Jeon Ji Hyun and Lee Jung Jae Keep on Collaborating This Time for SK Telecom CF

Awwww, Jeon Ji Hyun can sell me anything. Toss in Lee Jung Jae and I pretty much just throw money at them so I can continue to stare at their collective cuteness. SK Telecom has brought them together for a CF out this week for its LTE-A advanced wireless network. Below are a ton of endorsement stills along with the two short CFs which come in his and hers version. My favorite was hearing her call him so naturally Jung Jae oppa, because I figured she had all the oppas wrapped around her finger all these years. These two A-list movie stars go way back as part of the late 90’s early Hallyu wave that moved from dramas to movies seamlessly. Their first costarring effort was in the 2000 romance movie Il Mare (remade in the US as The Lake House), which remains one of my favorite straight up romance K-movies even though their characters were separated by time. Literally. They communicated via a mail box and letters and ooomph was it already sexy enough. They reunited in 2012’s Thieves as part of a sprawling ensemble but didn’t have a lot of screen time together. I hope Chungmuro makes it three times a charm and deliver me a real Jeon Ji Hyun-Lee Jung Jae movie where they do lots and lots of scenes together and I can watch the screen crackle happily. Jeon Ji Hyun is currently starring in the high profile SBS drama You From Another Star with Kim Soo Hyun. She’s winning raves (deservedly) and new fans (about time), but I can’t help but still be underwhelmed by the story ricocheting from funny to serial-killer-on-the-loose serious, and in between Kim Soo Hyun tries to convey the world weary gravitas of an alien who has lived on Earth for 400 years except he comes across as a young man with the inner depth of someone living for 25 years. Whatever he’s selling I’m not buying, whereas whatever Jeon Ji Hyun tosses out in the drama remains stunning performance perfection. Chances are she’ll go back to making movies after this so I’m enjoying YFAS for the rare chance to see her twice a week. Lee Jung Jae just had an amazing string of successful movies in the box office with The New World and recently with The Face Reader. Up next is another movie stacked with major acting heavyweights called Big Match co-starring Shin Ha Kyun and Lee Sung Min. The synopsis sounds kinda like TRON – Lee Jung Jae is a martial artists who enters a fighting match video game to save his brother played by Lee Sung Min, while Shin Ha Kyun is the mastermind game developer. Sounds loopy and interesting.

Good lord what is going on there with them pants on Lee Jung Jae?!?! Everything was so normal until that appeared.

Jeon Ji Hyun CF:

[youtube id=”eStJ0YHZ9I8″ w=”625″ h=”445″]

Lee Jung Jae CF:

[youtube id=”G1Oth9GUGkU” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Jeon Ji Hyun and Lee Jung Jae Keep on Collaborating This Time for SK Telecom CF — 19 Comments

  1. Jeon Ji Hyun is my girl crush. She is wonderful in You From Another Star and the only reason why I care about that show. I like the other actors, but she is just soooo good in it that I almost feel sorry for them. I was ready to buy whatever it was she was selling even before I knew what it was. Wish she was my best friend. Lee Jung Jae is adorable even in those pants that look like they escaped from an 80s Laura Ashley dress and those Disney Alladin shoes.

    • These two are so adorable together. Hope that they will reunite for the upcoming Choi Dong Hun movie. Lol, Lee Jung Jae’s wacky outfit totally matches his mischievous smile. That getup is so him.

  2. i see you threw in a kim soo hyun diss, without fail
    in some ways it seems as though you have been set on disliking his performance from the early stages
    but hey, if you don’t write him off, maybe he’ll win you over in his next role

    • ….except Koala’s been open about liking his past performances and CFs, if you must paint her as an anti at least try and pick an actor she hasn’t been openly loving on for the last two years!

      • I am aware that she has expressed liking for him in the past, but not for any of his recent work. With YWCFTS, her dislike for his portrayal of the character appears rather fervent (which I find odd, and perhaps undeserved). This is why I made my comment

    • The truth will set you free. Ms.K has good point, I’m dozing off on that drama if not for JJH. But what’s this JJH legs upfront, it’s like fit for a man, she should have it surgically enhance, it’s possible. (I know a lot will hate me,sorry!)

