my heart’s desire…

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