Lego Lee Schools His Fellow In A Good Way Leads Over a Game of Badminton

It’s understandable that Lego Lee is the breakout star of In A Good Way and has reaped the most attention from the cast of the drama. Who the heck doesn’t love Liu Chuan? It’s harder to write female leads and Kirsten Jen‘s Jia En has taken me awhile to fully embrace, and it’s also clear Kirsten needed a bit more time to ease into the character. She’s still one of the greener members among the main leads but she’s really coming into her own with the last few episodes. Protesting can sometimes make the character come across as self-righteous or stubborn but Jia En has walked a fine line of being willing to go at it alone to help a friend in need and be true to her principles. I can’t wait for the drama to return this week with episode 12 but in the meantime the leads had some fun during the Lunar New Year time off. Lego, Kirsten, Jay Shih, and Smile Wen spent an afternoon together playing badminton while extoling the virtues of exercise especially during a holiday typically known for consuming huge quantities of food and vegging out on the coach watching cheesy television programs. Lego was the captain of this excursion, of course, reflecting both his athletic ability and background as well as carrying over from being Liu Chuan and always in charge in the show.

I LOLed at some of the outfits, with Kirsten looking like she was headed to an exercise fashion show, Smile doing some eyebrow raising short shorts and even more eyebrow raising pink off-shoulder drapey sweatshirt, and Jay donning what appears to be male compression tights under his basketball shorts. Before the game started Lego led everyone in some warm up exercises and I keep envisioning Gru leading his minions on working out. The teams were split into Lego-Kirsten and Jay-Smile, which better reflect the end pairings in this drama as well otherwise I’ll have words with the network. The stills of them trying to swat the shuttlecock are hilarious because only Lego has good form and the other there look like they are aiming for something imaginary. I miss these guys and the drama desperately so any news about the gang is like manna from Heaven. In addition to these cute badminton stills, Kirsten herself has recently encountered some new gossip about her love life which makes sense that the media will dig into it since she’s shot to fame with IAGW. Her ex-boyfriend is Taiwanese basketball star Xiao Si (nickname and pictured below) and they were recently spotted out on a dog-walking date near her house by her neighbors and fans. Kirsten and Xiao Si dated in 2010 for about a year and a half and reportedly broke up because he was too popular with the girls and Kirsten wasn’t having any of that. But their friends have revealed they dated-broke up a few times. Both sides have issued public comments admitting to being good friends and former classmates at Shi Da (National Taiwan Normal University). I’m amused by all this outside-the-drama gossip in addition to all the are they-aren’t they BTS interactions between Kirsten and Lego. It sure makes watching IAGW extra fun especially since I take none of it seriously and merely enjoy the cute.


Lego Lee Schools His Fellow In A Good Way Leads Over a Game of Badminton — 9 Comments

  1. Thank you for the IAGW goodies! Been counting days till the new episode comes in and here you are helping me tide the wave of anticipation. Big thank you ms koala! They all (except Lego) seem to be doing the ‘game’ for photo shoot but not really playing it 🙂 still thank you for the promoters for any IAGW cast activities. I love seeing their natural camaraderie. Oh, another splash of cold water for a shipper like me. Good thing i still have the drama and bts to content my shipper heart 🙂

  2. The outfits of Lego and Kirsten seems sports-appropriate, also that of Jay, but I’ve never been fond of compression tights + basketball shorts. While that of Smile looks more like her usual everyday wear, seems she’s fond of denim short shorts and off the shoulder tops.

    And… Lego and Rong Rong’s off-screen and BTS love gossips are just so juicy that it adds a bit of spice to my IAGW obsession. And on a side note, Rong Rong’s on and off ex-bf is a cutie. 🙂

  3. I so agree that Kirsten’s outfit looks like sleepwear, I think especially with the hair, but my first thought was: Are Jay and Smile wearing couple shoes? 🙂 So cute, these four.

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