    • Thats because he is so bland compared to her. The only reason his acting in MTETS and DH got so much praise is cause he was acting opposite `brick wall` called Han Ga In and `white piece of paper` called Suzy ,so in comparison his acting seemed great.

      Now that his acting opposite really strong actress ,you see all the flaws and weaknesses in the way he acts.

      • I think KSH being bland compared to JJH here does not equal him being a lacking actor. I think this role just isn’t right for him, and at his still young age not being able to nail each and every role isn’t a failing that would undermine his entire acting repertoire. Not every actor is a Ha Jung Woo or a Shin Ha Kyun, able to knock each and every role out of the park.

        I agree his praise for MoonSun was ridiculous. That was such an overrated performance I was embarrassed for him to win the Baeksang that year. That said, I thought he was phenomenal in both Dream High, Will it Snow for Christmas, and Giant, and in DH it wasn’t because he was acting opposite Suzy or Taec. He really was just that good as Sam Dong. My fear is that he’s gotten too big too quickly he’ll get offered roles he’s not ready to tackle yet. It feels that way for him being Do Min Joon. The role feels too big for his britches is all, I still love his acting when he’s right for a role. 🙂

      • I disagree that he either shines or is bland depending on his onscreen costars (that comparison for me is related more to chemistry and how in-sync the costars are). You have to separate an individual’s performance in order to objectively critique them. He was strong in those roles because he nailed them, but weaker in a role that required more experience in acting.

        My biggest gripe about his performance in YFAS really boils down to nuance and restraint and how one is able to portray the right emotions without that emotional block. (This is coming from someone who still very much enjoys YFAS despite that reason).
        I think Kim Soo Hyun is still a very young actor and still very new to the world of acting (4 years since his WISFC debut). He’s a talented boy but still learning. Nuance/restraint to me is a skill that often times older, more experienced actors can pull off to a tee. I don’t think it’s exclusive only to them since there are exceptions(Kim Jae Wook on the top of my head right now), but it’s something I attribute to the more experienced sunbaes. Even Kim Nam Gil who i love to death could not pull off nuance in Shark, but part of that was how he was written and an even bigger part to the directing. Still love him though, just like i still love KSH.
        Kim Soo Hyun has a penchant for shining when he plays adoring country bumpkin (dream high), bumbling idiots (secrety, greatly), or tortured childhood (WISFC). It’s that area in between (nuance) that he has yet to master.
        You can ask him to be an idiot and he’ll be charming. You can ask him to load up the intensity and he will, my god he will. But if you ask for a more controlled performance, that’s where he fails ultimately. (Thank god for his eyes).

      • I think that part of the reason KSH fails in most of his recent roles is that he doesn’t have the life experience to convey the right kind of depth to his character. All of the roles he truly shined in are age appropriate and easily relatable to his own person. Both his role in MoonSun and here in StarMan are so divorced from himself that he’s turning out to be bland. KSH is simply not old enough to do it; the nuance and control will only truly come with age and wisdom on top of general acting talent. You can certainly figure it out as a youngster (SJK for example), but unfortunately for KSH, he’s skyrocketed to stardom so fast that he has no time to learn.

  3. jeon ji hyun is really gorgeus. She’s one of the most beatiful K-actress in my list (Song Hye Kyo, Yoon Eun Hye, and Kim Tae Hee are among the list). She’s really daebak in You Who Came from the Stars. For God’s sake, she and Kim Soo Hyun are making a really god couple with amazing chemistry.

  4. I love him love him love him.

    Il Mare was my first Korean anything.

    I watched it on a scratched up DVD from the library and couldn’t believe how immersed I was, how GORGEOUS this handsome architect was, and how cool the girl was.

    And the puppy dog!! So cute.

    I think I will watch it again for the 50th time tonight after IN A GOOD WAY.

    • She really is.

      She was my first-ever Korean bias after My Sassy Girl, and YFAS just tightened her hold on that spot (Shin Mina and Gong Hyo-jin were #2 and 3, but JJH will always be special to me because it was through her that I discovered k-ent in the first place).

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